20+ Hilarious (and Disappointing) Images That Prove Everyone Lies on the Internet

Did you ever see a viral image on the Internet with a feeling that it was not quite what it seemed to be? Probably all the time, and there’s a good reason to be skeptical – lots of people lie on the Internet!

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Did you ever see a viral image on the Internet with a feeling that it was not quite what it seemed to  be? Probably all the time, and there’s a good reason to be skeptical – lots of people lie on the Internet! Why? It’s either to get some extra attention or to gain an extra amount of followers to earn some cash. Either way, most of the images on the Internet need a second look. Here’s a collection of the most blatant lies we’ve ever seen on the web.

Which One is Fake?

We don’t think NASA is a boring organization, still, there’s a line one shouldn’t cross when being out in space on a station locked in a closed space with a bunch of people. No matter how professional they may be, getting high in space is not the best idea and the U.S. law probably has something to say about it.

And if you want out opinion, if it’s Easter we’re talking about, a bag of colourful eggs would make the astronauts much happier than anything else. And if it’s chocolate eggs we’re talking about, mmm….

Anyway, the first image is the fakest fake there is, although the guy in the photo does look more than suspicious, but it’s space we’re talking about, not some garage behind our parents’ house.

Squatting Like a Pro

This one is pretty obvious, but you simply don’t expect anyone to even stand like that, which makes this photo so bizarre to the point that it almost looks believable.

The manipulated image is obviously mirrored and you can easily tell by the way how similar the woman’s legs look. But the original picture looks just as weird as the manipulated one!

Who even stands like that in public? Well, looking at those heels we presume the woman could have been tired from her shoes, but her pose looks bizarre nonetheless.

No Selfies in the Sky

You’ve probably seen this image a thousand times, wondering how on Earth that pilot pulled off such a dangerous shot. Well, you can stop guessing now because he simply didn’t take the photo in the sky.

Now it all makes sense! Otherwise, the guy would probably lose his job the second this photo hit the Internet – we don’t believe air companies like when their pilots do crazy stunts like that in mid air.

But the pilot’s messy hair does make this photo look very believable! It was probably just a very windy day with some Photoshop happening here and there.

Venice in Winter

Venice might be one of the most romantic and beautiful cities we’ve ever seen and, undoubtedly, it looks just as amazing in winter as it does during other times off the year. This image, though…

Yes, it does look stunning and makes us want drop everything and rush to the splendid ice canals of the Venice city, but hold your horses because this image is 100% fake.

Kudos to the unknown artist for creating this beautiful photo manipulation, but what we’re looking at is a mix of Venice and an icy photo of Lake Baikal that’s located in Russia. Both places look amazing, but they are definitely located in different parts of the world.

Someone Knows How to Use Photoshop Right

You won’t surprise anyone with Photoshop edits these days, that’s why altered photos are becoming more and more exquisite with each ‘viral’ photo that storms the web.

This one, for example, seems like a real masterpiece created by merging beautiful nature and human engineering, until, of course, you realize it’s all fake.

If you’ve ever been to the Ao Phan Nga National Park in Thailand then you know that this picturesque rock doesn’t have any buildings atop of it. In fact, we believe that no building would be allowed there!

That Rice Tsunami

You could probably tell that the rice tsunami in this guy’s frying pan is fake from the second you first saw it, but it’s one thing to guess, and it’s a different thing when you actually see the original reference and you know this for a fact.

Well, we can’t blame him – it’s such a fun opportunity to make yourself look cooler than you actually are that it was probably hard to miss this chance.

Well, now you know that it’s actually a sculpture of huge rice wave being created inside a frying pan, but we have to give it to the artist – the fake photo does indeed look quite believable!

The Perks of Being a Photographer

Didn’t you dream of becoming a National Geographic photographer to spend all those days and nights in the wild, eaten by mosquitos, waiting for that one shot that will make you famous? No? Well, we didn’t either, but apparently that’s a very adventurous job no matter how you look at it.

This photo of National Geographical photographers running for their lives from a huge bear is one of the most famous viral photos on the Internet, but, alas, it’s also fake. Not that we don’t think that being a photographer is cool!

That bear’s muzzle is quite familiar – probably because it’s a famous stock image used by many. Still, we have to applaud the artist for this image – it’s remarkable well done!

Flag of Turkey? We Don’t Think So

As much as we love nature’s creations, humans just always want to make things look better than they already are. Sometimes we fix something or renovate old stuff, which is a good thing, but more often then not we just add details that are completely unnecessary.

This cresent-shaped island, for example, was already stunning on itself without any photo manipulations, but someone just had to be smart about it and added one more details to make it look even more amazing.

Well, it would have been cool to see the flag of Turkey come to life like that somewhere on Earth, but that simply isn’t the truth. The star-shaped piece of land was created by some unknown artist using image editing tools.

The Not-So-Angry Cat

There are so many cool cats on the Internet that at some point you just stop questioning whether they are fake or not – they are so cute that at some point you just stop caring.

Well, it turns out, fake cats do exist and some people go to great lengths to make their kitties seem a little bit more exciting than they actually are. Why? Probably just because they can.

This lovely ball of fluff was perfect on its own with that beautiful white moustache, but the owner wasn’t content with that photo and decided to add some angry eyebrows for an even cooler image.

Too Funny to Be True

Whether we like it or not, but people like to see other people make hilarious mistake. Most of us aren’t mean about it, but somewhere deep inside we’re craving this type of content – and artists deliver!

Everyone wanted to believe this photo manipulation was real so bad that they didn’t question this photo even for a second. It was so hilarious for a college of architecture to make such a silly mistake that the picture instantly went viral.

For better or for worse, the photo turned out to be a fake one to the disappointment of hundreds of people. Well, it’s definitely one of the smartest fails on this list!

Too Perfect to Be True

We all know how incredible Mother Nature can be, gracing us with her beautiful creations. Still, some people aren’t content with what they see and they want to take things a little bit further.

In this case, an impeccable photo of a lenticular cloud hanging over the top of the mountain got quite an impressive upgrade, turning one lonesome cloud into a whole stack of them.

Does the end result look impressive? It certainly does. But do we like it more? No, we don’t. There’s just something very special in the way the original photo is balanced. One mountain, one gorgeous cloud, what else do you need?

The Deforestation is Happening Now

It’s not a secret humans are making a horrible impact on the environment and that’s exactly what WWF wanted to showcase using this photomanipulation for the #10yearschallenge.

Well, they didn’t actually use Photoshop – they just showed the gruesome reality of what’s being done to forests as we speak – it wasn’t a 10-year different, in fact, it was the reality!

Of course, lying like that wasn’t ethical, but we can all agree that the problem is real and knowing that it’s one modern photo just makes things even worse, if you want out opinion.

The Photoshop Mutations

We, humans, are always drawn to everything that looks somewhat weird and out of the ordinary, especially when it comes to animals! Needless to say, nature delivers most of the time and we have plenty of unusual beasts to discover on the ground and under the water.

Still, there’s a line even Mother Nature doesn’t cross in her experiments – and this would be it! Creating something so utterly ridiculous that it doesn’t even make sense. And we know anything about evolution, there’s always a reason behind a mutation.

But we get how people would want this ridiculous gnome giraffe to be true – it’s just so funny! And yet, it’s just another example of someone’s image editing skills.

And Away We Go!

Wouldn’t you want to go as high as a space shuttle and take a memorable photo of it piercing the clouds? Many people would, but the reality is much stricter – when there’s a space shuttle going up into the sky the space around it becomes a no-fly zone.

We also imagine that the speed of such a shuttle is too great to capture such a perfectly still shot even with a powerful camera. This image looks fake on so many levels!

Well, we have to give it to the unknown creator of this viral masterpiece – it does look quite outstanding as we believe it would have been absolutely amazing to be present at the launch and take such an image in real life.

Einstein Was Smarter Than That

When making photo manipulations of great people one should really take the IQ level of that person into consideration. Did the artist really think Einstein was that stupid?

We mean, of course, there wasn’t too much information of the impact a nuclear explosion has on a person’s health, but riding a bike while an atomic bomb explodes in the background? That seems like the stupidest thing in the world to do.

If anything, he’d be there along with the people watching the spectacle and not with his back turned to the explosion. But we really believe that he would have been smarter than doing that! You can also see that it’s a poorly-made photo manipulation by the way Einstein’s figure is cut and pasted into the original photo.

Fake Magic

And how about all those images that look absolutely outstanding when you look at them, but behind the scenes it was just the opposite?

We can’t say they are 100% fake, but when you see the way they were created it just takes most of the magic away. Like this guy spitting out water to create that beautiful sparkly effect!

The end result does look quite stunning, although a little bit over-edited, but knowing what it took to create this photo just makes us want to giggle continuously.

The Not-So-Famous Turtle Mountain

Why don’t we hear more about such a cool-looking Turtle Mountain? The Internet would be swarming with images of it and flock of tourists posing in front of it, if only that mountain was real, of course.

Some people desperately want to live in a dream-like fantasy world, that’s why they choose to create one for themselves. This Turtle Mountain is a vivid example of one’s amazing imagination and great image editing skills.

In reality, though, it’s just an ordinary-looking mountain located in North Carolina. It’s a beautiful picturesque spot to take a photo, but it definitely doesn’t look like a turtle.

Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor Were Besties?

You probably already know the answer to that, but in case you are still wondering – no, this photo isn’t real and you can easily tell by how artificial it looks.

The original picture of Marilyn Monroe has very subtle lighting that gives her an almost ethereal feel, while the photo of Elizabeth Taylor has stark shadows and seems too sharp for this picture.

Although the two ladies do look quite beautiful together, the photo is obviously a fake one.

Cheap Chic

Looking at some of those chic and fashionable photos on Instagram we rarely question just how genuine they are. But even if they aren’t Photoshopped, there are other ways to manipulate a picture that can also make it fake.

We have to give it to these young women – the end result of this photo shoot is really breathtaking! But the whole process of creating the image just looks bizarre beyond words.

This is probably one of those ‘fake it till you make it’ cases that will someday, hopefully, become a full on modelling profession.

The Black Lion

We already have beautiful panthers, why whould nature also invent black lions? While we don’t really have an answer to that, we can tell you about this black lion in particular – it’s one of the fake kind.

While albinos are pretty rare, you can still spot them throughout various feline species. Totally black cats, on the other hand, are a rarity that is not easily spotted (apart from the ones that are naturally black).

We don’t know why the artists decided to create this black lion, probably because we, humans, just like all things weird, especially when it comes to animals. But we have to admit that this black lion does look quite spectacular!