20+ Must-Watch Christmas Movies to Get Into the Holiday Mood

We’ve all had a rough few years so we more than deserve to pop that bottle of champagne and celebrate one more crazy year that’s finally ending. We don’t know what 2022 will bring to the table, but at least it’s the beginning of something new.

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We’ve all had a rough few years so we more than deserve to pop that bottle of champagne and celebrate one more crazy year that’s finally ending. We don’t know what 2022 will bring to the table, but at least it’s the beginning of something new. If the year 2021 hasn’t been all daisies and roses for you, all the more reasons to finally sit back and enjoy a bunch of good old-fashioned Christmas movies. We guarantee you’ll be grinning like the happiest person on Earth after watching just a few of these movies. It’s time for a Christmas movie marathon!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) – The Grumpy Christmas is On!

How can someone be grumpy and irritated during Christmas? Well, the Grinch definitely knows the answer to that. Every time he hears the Christmas carols, he gets so angry that he’s ready to destroy everything reminding him of the holidays.

And this time Grinch decided not just to sit idly while everyone was having the most fun in the world – he went out to have some fun of his own, but that, of course, meant lots of mischievous pranks and a ruined Christmas mood for everyone.

Jim Carrey is probably the only actor who could pull off playing Grinch in such a funny and loveable way. It was probably quite easy to feel grumpy while playing Grinch as the makeup for the role took hours to create each day, so he has been quite irritated most of the time!

Home Alone (1990) – Burglars, Beware!

Home Alone just never gets old! It’s one of those movies you can watch a thousand times and still not get bored – it’s just that good. McAllister’s Christmas adventures have accompanied most of the ‘90s kids through their childhood and teen years.

That’s why when watching this movie many of us will feel nostalgic of the days long gone, when we used to play in the snow, build snow fortresses, and run for presents first thing in the morning on Christmas day.

This movie also reminds us that kids can sometimes outsmart even the evilest burglars due to their creativity and out of the box thinking. Don’t underestimate them!

Elf (2003) – You Will Either Love It or Hate It!

Is there a more classic Christmas movie than Elf? Well, okay, there’s at least a dozen of them, but Elf should definitely be on every list of hilarious Christmas movies to watch during the holidays.

It’s just one of those timeless masterpieces that don’t get less funny as time goes by. It’s been almost 20 years, but we still watch Will Ferrell play an Elf who comes back to meet his real family during the Christmas holidays!

Buddy, the character played by Will Ferrell, is loud, hilarious, childish, and mildly irritating, but that’s what makes him so special. It’s one of the best Christmas comedies to watch this year (or any year, for that matter).

The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star

It seems that Vanessa Hudgens is unstoppable with her Princess Switch movie franchise – and it just keeps on getting better and better! In the first two installments, we had fully romantic plotlines exploring the lives of two young women – a princess and a baker.

Naturally, both had complicated relationships and wanted to switch sides just for a bit… It also didn’t hurt that they looked completely alike! The third movie is spicing things up a bit – now it’s not only about romance and changing appearances, but it’s also about a heist!

Things did escalate quite fast, to tell you the truth. But now there’s not two, but three characters played by Vanessa Hudgens – and we must admit she’s quite brilliant at portraying them. It’s a fun movie series that will get you through the Christmas holidays in no time.

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011) – An Unusual Holiday

If you’re tired of all those overly sweet films about Christmas, then we have something a little different for you. Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Kal Penn and John Cho, this Christmas story revolves around surreal events that could happen only during holidays.

Prepare yourself for some raunchy humour and saucy lines as this is definitely not your ordinary Christmas movie. You’ll see the main characters smoking joints, making weird jokes, and trying to save their very own Christmas in a clumsy and hilarious way.

This is not the most family-friendly movie on the list, but it is about Christmas and, in a way, it’s filled with the Christmas spirit to the brim.

Jingle All the Way (1996) – Hunting for the Turbo Man

If you’re missing some old-school action from Arnold Schwarzenegger then it’s time to re-watch one of the most hilarious and endearing Christmas movie classics – Jingle All the Way.

The movie tells a story about a desperate father who promised his son to get the fabled Turbo Man action figure, but that was easier said than done. It was like everyone in the world decided to buy it at once!

He shared the hunt with another man, who was equally desperate to get the toy. Be prepared for the Christmas shopping frenzy and some hilarious fights with the Santa Claus mafia!

Iron Man 3 – A Terrifying Christmas

This might seem like a surprising choice for a Christmas movie, but you have to admit – the spirit is there! The story could have unfolded during any other time of the year, but for some reason, the writers decided it would be the most romantic to send a maniac on a killing spree during the Christmas holidays.

Naturally,  Tony Stark couldn’t ignore all the threats and murders and dove into the whole action of protecting what he loved most, becoming a little bit vengeful at times.

It may not be the most Christmas-y movie on the list, but it does fit into the category, so if you want to stick to your beloved comic book action films this is the best choice for you.

Deck the Halls (2006) – It’s Time to Light Things Up

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt while growing up in the ‘90s – if you want to laugh your head off while watching a movie then go for one starring Danny DeVito! He’s a great actor, so it’s not surprising that he’s present in some of the ‘90s  best comedies.

When a new guy, Buddy (Danny DeVito), moves into town and tries to light up his house for Christmas the best way he can, another man, who has been local Mr. Christmas for years, feels pressured to up his holiday game.

Naturally, some competition happens, resulting in hilarious confrontation and more Christmas pranks than you can imagine! Is there anything funnier than two men acting like a bunch of 12-year-olds and trying to outsmart each other?

A Boy Called Christmas (2021) – Can You Imagine a World Without Our Favourite Holiday?

If you’re looking for a refreshing take on the whole story of Christmas, then look no further because A Boy Called Christmas is the movie that has it all – a new story, beautiful visuals, and a truly magical atmosphere that will make you feel the spirit of Christmas to the fullest.

Actually, the story starts at the times when there was no such thing as Christmas, can you imagine? One boy went on a journey far north to find magic and prove that there was still hope (and also that elves were real).

He travelled all the way to Elfhelm and found a beautiful celebration called Christmas there, but of course, not everything went according to plan. In order to bring the magic back to his world, he needed to do something truly outstanding…

Get Santa (2014) – The Ultimate Jailbreak

Can you imagine what would happen if one day Santa simply didn’t show up for the job? We mean millions upon millions of kids waking up to empty Christmas trees with no presents. But where did he go?

Well, it turns out even Santa can go to jail if he’s mistaken for some kind of criminal trying to break into a person’s house. Well, we must admit that he can look a little bit suspicious!

To save Christmas, a father and son duo are going on a journey to find Santa’s reindeer, his magic sledge, and figure out a way to set Santa free or the whole thing would be ruined for all the kids in the world! Nope, no pressure there.

Batman Returns (1992) – The Worst Christmas Ever

This is definitely not your typical Christmas movie, but we still decided to include it in our list because the whole action takes place during the holiday season. That must mean something, right?

Christmas in Gotham city is definitely less cheerful than in the rest of the world. In fact, it can be quite a gloomy experience, especially when a bunch of bad guys and evil geniuses decide to have a party of their own.

And don’t forget the stellar appearance of Catwoman! This movie is worth watching for her alone. If you’re into watching some Batman movies but still want to maintain the holiday mood, Batman Returns would be a perfect match for you.

Klaus (2019) – the Santa Klaus' Origin Story

When it comes to original Christmas movies, Netflix is the number one source of wholesome holiday films and animated movies. Klaus tells a story of a lonely toymaker who has a whole house filled with his creations, but no one to enjoy them.

Then a new postman appears in the town of Smeerensburg, known as the most miserable town on Earth. The postman befriends Klaus and has a genius idea to gift the toys to local kids. Does that idea seem vaguely familiar?

Of course, not everything goes smooth as there’s also a local feud brewing, dividing all the people into two camps. Klaus is a fun and lively animated movie that puts a whole new twist on the Santa Klaus story.

The Knight Before Christmas - Love is in the Air

Christmas is the best time to watch cheesy romantic comedies. Long holidays are perfect for light-hearted plots like the one in The Knight Before Christmas.

As you’ve already guessed from the movie’s name, the film tells a story about an actual knight who travels through time and space, ending up in the modern-day United States. He gets hit by a car, driven by beautiful Brooke, and the whole story unfolds from there.

Naturally, the two develop feelings for each other, and although the plot is quite predictable, the chemistry between the characters makes it worth your time. It’s just a sweet movie to get you through Christmas holidays!

Die Hard (1988) – Just Another Day at Work

Ah, the first installment of the Die Hard movie series can never be forgotten – it was so good! Of course, it’s different from other Christmas movies on this list, but let’s admit it, we can’t really imagine Christmas without this old-school action classic!

John McLane, a New York cop, comes to visit his wife on Christmas Eve, but a happy reunion quickly turns into a saving operation when the whole building gets taken over by a bunch of bad guys. It’s one of the finest examples of the action movie genre!

It’s one man against a whole group of terrorists, but, as you already know, when it comes to Bruce Willis, one man is more than enough to do the job.

The Princess Switch (2018) – The Least Boring Cliché in the World

We’ve already mentioned the latest iteration of the light-hearted rom-com movie series before, but the very first movie starring Vanessa Hudgens is worth mentioning as well. It’s a classic tale of the prince and the pauper, but with a gorgeous princess instead of a prince whose heart desires to explore the ‘real world.’

Naturally, some romance is happening along the way as two women, played by one very talented actress, exchange roles and become each other for a few days. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called a rom-com!

The plot of the movie is more than predictable, but it will definitely put a smile on your face by the time you finish watching it.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – The Dark Holidays

It’s a debate as old as the time itself – is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Christmas movie or a Halloween one? Well, there’s no right or wrong answer because it’s both, and Tim Burton somehow managed to mix the two biggest holidays into one in a truly seamless way.

You can imagine what happens to Christmas when Jack Skellington dons the costume of Santa Claus and goes giving everyone gifts. That’s definitely a Christmas no one would ever forget!

It’s a beautifully crafted animation movie with a unique plotline that will make you laugh more than once.

Fred Claus (2007) – Dealing With Family is Tough

We all know that family business can get messy in so many ways. It’s the same for Santa Claus himself! Things get a little out of hand when Santa’s less famous brother decides to pay him a visit.

In fact, the whole Christmas is at risk when Fred Claus starts entertaining the local elves, causing the toy production to go out of hand. Not to mention that he drove his famous brother, Santa Claus, mad with all his pranks!

It’s a fun and humorous take on family feuds we all get to experience sometimes. But in this case, the fate of Christmas is at stake!

Just Friends (2005) – One Girl is Never Enough

Winning over your high school sweetheart is never an easy task. Even if you’ve lost around 100 pounds and now look like a movie star (which, basically, he is). Watch Ryan Reynolds trying to win the heart of his high school love in a hilarious comedy starring Ana Farris and Amy Smart.

To make matters even worse, the guy is already dating a passionate pop star when he meets the love of his life once again and realizes she’s been the one all along.

Of course, there’s also another man who enters the ‘competition’, so things get pretty heated at some point. Ryan Reynolds never fails to deliver, so if you’re in need of some kind-hearted humour and witty remarks, this movie is right up your alley.

Edward Scissorhands – The Sharpest Movie on the List

We couldn’t omit Edward Scissorhands from this list even if we wanted to – it’s one of the biggest holiday movie classics, despite being weird, moody, and exceptionally dark at times. Well, it’s Tim Burton we’re talking about and we all know his aesthetics differs from that of most directors – and that’s what makes his movies so wonderful!

It’s hard to recognize Johnny Depp beneath all that makeup, but the role of Edward Scissorhands was the one that established him as an exceptionally versatile actor suited for the most unusual roles.

The movie is basically a love story with a beautiful philosophical twist about what’s good, what’s evil, and how everything can get twisted in the minds of men and women when they are scared.

The Holiday (2006) – It’s Time For an Exchange

As far as romcoms go, this might just be the best one on the list. And no wonder, when two divas like Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz pair up for a movie – it’s a recipe for success!

Oh, and did we mention there’s also Jude Law and Jack Black involved? Like this movie could get any better. And it certainly has aged well, despite the era of epic action movies and even more epic comic book adaptations.

We still sometimes want a movie that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and that’s exactly the case with The Holiday. Watch two women exchange houses as they are trying to escape from their old lives and past relationships, only to find new romantic adventures.