25 People Who Ordered Things Online and Then Couldn't Believe Their Eyes

Even the most trustworthy sellers can make honest shipping mistakes, while other shops are even more likely to mess up with the size of the thing you ordered or simply replace it with something different if the item wasn’t in stock.

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If you’ve ever bought anything online you know that it’s a big gamble. Even the most trustworthy sellers can make honest shipping mistakes, while other shops are even more likely to mess up with the size of the thing you ordered or simply replace it with something different if the item wasn’t in stock.

But despite all these hardships millions of people shop online every day, sharing their most hilarious shopping fails with the rest of the world. Take a look at some of the weirdest and funniest things people received after shopping online.

A Tank Top... Dress?

A good-looking tank dress is so hard to come by these days, but look at this dude! He ordered a simple tank top and ended up with a cute dress on his hands.

We don't know whether he was happy with this unusual purchase, but we're glad he decided to try it on. He looks quite stunning in it! Women are not the only ones who can pull off wearing a tank dress that’s for sure.

Just imagine the looks on the faces of other people if he showed up at the gym wearing this 'tank top'. He would definitely grab everyone's attention there! Well, anywhere really, if he decided to go walking around dressed like that.

One Size - Fits None!

Buying dresses online is one of the riskiest things ever - even if you get all your measurements right, what arrives at your doorstep can still be quite horrible.

There are no words to describe this abomination - a 5-year-old would put together a better-looking dress! Not to mention that it has nothing to do with the dress advertised in the picture.

If you take a closer look you'll notice that it's Photoshopped all over. That’s the number one red flag an online shopper should always pay attention to. Adequate online shops don't use Photoshop on their models like that!

This Bulbasaur is Up to Something

This one guy had a girlfriend who liked Pokemon and he wanted to make her a cute present, so he ordered a very sweet-looking autumn-inspired bulbasaur. But what did he get instead?

Well, this is definitely bulbasaur, but not the cute and sweet kind that will make a girl smile. This bulbasaur has been up to things! And he has definitely seen some stuff we really don’t want to know about.

It’s not every day you see a bulbasaur with such an expression, so we guess it’s a cool purchase, kind of? But definitely not what this guy had in mind for his girlfriend.

A Wedding Dress from AliExpress

Ordering a wedding gown on Aliexpress... What could go wrong? Well, everything goes wrong when you rely on some cheap designer to make the gown for your wedding day. But who would do that to themselves?

On your wedding day you want everything to be perfect - from the dress and bouquet to the cake and snacks for the guests. It's okay to cut down the expenses here and there, but not when it comes to the most important dress ever!

Well, we aren't here to judge, but that was kind of expected. It's one thing to order a simple dress on AliExpress (and believe us, there are some horrors there as well), but buying a wedding gown is a recipe for disaster. You'd find a much better dress in a thrift store!

A Face Mask for a… Baby?

Just look at the size of this face mask – it is seriously off! If they were trying to create a mask for a baby, well, then they succeeded, but there’s one problem – babies don’t need face masks! They have perfectly soft skin and look amazing as they are.

So, who is this face mask meant for then? A doll, a cat, a furry monkey? We have no idea and we bet the buyer who purchased this abomination was also at a loss for words. Well, you can always put it on your forehead like the woman in the photo did. Or better still, use it on your nose.

Buying things online is a real adventure and you can clearly see why. You never know what you’ll get in your parcel – a perfectly normal product or something that will go viral as soon as you post it online.

Fits Like a Glove… or Not

Ordering stuff on Wish? Then make sure you’re prepared for quite a few hilarious surprises. Seriously, out of all online shops and crazy mistakes they do, this one is definitely in the Top 5 list of the most untrustworthy places to buy things.

In fact, if you want to get the opposite of what you ordered – this is the very place to shop! Of course, other places like eBay and AliExpress also make mistakes on a regular basis, so shopping online is always a gamble.

This guy (and yeah, a guy!) ordered some stockings that looked absolutely normal in the picture, but when he received his mail it turned out they were doll-sized. Must have been quite a disappointment for him!

King Size Snack

Why would someone even sell dog snacks that look like they belong to some gigantic dinosaur in the first place? But aesthetics aside, this bone is huge, and we mean HUGE.

Still, this little doggo doesn’t seem to be discouraged in any way. In fact, this fella seems ready to start munching on this thing any second, as soon as the owner finishes taking the photos. This bone could last him a week or even longer!

It doesn’t seem like such a bad purchase after all – it is a dog’s treat after all. But they might need to cut it in 100 pieces so the little fella can eat it.

Better Than Advertised? No, Not Really

Who wouldn't like to own a huge teddy bear? At least, when you decide to buy one for more than $100 you kind of expect to receive something great or at least good. Well, the woman who ordered this toy was in for a huge surprise.

Or should we say - long surprise? The teddy bear she received was indeed 6.5 feet high but in a different way. It wasn't the body of the teddy bear that was huge - it was its legs only!

And yes, they do look like creepy legs, which makes this teddy bear disturbing on so many levels. Naturally, the Internet went viral over the whole thing and many people decided to actually buy it for the laughs. Still, we hope all those people who got deceived by the seller managed to return this abomination.

A Magic Tapestry

What's a magic tapestry, you might wonder? It's when you order it the size of the wall, but when you receive the package it's the size of your head. Yeah, that's a very lousy magic trick, we know.

It's hard to tell whether this is a carefully planned scam, a prank, or a case of negligence, but one thing we can say for sure - this is no wall tapestry! But it does make for a cool bandana if you want our opinion.

This guy's friend wanted to make a cool present and ordered this stylish wall tapestry, but when it arrived - this is what they got! Well, at least the man looks good in it, that's something.

A Dress to Impress

Now that’s a dress that will make your legs look like that of a supermodel! But that’s the only good thing about it. Sometimes when buying dresses online, especially from China, sizes are much, much smaller than usual. But this looks like a dress for a kid!

Well, at least it seems well-made and does resemble the one in the photo on the left. We love that the lady is rocking this dress with a smile, that’s the best way to react to an online shopping fail.

Is there any way to protect yourself from this? Just read lots of reviews before you order anything online.

The Surprise of a Lifetime

How does something like this even happen? It’s as if the person making this tray had no idea what they were doing. This is not even beginner level woodwork!

The whole thing took half a year to make and is the product of West Elm – remember this name and stay away from it as much as possible. They used to make nice furniture back in the day, but now they make stuff that looks like this!

Well, sometimes it looks better, but the quality is still no good. We can’t imagine what the people who bought this stylish tray felt like when they received their order. It looks beyond horrifying.

Fake Adidas Sneakers... for How Much?!

You won't surprise anyone with fake Nike or Adidas sneakers these days. Sometimes those knock-offs look quite believable, but this is definitely not the case here. It seems the seller didn't even try to make them look like the real deal!

Instead, he was selling something that resembled a plushy Adidas lookalike - warm and comfy slippers you'd wear around your house maybe, but definitely not out in the streets.

And to think that this guy would pay $750 for sneakers? We get it, brands like Adidas are always pricey, but these sneakers don't even look that good even in the picture. You should always, and we can't stress it enough, always ask the seller for more pictures, especially if you're buying something expensive.

Baby Yoda, What Happened to You?

You’ve probably noticed that Instagram has also started selling stuff lately. There are lots of shops with pretty pictures and products that look quite amazing. But most of the time that’s just bait!

Whatever they send you won’t look anywhere near the pretty photos on the Instagram page. The little Baby Yoda puppet looked truly adorable in the picture, but in real life? It turned out to be quite disturbing.

You may argue that it doesn’t look that bad after all, but then why didn’t they put the pic of the original toy on display? Because no one would buy it, that’s why.

One Ring to Rule Them All

We should talk more about the importance of reading sizes when buying something online. All those inches and centimetres might seem a bit tricky at first, but only if you don't have a ruler on you. Go get that ruler ASAP!

And don't you ever buy anything before checking whether it's the right size for you. Usually, the seller mentions it somewhere in the description and if it's not there - here's your red flag. Just ask for specifications and then decide whether you need the thing or not.

This is definitely a one-size-fits-none case - who would wear this ring, seriously? An elf, a doll, or a cat maybe?

Defragmentation Mirror

Looking at the mirror can be quite a stressful experience, especially in the morning when you just crawl out of bed. If you think that you can handle an even more extreme mirror adventure, then you should definitely buy this weird creation.

But really, why on Earth would you want to distort your reflection when it’s sometimes hard to look at yourself as it is? And when you look good, you’d want the mirror to reflect exactly that.

Well, if you want your room to look like a part of the distorted mirror show, then it’s a perfect purchase for you. Otherwise, it’s best to stick to the plain old mirror that will not give you nightmares the second you look into it.

They Did the Best They Could

We have one word for it – Walmart. Should we say more? When it comes to weddings you want everything to be perfect and if you’ve ever been to Walmart you know very well that this place is all kinds of things, but perfect isn’t one of them.

Well, if you have an adventurous spirit, then of course go ahead and order your wedding cupcakes at Walmart and your wedding dress at AliExpress, but be prepared for a surprise of a lifetime.

In this case, the Walmart Bakery workers did the best they could. True, making cute wedding cupcakes isn’t that hard of a task, but only for professional bakers!

Who Needs Ankle Weights When You Have This?

When ordering sports gear one doesn’t expect to get something entirely different. It’s one thing to mess up the order by sending wrist weights instead of ankle weights, but sending Thor’s hammer is a whole new level of negligence.

How does something like this even happen? Or maybe they didn’t have the ankle weights, so someone decided it was a good idea to send some Avengers merchandise instead? Because everyone loves Marvel, obviously.

We don’t know what the girl who ordered these ‘ankle weights’ thought about the whole thing, but her boyfriend was ecstatic and urged her to go running with Thor’s hammer instead. So the shop wasn’t so wrong after all!

The Not-So-Ripped-Jeans

Buying clothes online is tricky. If you want something cheap then prepare yourself for a huge surprise. Just like with most things in life, the less money you pay, the worse quality you get. Sill, people shopping online always hope to get something amazing (or at least normal) just for a few bucks.

This man here liked the image of stylish ripped jeans, so he ordered them despite the super cheap price. What could go wrong, it’s just jeans, right?

Well, wrong! The jeans he received were of very low quality and weren’t ripped at all – there were just two squares cut on the knees, and that’s it. Needless to say, this didn’t look like the picture at all!

Mini-Furniture: Case #94675

Ordering furniture online is rarely satisfying unless you're buying hand-crafted things from a carpenter you know personally (which probably doesn't happen very often).

Just like many people before them, this buyer was seduced by the nice price and thought they'd be getting something gorgeous for just a few bucks. Well, in some Universe maybe, but definitely not in this one!

What they received might have looked good, but it was the size of a matchbox, or even smaller. We believe even a doll wouldn't be able to use this minuscule chair! So, furniture for ants, maybe?

The Cutest Knock-Off Ever

Buying branded shoes online is always a gamble and more often than not the buyer is the one who loses. But take a closer look at these Nike sneakers, aren't they super cute?

But here's a twist - the man who bought them didn't order baby size shoes, nope. Still, this is what he got when he received the package.

Imagine the guy's surprise when he opened up the box! Well, they do look nice... for a baby. Especially if we ignore the Nike logo that's been reversed. That's totally acceptable when you're buying stuff online.

A Drill That Will Make Your Neighbours Happy

Drills are horrible, right? Well, when you are the one suffering from the awful sound, that is. But when you need to drill something yourself you want a good drill that would do the work properly.

This man ordered his drill on AliExpress and it looked normal at first. But as soon as he started working, the drill had a total meltdown (quite literally). This is what it ended up looking like!

Neighbours would probably be happy with such a silent drill, but it won’t get anything done, that’s for sure. Things on AliExpress may look seductive due to the cheap price, but think twice before buying tools there!

A Pillow for Your Girlfriend

Wow, just looking at this pillow makes us want to laugh out loud. Imagine his girlfriend’s reaction when she saw this abomination!

What was supposed to look like a cute present that would make her feel better when she was away from her boyfriend turned out into a hilarious prank thanks to online shops. Well, they did put his face on the pillow, we can’t argue with that!

But the way they performed the whole thing is just hilarious (and a bit scary). We really don’t think anyone should have a pillow like that, especially with a face of a loved one. That’s a big no-no for us.

The Cat Likes It Anyway

Cats are amazing creatures and they are quite easy to please. The cat bed you ordered is too small? Doesn’t matter, he’ll try it anyway! And even if the cat doesn’t fit, that doesn’t really matter in the end. It’s the attention that counts!

Well, you can always give your kitty cat that huge box the whole thing came in and it’ll probably make him beyond happy. Maybe even more than the purchase itself!

Still, it’s quite sad to order one thing and get something that doesn’t fit you (or your cat). At least it looks the same as in the picture! That should count for something.

The Pennywise Costume That is Truly SCARY

Can you imagine something more frightening than Pennywise from the IT movie? Well, it appears there’s one such thing – a Halloween costume of Pennywise that was poorly made. And we mean very poorly, this is outstanding low-level craftsmanship if we’ve ever seen one.

Even looking at this clown face hurts our eyes! On the other hand, if you go around wearing it people would get scared for real, there’s no other way around it. And they’ll throw candy at you just to make you go away!

Still, if you want you or your kid to look cool on Halloween, this is definitely not the way to do it. We bet you could draw a better Pennywise face yourself!

Earbuds for a Giant?

If you hear the name ‘Wish’ – run as far from that place as you can. This is one of the dodgiest places to shop online. If you want to receive the complete opposite of what you ordered and then spend weeks trying to return the order – this is the place to do it.

Still, even shopping platforms like Wish can outdo themselves sometimes. This guy, for instance, wanted to buy a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones but got something very different instead.

Do these look anything like headphones to you? Probably not. That’s because these are shower heads that just resemble earbuds! The idea is both crazy and kind of genius in a weird way, but it’s a scam nonetheless.