50 Times People Spotted Something Utterly Surreal on Public Transport and Couldn't Believe Their Eyes

Travelling can be either delightful or totally weird. You just never know which way it will go! Whether you’re hitting the airport to go on a vacation you’ve been dreaming about for months or simply taking the subway to the city centre, there is so much to see!

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Travelling can be either delightful or totally weird. You just never know which way it will go! Whether you’re hitting the airport to go on a vacation you’ve been dreaming about for months or simply taking the subway to the city centre, there is so much to see!

It’s as if people wait to go to public places to let out their inner oddball! But we’re glad they do it because travelling becomes such a hilarious experience when you get to observe people curled up in all kinds of poses at the airport or doing something inappropriate on the subway. You just never know what you’ll see next!

Here we’ve collected the most surreal and unexpected things ever spotted on public transportation. Enjoy!

A Moment to Remember

Have you ever had that moment when you took a train ride and stumbled upon a fashion icon? No? Well, then you can enjoy this gorgeous girl here.

Not everyone can wear tight pants with grace, but this is definitely not the case with this lady! Who knows, maybe she’ll become the next Kim Kardashian, the Goddess of Tight-wear?

One thing we can say for sure, she can easily become a fashion model if she feels like that’s her calling.

TSA Agent is Getting Handsy

While airport security checks and scans are quite an ordinary experience for most people, for others it can become a real nightmare.

If you’ve dealt with TSA agents at least once then you know just how handsy they can be. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or woman – they are all the same!

Of course, the security guard needs to do their job, but what this woman could possibly hide wearing skin-tight clothing? We’ll probably never understand the logic behind it.

Flying in Style

If you think that if birds have wings then they don’t need to use planes, well, that’s where you’re wrong. Apparently, some birds live such posh lives that they get to travel by economy class instead of the good old open sky.

While falcon is, indeed, the national bird of the UAE, it is weird to see so many of them onboard the plane. It turns out one Saudi Prince bought 80 economy class seats to transport his birds. We aren’t sure why he needs so many of them, but that’s what he did!

As unusual as it may seem, falconry is a popular sport in the Middle East, especially among the royal family members. Many of the UAE airlines are equipped to transport falcons as it happens quite often.

It’s Time for Some Yoga

We’ve seen people do yoga during yoga class. We’ve also seen people do yoga in parks and recreational areas.

We’ve seen people do yoga during coffee breaks and on top of buildings, and also with dogs, cats, goats, and birds. But what we haven’t seen yet is people doing yoga on the subway!

This girl looks absolutely mind-bending stretched out between two seats on a subway train. It’s almost empty so she had plenty of room to perform this stunning move. She’s like the goddess of stretching!

An Actual Batman

If you travel to South Korea you will see all kinds of weird and wonderful things. For example, did you know that they have solar panel benches equipped with USB hubs to charge your gadgets?

Well, If you go to the subway you will find something surprising there, too. Not only will you find trains with bicycle-rack carriages, but you will also stumble upon people acting all weird. It is, after all, South Korea we’re talking about.

This guy here probably thought he was a bat, so he decided to rest like one. Either that or he was doing push-ups! What’s even more amazing is the fact that nobody around him seems to care – just another day on the South Korean subway!

Handling Kids Like a Pro

The airport can be a busy and stressful place even when you’re travelling alone, but imagine having to deal with two bored kids full of energy to run everywhere 24/7. Yep, that’s a different kind of challenge altogether.

Remembering that scene from Home Alone 2 when Kevin managed to get on a plane and fly to New York City all by himself, this Mom wanted to feel more relaxed knowing that her kids are always by her side.

We aren’t sure whether putting kids on a leash is ethically right or not, but from the looks of it – the trick didn’t work. If anything, poor Mom got even busier, trying to untangle her energetic kids.

Step Through the Metal Detector, Please

If you hate going through airport security with its checks that cross all possible boundaries, then take a look at this photo. Even poor penguins had to go through the metal detector!

Just imagine these little criminals trying to smuggle some stuff into Antarctica – it’s as surreal as it is hilarious.

On a brighter note, these two Humboldt penguins were actually going home to an island not far from South Africa. All thanks to the work of conservationists who saved them from poachers!

Something’s Wrong Here…

Chinese subway can be as ordinary as any other subway in the world, but then you lift your eyes and see that something is off.

Apart from having stations in the middle of nowhere, the Chinese subway is also home to people from all walks of life. Of course, being individuals, all these people have very different styles.

This girl, for example, looks almost normal in her sweet pink dress, but then you notice her tail and the world kind of shifts a little bit. Is she cosplaying some anime character? Is she a werewolf? What’s going on in there? The people around her seem unperturbed by her unusual look.

Welcome to the Dark Side

It seems that even Darth Vader can’t avoid taking an old-fashion plane flight from time to time. Although, it would have probably been faster to jump into his almighty Executor and cover all the miles in a blink of an eye.

Well, if Darth Vader was going for a low-key trip – he didn’t succeed.  His style fully gave him away! And a bunch of Stormtroopers waiting for him at the gates didn’t help either.

Of course, he was also greeted by Imperial March being played out loud, which means everyone in the airport knew who has arrived. It’s one of the most memorable reunions ever!

The Ultimate Protection

We’re living in dangerous times and everyone needs to think about protecting themselves when riding a public train. This guy, it seems, has taken things to a whole new level of weirdness.

We get it, he needed something to protect his hands from billions of germs crawling all over the subway train, but why on Earth did he choose to use condoms for that?

If only there was an answer to this question. Maybe that’s the only protection he had at his house or maybe he just wanted to stand out from the crowd. If that was the case then we must admit he succeeded – everyone on the subway was staring at him in disbelief!

The Most Gorgeous Pilot Ever

If you think this photo looks a bit risky, well, you are right. But take a look at this woman’s face! She must be the happiest pilot on the planet right now.

While sitting inside the turbine does seem like a gamble even when it’s turned off, gorgeous Maria Pettersson is enjoying every bit of it.

We don’t get to see many female pilots – that’s because there aren’t many. There’s tough competition in this male-dominated industry, but if you work hard enough for your dream – it will come true!

The Quack Pack

That moment when you need to go to work but there’s no one to look after your duck. Wait, what?

Why on Earth would you have a duck as a pet? Not that it’s the weirdest animal to have for a pet that we’ve ever seen, but it’s pretty unusual to observe someone carrying a duck around.

This looks both surreal and kind of sweet. Most people use transparent pet carrier bags to transport their cats or small dogs, but there’s no rule saying you can’t carry birds in them. It’s just so unexpected! This whole scene looks like it belongs in a movie.

Alaska is no Joke

When you come to Alaska prepare yourself to see all kinds of things. While polar bears might be a rarity in the rest of the world, Alaska has plenty of these animals and some of them like to roam around quite a lot.

Still, seeing this polar bear casually crossing the runway just gives us the chills – because of the wild bear and the people who might encounter him.

If you’re wondering what brings a huge bear to the airport, well, there’s one theory. Apparently, many bears like the smell of aviation fuel, so they are attracted to places where they can find it and sniff it as much as they want.

Should We be Worried?

Sometimes you enter a subway train and don’t know whether you’re dreaming or maybe you’ve accidentally gone through a rift in reality and ended up in some alternative universe.

Seriously, what is this creature and what is it doing riding the subway? Is it dangerous? Should we be worried?

Well, the woman sitting right next to it is as cool as a cucumber just casually staring at her phone, so maybe it’s not so bad? Just a weird creature going about its mysterious business, no big deal.

Nothing to See Here

You’d think that a huge peacock with a tail the size of a human being would make people look up from their phones, but nope, everyone is too busy reading Facebook feeds and scrolling through Instagram.

But how can you not stare at a peacock riding the subway? The guy this bird is travelling with looks ridiculously calm as well, but he’s probably used to carrying a huge peacock around as if it was a small dog.

We really need to pay more attention to the things around us – then we won’t have to scroll through our social feed to spot them! Weird and funny stuff is happening right here and now.

A Moment to Remember

That moment when you think you’ve seen everything there is to see and then life throws this in your face. Seriously, a funeral procession riding the subway? With an actual casket and an actual body inside?

We aren’t sure that it’s even legal to transport a casket like this, let alone a casket that is, ugh, not empty. But somehow we don’t really want to know whether there is something or someone inside this particular casket.

Well, we have to give it to these people – it was a bold move, but we can only imagine the reaction of the people who took the subway that day. This scene must have left them speechless!

Subway Bottom Workout

So, if you’ve taken the subway and you feel like you want to do some bottom workout – here’s a fresh idea! We don’t know how the lady who’s performing this exercise is keeping so calm, but there she is – just holding the pole with her bums like a real pro.

We aren’t exactly sure whether it’s a new trend or just something the woman came up with herself, but we have to give it to her – it’s a very bold thing to do on public transportation.

But what’s even more unusual is how all the people around her don’t seem to notice a thing. A viral photo is being born right in front of their eyes!

Excuse Me, There’s Something in Your Fur…

This photo might seem ordinary at first, but then you notice that the man’s furry coat has something extra in it. We’ve seen cats travel in all kinds of weird and unusual bags, but never have we seen one just riding inside a human’s hood!

It’s not too unusual to see a kitty getting all comfy inside a small space, especially when it’s so warm and furry. But hitching a ride in someone’s coat is something not many cats do! At least, not when we can take a candid photo of them.

Both this guy and his cat seem totally relaxed about this mode of transportation. We are wondering, does he even know he has a cat in his hood?

What are You Staring at?

That moment when Harry Potter couldn’t hitch a ride and had to use public transportation to get to the train station. But seriously, this owl is so huge, he would stick out like a sore thumb if he was travelling with this creature!

If you were wondering, this is no ordinary owl. Its name is Yoll the Eagle-Owl and it has quite a big following on YouTube.

Yoll lives in Moscow, Russia, sharing the apartment with his human caretaker and a bunch of other animals. Apparently, he likes to travel around the city with his human companion!

A Different Kind of Mask

So you know how people are supposed to wear masks these days in public places, right? Well, no one specifies what kind of masks they should wear, so there is some room for improvisation there.

This person was probably bored to the core with the whole mask situation so they decided to make things a little bit more fun.

But out of all possible masks, why on Earth did they choose this one? That subway trip definitely became a lot more surreal with this batgirl casually sitting there amidst all the people.

The Sleeping Beauty

We all know that sleeping at the airport sucks. Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get one of those sleeping pods or big comfy armchairs you can sleep in, but let’s admit it, not many airports offer comfortable spots for sleeping.

Those people who don’t want to spend a fortune on a room at the airport hotel are left with very few choices. But this woman came up with a truly unexpected way to take a nap!

This woman managed to get herself under the armrests to finally get some proper sleep. We aren’t entirely sure whether it’s comfortable enough, but it seems to work for her.

The Airport Cardboard City

What happens when more than 100 flights aren’t just delayed, but cancelled altogether? With hundreds of people stranded at the airport trying to make their way home, there’s not much anyone can do.

Still, people need to eat and sleep, and if you’ve tried sleeping at the airport at least once you know that the noise and lights make it nearly impossible to take a nap.

These passengers were inventive enough to use cardboard boxes to create shelter and at least try to get some sleep. It must have been a real nightmare!

Someone, Call Dr Who!

It’s not every day you see Cybermen just casually getting their shoes polished at an airport. Well, they probably wanted their full armour done before some big event.

Cybermen are nearly indestructible villains from the Dr Who Universe, so we can assume they weren’t planning anything good. When it comes to Earth and humanity their only goal is to destroy and conquer!

Although Cybermen can’t feel a thing, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t at least look pretty, right? Even villains have beauty standards.

Leave All Your Hand Luggage

So many things can be said about airport security checks – they are long, exhausting, chaotic, and often leave you stressed and tired.

Of course, if you’re travelling light it’s no big deal and you can finish your security check in a matter of minutes. But if you have to undress and put all your hand luggage into lots of trays - in this case, it can become a tiresome experience.

This woman was travelling with a baby and was so preoccupied with getting all the stuff into trays, including her shoes and some clothing items, that she had to put the baby into a tray as well! We just hope the child didn’t get x-rayed along with all the personal belongings.

Somewhere in Russia? No, it’s the Czech Republic

Did you know that public transport in the Czech Republic is unbearable? It’s so bad that people lose all humanity!

We are used to thinking that Russia is the wildest country when it comes to surreal things happening in plain sight, but it turns out weird things are happening in many other places as well.

We have no idea how this polar bear got onto what seems like a tram, but it looks like a scene from a David Lynch movie. It’s the most mind-bending thing we’ve seen in a while!

AI, is That You?

We’ve been talking about artificial intelligence and machines taking over the world for so long that it seems we missed something very important. Are they already here?

While this may not be the most iconic look of robots hiding among humans in plain sight, but this computer girl does look striking. It almost feels like John Connor will jump from the corner any moment trying to destroy the evil machine.

Well, there’s also Karen from Spongebob, so the woman might be just doing a cosplay. One thing we know for sure – her disguise worked like a charm and no one dared to sit near her on the subway!

Here’s a Helping Hand

That moment when you’ve spend more than five hours at the airport and you simply want to move as much as possible. We’ve all been there, but these guys have definitely taken airport workouts to the next level.

Usually, you’d see people just casually walking around or stretching their arms and legs a little bit, but these two gentlemen had something different in mind.

Are they into breakdance, parkour, or gymnastics? It’s hard to tell, but their moves speak for themselves. Everyone at the airport must have been properly entertained that day!

A Smartcar Rider

Here’s something you don’t see every day. When we think of the subway we don’t usually imagine it as a means of transportation for bikes and scooters, but that doesn’t mean it’s forbidden. Or is it?

Some smart woman was driving her unique mobility device and decided to head to another part of the city using the subway. She just drove her smartcar-like vehicle inside the train like it was no big deal.

Well, if it fits, then why not? Although the passengers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw this vehicle on the train, there’s no rule saying that you can’t drive around the subway in a mobility device that looks like this.

Just Hitching a Ride

This girl is the true embodiment of everyone’s mood at the airport. Whether we’re taking a long flight or a short one, there’s a long and tiresome process of standing in lines and waiting to go through different checks.

However, this girl was having none of it. She found the perfect solution to the excruciating airport experience and simply took a nap.

If only everyone could be like her! Alas, grown-ups need to pay close attention so everything goes as smooth as possible. Because the worst thing that can happen at the airport is some extra delay with some additional checks. That’s a real nightmare!

Fake It Till You Make It

Not everyone gets to have fit tanned bodies. So what to do if you desperately want to own a six-pack, but are desperately lazy to work for it?

This guy didn’t even twice about it and just wore a tank top with a printed fit body on it. And you know what? It kind of works for him.

We aren’t saying everyone should just quit workout and start wearing images of beautiful healthy bodies instead of building ones, but if it inspires you in any way – then why not? It also looks hilarious.

Somebody, Help!

This is one of those rare cases when we simply can’t put our finger on what’s going on in the picture. Why would anyone need a plastic screaming torso like this?

It’s a truly appalling choice of decoration and if this man had bought it as a present for someone then we don’t envy that person at all.

Well, no one around this guy seems to mind, so it’s probably just another day on the Russian subway.

Not All Guys are the Same

We all know that public transport can become a  real torture during rush hours and traffic jams. Buses and subway trains get packed with people, leaving no space for maneuver.

Sometimes you can get stuck with a stranger standing so close to you that it's beyond uncomfortable and most of the times there's nothing you can do - just endure and wait for your stop.

Something like that happened to this guy, but instead of an unpleasant stranger he got stuck with a striking woman. It must have been hard not to stare at her, but he was a real gentleman and averted his eyes. Kudos to this man!

Have a Comfy Flight

Taking a flight can be quite a stressful situation for so many reasons and you might be surprised by the things that really bother people when flying on a plane.

Yes, we're all worried about heights and soaring high up in the sky in a metal box, but what's even more important is the people you get to share a plane with. Seriously, some of those passengers are a traveller's nightmare.

Like this passenger here though they could get super comfy on a plane without even thinking that it might bother the people sitting nearby. This is just wrong on so many levels!

Mind If I Come In?

You know how kids can be, right? They see a muddy puddle and dive in head first, no regrets whatsoever. One moment it's a perfectly normal clean kid, and before you know it they turn into a muddy monster.

It's okay if that's happening at your backyard or even somewhere in the street, but when you need to hop on a bus in a few minutes and your kid looks like a creature that crawled out of some muddy pit, well, we don't envy a person facing such a predicament.

We just hope this poor girl got a nice hot shower as soon as she came back home. It looks cold outside!

Could You Please Keep It Down, Sir!

That awkward moment when you were mindlessly kicking the front chair at an airplane and then the passenger turned over for a quick chat. It's not every day you see dogs flying a plane like that!

We can almost hear him ask in a very polite way: "What seems to be the problem?" Bothering a passenger like that, whether he's human or not, is a big no-no when you're flying on a plane. That's not what a gentleman would do!

If you want our opinion, flying with such a cool neighbour is the best thing in the world. He might be a bit jittery, but his cuteness will make the flight an unforgettable experience. It's like flying with your best friend!

When Gas Is Too Expensive

Usually, people go for one or the other - they either ride their own vehicles and love it, or they go for public transportation. Yet this guy managed to combine both in the most bizarre way!

Did he run out of gas in the middle of the road and riding a bus was the only solution to get to his destination? Or maybe he was just too lazy to drive and decided it would be a good idea to ride a bus like this.

We really have no idea how this guy ended up riding a bike inside a bus, but it looks so surreal that we actually love it. The other passengers don't seem to mind at all!

Where to, Sir?

If you've ever been to Southeast Asian countries, then you know very well that monkeys are cunning beasts that know how to handle themselves and get what they want.

They use their arms and feet like acrobats and are smart enough to steal food right in front of the human. Still, even in those countries we've never seen a monkey drive a bus!

Riding one is no biggie, you don't need to be an Einstein to hop on a bus and enjoy a free ride, but driving? We really hope the passengers were okay with this little furry driver.

Just Chilling

That moment when it's freezing outside and you find the sweetest and warmest spot imaginable. Doesn't this pup look like the happiest creature on Earth?

No one dared to disturb his blissful sleep even when the bus started moving and the dog simply stayed there, snoozing happily along with other passengers.

How happy can you be riding public transport? Here's the answer: as long as it's warm and you can take a nap, even a public bus can become heaven on Earth.

The Big Bad Wolf

You can see so many weird things when riding a subway. We don't know what's so magical about this place, maybe it's the fact that it's located underground? Naturally, it becomes a magnet for all kinds of creatures.

Here we see a Big Bad Wolf casually riding the subway like it's the most mundane thing in the world. Did he escape from some fairy tale? Or maybe he's going for a job interview in another part of the city, who knows.

The face of the lady sitting next to him says it all. It's so bizarre that she chose not to look at her neighbour and simply pretend nothing special is happening.

The Work of Art

That moment when you're riding a night bus and suddenly find yourself inside the Louvre. No, we aren't talking about some unbelievable case of teleportation, but rather a case of a painting coming to life at public transport.

Does the woman in the back remind you of someone? She's the spitting image of Mona Lisa, one of the most famous works by Da Vinci. But what's she doing casually taking a nap at the back of the bus?

No one else seems to notice the uncanny resemblance, but it's right there. Even her pose is similar to the woman in Da Vinci's painting!

You Shall Not Sit!

Whoever designed the seats on this bus had one job, just one job... And still they managed to mess it up. How can you not notice that one of the seats is unreachable? What's the point in having it?

A kid could probably fit in there, or a small animal, but we doubt that's what public transport seats should look like. Usually, the design is helping people to be more comfortable and not vice versa.

We just hope that seeing this poorly designed set of seats made everyone smile whenever they rode this bus. It's sad, but it's also hilarious!

Because, Why Not?

We really don't know what's wrong with good old holding your phone with a hand, but this seems like an interesting alternative. At least, it works for this guy.

We meet all kinds of people on public transport and they are never ordinary. Sometimes it seems that public transportation is the most fun place to be!

We don't know whether we'll try this type of smartphone holder, but it does look at least relatively comfy. Kind of. Well, whatever works for him.

Catching a Free Ride

We've all been there - trying to catch a bus or a tram and arriving at the very last second when only its rear is visible. Most people would just wait for another ride to come, but not this guy!

He was so desperate to get to his destination that he didn't want to spend a second waiting for another tram - he just hopped on the leaving one and grabbed it as hard as he could!

Now, this is definitely not something we would suggest trying yourself, but we must admit that's one bold way of using the public transport. And it's totally free!

The Door to Nowhere

We've already mentioned that all kinds of weird things happen on subways, and here's yet another proof that. The door of this particular subway train opened and there was... nothing.

Well, actually, there was something - a white brick wall, but why was it put there? What on Earth happened on this train that it justifies creating such a wall at the entrance?

If people aren't meant to get on this train, then why open the doors at all? Ah, so many questions and so little answers.

How's It Going?

When we talk about public transport we don't usually think about people lying around there like it's some kind of nap pod. But it seems that literally anything can happen on public buses!

We aren't exactly sure why this man thought it would be a  good idea to lie down at the entrance (it doesn't even look comfortable), but it happened and someone snapped a picture that soon got viral.

We just hope he didn't have to stay there for long and found a more comfortable place for a nap.

The Best Place for a Business Meeting

Who needs all those hip work spaces and cozy coffee shops when you can simply have a work meeting on a subway, right?

We aren't sure why these guys couldn't find a more peaceful and quiet place for their meeting, but the whole performance of it with the cute desk and papers does seem lovely.

It seems there's nothing you can't do on a subway train! Looking at all these photos we think there should be at least some rules for people riding the subway. The number one should definitely say 'subway is for rides'.

The Airport Ninja

Did you ever have to spend more than a few hours at the airport? Some people get stuck for 10 hours and more in-between flights and not all human beings can cope with staying in a confined place for so long with literally nothing to do.

Of course, we all have our gadgets but you can't spend 12 hours watching YouTube and scrolling through Instagram (at least, we hope you can't).

This lady was obviously feeling bored out of her mind when she decided to play a little ninja game. Or maybe she imagined she was Spider-Man? Well, either way, she looks cool and at least someone is having fun at the airport these days.

When You Can't Stand People

Taking a subway train ride can be a troublesome experience if you aren't good with big crowds. It seems that this girl simply can't bear being among human beings!

Still, one needs to travel somehow, so she came up with a brilliant plan that would help her stay all alone, but still use the subway - the bear protection.

No one can mess with teddy bears and plush toys - there are just too adorable! We must admit this is a genius way to protect yourself from unwanted contact with strangers.

Just Another Day on the Subway

As if the subway could get even more bizarre, but that was definitely the case for all the people who witnessed a centaur navigate through the subway on a day they would certainly remember forever.

And it's not just any centaur - he's half man, and half zebra! Subway weirdоs are getting more and more creative these days.

Kudos to this man for a truly mesmerizing look. But now we're wondering where was he heading dressed like this? A centaur convention? If only photos could speak.