Cameras Caught These Surreal Moments at the Supermarket, and We Can’t Believe Our Eyes

Your local supermarket is definitely the go-to spot if you want to do some people-watching and learn more about humanity than you ever wanted to! Here are the weirdest things you will only get to see at a supermarket.

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Most people go to the supermarket to buy some goods or veggies for dinner, but others go there just to show off their crazy looks. We kid you not! If you’ve ever been to a huge supermarket you know that it feels like a set of a surreal movie where everyone is moving chaotically, grabbing things, and looking like characters from a space thriller or a comedy.

Your local supermarket is definitely the go-to spot if you want to do some people-watching and learn more about humanity than you ever wanted to! Here are the weirdest things  you will only get to see at a supermarket.

48. Plunger Fun

If you ever had a plunger fight with your best friend then you know that plungers can be fun. It’s not the most popular “toy” in the house, but kids can turn anything into a game, right?

We don’t know what is the case with these people having fun with plungers right in the middle of the supermarket, but maybe they were just missing the good old days when you could make a toy out of anything around you.

It’s either that or they were bored out of their minds and decided to have some fun in such a peculiar manner. What can we say, supermarkets have that effect on people.

47. This Guy has a Tail

Ah, spies these days… They would do anything to follow their person of interest! Even drag themselves on the floor of the supermarket not to lose sight of the man they’re following.

Seriously, though, this kid would make a really good spy. We aren’t even sure if this man is aware that he’s being followed this way. When kids go into stealth mode they can be almost invisible, hiding in plain sight.

One thing we know for sure - this kid’s parents will have to do a lot of laundry once he gets home. But the supermarket floor will definitely be cleaner afterwards!

46. Someone Needs a Manicure, ASAP

Women just love a good session of manicure, don’t they? Going to a beauty salon and having your nails done is one of those things that are simple and fun, especially when you’re friends with the manicurist and you can chat together while she does your nails.

But this doesn’t seem to be the case with this lady, though. It seems she hasn’t seen a manicurist in years, if not decades! Is it really comfortable to go shopping like this? Or go anywhere at all.

This woman is either in desperate need of attention or wants to break the world’s record of growing the longest nails ever. Looking at her spine-chilling claws, we believe she can absolutely do it!

45. Full Protection

If you feel really paranoid about getting sick and want to use the ultimate protection – a full-body latex suit is your best choice. We aren’t sure if this woman chose the outfit out of fear or as a fashion statement, but there’s no denying the fact that she looks cool.

With all her skin fully covered, this woman is protected from all viruses and harmful bacteria of the outside world.

Is this suite comfortable, though? It looks incredibly tight and there’s no airflow whatsoever. Well, it must be worth all the trouble because this lady becomes the center of everyone’s attention wherever she goes.

44. When Supermodels Go Shopping

Going to a supermarket is a very important event and one has to dress accordingly. What if you meet your true love there and you’re wearing sneakers and pajamas? Nope, these women aren’t taking any chances.

They’re wearing full armour – heavy makeup, short dresses, gorgeous hairstyles, and heels as high as skyscrapers. Simply standing wearing these pumps is a miracle, not to mention walking around and shopping!

These women either really love shopping or they are supermodels who needed a break from the photoshoot, so they escaped to the supermarket to buy some snacks. No big deal!

43. Theft of the Century

Ah, we get it, seeing all those PlayStation controllers just hanging there in plain sight must be unbearable to some people. They are so close, yet so far at the same time!

Well, it seems that someone couldn't take it anymore and decided to grab one PlayStation controller for himself. It was definitely a feat worthy of Ocean's 11 because we can't fathom how anyone could just rip out the packaging in plain sight, grab the controller, and disappear into thin air.

It just seems too daring and risky! And what about all those cameras that keep track of everyone in the supermarket? This is definitely the theft of the century.

42. Handmade Masks 101

So, what do you do when you find yourself at home with a dire need to go outside and shop at the supermarket? You also don't have a mask, so something needs to be done about that, too.

Well, apparently, you just grab whatever sanitary product you have at home and put it on your face. And voila! A face mask is ready.

It's surprising how many people use sanitary pads as face masks. Maybe it's because they can just stick them to the face and go about their business? It is quite handy, we must admit. But does it serve the purpose of protecting someone? Probably not.

41. A Happy Day

Sometimes supermarkets are funny as hell, while other times they can be boring like a movie you’ve seen a million times. You just get stuck in a line of people with carts filled to the brim with foods, realizing that this will be a very long, long day.

Well, even in situations like these there is always a ray of sunshine or a friendly smile that will brighten up your mood. In this case, the smile is shining through the transparent yellow material of a dress!

If this woman was going for a fashion statement, we believe she nailed it. It’s pure genius! She created an ultimate smiley look that is both weird and funny. She definitely brightened up someone’s day!

40. A Heavenly Vision

Fashion models and Instagram stars go shopping just like the rest of us ordinary people. The only difference is that they attract more attention while they’re at it.

When Brianna Francisco heads out shopping even the most ordinary supermarket starts looking like a setting for a photoshoot. Yep, she’s that good!

And if you’re wondering what beautiful ladies eat to maintain their gorgeousness – it’s greens! Well, that’s not all, of course, but greens are very important when it comes to maintaining good looks, beautiful hair, and radiant skin. Brianna Francisco is proof of that!

39. Wicked Beauty Standards

It seems that these days not only people are judged by their appearance – it happens to food as well! We’re used to buying fruits and vegetables that look nearly perfect, but if you go to the farm market or, better still, visit a farm where they are grown, you will see that nature doesn’t produce perfectly shaped sparkly things.

Supermarkets work hard to make their foods look perfect and the things they do to achieve it aren’t always healthy and natural. That being said, what we have here doesn’t seem to be a case of unexpected truthfulness.

Did you know there’s an actual fruit that is called the ‘ugly fruit’? Well, it’s usually spelled ‘ugli’, but the workers of this supermarket aren’t very good at spelling, it seems. This fruit is a mix of orange and tangerine, which makes it quite a yummy treat!

38. The Ultimate Balance

If you have a whole department packed with yummy cat foods and treats, it’s only natural to have an actual cat there. You don’t agree? Well, this cat will definitely have something to say to you on the matter.

This fella looks like he belongs in this place! He is chilled, well-fed, and seems to be an inseparable part of the supermarket. He’s also the walking and breathing ad for the cat food department!

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to buy cat food here after looking at this gorgeous cat relaxing on the shelf like he owns this place? We certainly wouldn’t be able to go past him, no way.

37. This Unicorn is Up to Something

How often do you see a unicorn at the supermarket? Wait, don’t answer, we know that supermarkets have a rift to the parallel universe, so seeing a unicorn there is probably like seeing a cat in the street when you go out.

But this fella is clearly up to something! Was he attracted by the sales that are happening in the alcohol drinks department? Or maybe he just wants some canned tomatoes for his evening pasta.

What do unicorns eat, anyway? Well, in any case, whoever was shopping at the supermarket that day must have had the best time of their life. It’s not every day you go shopping with a cute pink unicorn!

36. 2 in 1

Did you ever dream about a face mask that protects and creates a lovely smell while doing so? No? Well, this man clearly wanted something more original than the usual mask everyone is wearing, so he decided to get creative.

Now, we aren’t really sure whether this ‘mask’ gives any protection at all, but we have to give it to the old man – it looks cool and it probably smells even better! Going around and smelling orange everywhere must feel pretty nice and energizing.

There’s only one downside to this cool mask – it will spoil very quickly being an organic product. Other than that it’s quite a unique way to protect yourself when going shopping.

35. The Ultimate Protection… or Not

Supermarkets have turned into real fashion runways showcasing all kinds of protecting gear people use to go outside. Some of it is hilarious, some of it is quite fashionable, while other garments look like they need lots, and we mean lots of further improvement.

Well, we aren’t here to judge anyone, but a paper bag probably doesn’t offer too much protection from anything. But it does look very eerie!

If we saw a person dressed like this going around the supermarket we’d probably be scared to the bones. But look at this cashier lady! She’s chill and relaxed as if nothing weird is happening. She must be seeing people like this every day!

34. New Fashion Trend

Did this woman step out of the shower and right into the cold space of the supermarket? Otherwise, we don’t know how to explain this peculiar fashion choice.

It’s not the weirdest thing you can see at a supermarket, but this lady has definitely set the mood for the whole shopping experience.

She is the very definition of chill and relaxed! This towel on her head might very well turn into a new fashion trend. Who knows?

33. Knights of the Sausage Order

We all know that supermarkets can be really weird. Almost as if there’s a portal to some other dimension and when you enter the mall it’s like a different planet with its own rules and inhabitants.

It’s not every day you see knights roaming around the city in full armour, but when you meet a couple of them in the supermarket it seems almost okay. Well, no, not really.

Are those knights lost? Did they sneak out of a movie set to go shopping? So many questions and so little answers.

32. Photobombing Llama

It’s not unusual to see pets at the supermarket, in fact, lots of people take their beloved animals shopping with them.

But it’s one thing to take your cute dog with you or a cat on a shoulder (yes, that happens too!), and it’s an entirely different matter to take you llama shopping.

We mean, who even takes a llama out into the street? It’s too surreal to be true! Yet here we are, and this cute llama is doing what lamas do best – photobombing one’s perfect photo.

31. Sporty Shopping

Many people like sports and the more they do it, the more they want to showcase their talents. These two girls are certainly sporty and don’t mind showing off a little bit when they go out somewhere together.

Would you do something like this in a supermarket? Walking on your hands would definitely draw all the attention to your persona. If that’s what you want, of course.

It’s not the most comfortable way to do shopping, is it? Maybe that’s why they go together because the second girl can actually see what she’s buying.

30. What’s Down There?

Have you ever seen that one ice-cream so deep inside the fridge that it seems unreachable? Well, we have, and this woman has definitely seen something tasty, but out of reach!

Usually, you would just sigh and go away without the delicious treat, but this brave lady decided to act, no matter the consequence.

She just dived into that fridge and it turned out to be a bottomless pit! Is she alright in there? Did she get what she was looking for? So many questions, but no answers at all.

29. What Are You Looking at?

It’s not a secret cats like to observe things. They rarely go out into the world, but if they do, they like to see and sniff as much as possible.

Some house cats are so good with the outside world that they become real travellers! Well, we aren’t talking about those brave kitties that prefer living out in the wild or in the city streets because they are travelling non stop.

This cute little fella seems to be really comfy just riding in a special backpack with his owner. He can see everything that is happening around him without the danger of being petted by some strangers. It’s the ideal way to travel!

28. Hungry Shopper

Did you ever feel so hungry in a supermarket that you just had to take a bite out of that yummy piece of cheese? No? Well, we didn’t either, but apparently, some shopper or supermarket worker couldn’t help himself.

Or was it some animal? That’s not likely because the cheese was carefully wrapped after the bite was taken!

Was someone so hungry that he couldn’t take it anymore? We really don’t know, but the shop owners should definitely do something about this hilarious piece just lying there for everyone to see.

27. Just a Regular Day at the Supermarket

How often do you come to the supermarket and see someone stretching? Not too often, eh?  Well, the person that stumbled upon this beautiful moment definitely deserves some kind of a photo prize!

Not only did the shopping lady get onto one of the food containers, but she also started doing some kind of advanced stretching.

This is definitely not your regular shopping assistant, that’s for sure. She must be into yoga or gymnastics to develop this level of flexibility.

26. Going Bananas

Did you ever feel like you could eat a whole cake, three oranges in a row, or maybe a bunch of bananas in one go? Well, we’ve all experienced some kind of food craze at one point, but this customer is taking it to a whole new level!

Can you imagine why someone would need to buy so many bananas? What would they do with them?

Bananas spoil pretty fast, so we really have no idea why would anyone buy so many of them. Unless they have a really big family. Or maybe a few families to feed?

25. This is Not How That Works

How many times did you buy some gadget with cool features and it turned out there weren’t exactly what the advertisement promised? Well, even if you have never experienced scams like that, here’s a perfect example of a gadget you should never ever buy.

The ad says the smartphone should float on water, but lo and behold – it’s lying on the bottom of the aquarium!

It was a brilliant idea to use actual water to demonstrate the smartphone’s capabilities because now everyone can avoid the mistake of buying this fake gadget.

24. Excuse Me, There’s an Alien in Your Shop

Out of all the weird and crazy things we’ve seen in supermarkets, this is probably the most extraordinary one. How often do you meet an Alien while shopping?

And not just any random Alien going about his own business, but an Alien-janitor! How cool is that?

We don’t know if the poor creature lost a bet or was in the wrong place at the wrong time and accidentally got employed to work at a supermarket, but he kind of looks like he belongs there. In a way.

23. One Hedgehog, Coming Through

It’s not every day you see a cute little hedgehog cosying up in a warm blanket, especially at a supermarket. Is there some kind of aisle where you can go and pick yourself a cute little fella like this?

At least this hedgehog seems comfortable enough on his little shopping adventure. We get why the owner couldn’t leave the pet at home – he’s too cute for that!

Now we’re wondering is it actually okay to walk around with a hedgehog in your pocket? Do people mind? Does the hedgehog like it? It’s really weird to even think about it.

22. Who Needs Grapes, Anyway?

There all kinds of fruits in the world and some of them are so exotic that they seem absolutely alien. For example, have you ever tried grapeless grapes? No? Well, we haven’t tried them either.

This peculiar shop managed to get some grapeless grapes and even made a discount so that more people could try them. Can you imagine how they would taste?

Seriously, though, this supermarket fail is utterly surreal and we can only imagine the reaction of people trying to buy some discount grapes. What else are they selling – woodless firewood and waterless bottles of water?

21. Just Chilling

Can you see what’s wrong with this picture? Well, it’s almost fine apart from the boy chilling casually in the fridge like it’s the most common thing to do. Judging by his smiley face, he likes it a lot!

We shouldn’t judge other people, what are his parents doing and where are they? Unless, of course, they are the ones taking this hilarious shot.

Still, looking at the kid trapped inside a huge fridge is a little bit disturbing. It’s almost like he’s on sale with all the other products!

20. Free Snacks

Cats are sneaky animals and great hunters. They know very well how to take care of themselves and where to find the best food in the hood. So, when they find some free yummies just lying around for everyone to take, well, you don’t have to invite them twice.

This little fella is so cheeky that he doesn’t care if anyone sees him or not – he just goes and grabs those free snacks while he can! That’s one determined cat and we bet no one could stop him from doing this.

Cats are small and it’s nearly impossible to track them down if they want to stay unseen. With so many people in the shop, this fella can go unnoticed for months, if not years!

19. Taking Things a Bit Too Far

So, we all know that it’s a bit unsafe out there and one must wear some kind of protection when going to the places with lots of people. But this couple is taking things to a whole new level of weirdness.

Are those some kind of chemical protection suits? And do they actually have oxygen tanks in there to breathe?

We have to give it to them – they look both weird and cool, and that’s a very rare thing these days. We hope those suits are effective and people at the supermarket don’t freak out too much when they see this couple.

18. The Unbearable Need to Stretch

Waiting in the line can be so tiresome, right? You get all stiff and tired just thinking about it! Well, this lady found a perfect way to combat the boredom.

She started stretching right in the middle of the line! We aren’t sure how other customers felt about it, though, because that woman is taking quite a lot of space to do her moves.

On the other hand, it’s a great way to spend time and do something useful for your body. Just be careful not to trip over and fall on top of other people.

17. It’s Yoga Time

If you’ve never tried taking photos at a supermarket, you’re missing out big time. It’s so much fun! You get to experiment with poses, settings, and other people who might come in your way.

This woman is very fond of veggies, so she decided to take a photo with them, choosing a yoga pose to look even cooler.

Well, she definitely looks happy and that’s the most important thing! Other customers were probably entertained, too.

16. Are We Driving Too Fast, Officer?

Out of all the pet photos taken at the supermarket, this might be the most heart-warming one. Just look at this guy and his best friend, styled with such love and care!

We wonder what did the security guy want with them – were they ‘driving’ too fast? We hope he stopped just to say hello and admire the hip-looking dog.

You have to give it to the dog, though, it’s one of the coolest dressed pets we’ve ever seen!

15. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

We’ve seen all kinds of face masks and protective gear people use for safe shopping, but this is something else entirely.

This lady decided to wear some kind of plastic smiley mask to cover her face, but we aren’t exactly sure if it actually protects her from anything. Maybe she wore it just for style?

The smiley head does look somewhat cool in a creepy way. If the woman just wanted to get some attention – she definitely succeeded!

14. Wanna Fight?

Out of all the weird people we meet at the supermarket, seeing a woman dressed as a pro wrestler is a rare treat. How does someone even come up with such an idea?

This woman here might have been inspired by the GLOW series and decided to create a cool look of her own. There’s another possibility – she could actually be a pro wrestler!

Maybe she wanted to show off her impressive look and simply went out shopping dressed like that. She could go and take part in any wrestling TV show right now!

13. Well, It’s a Face Mask, Right?

Is this woman taking things too literally? When you’re being told to wear a face mask at the supermarket, you might as well go with a facial mask. Not that it would help you in any way, but your skin will look better afterwards.

Or maybe she was in the midst of her beauty routine and suddenly remembered she needed a few apples for an apple pie she wanted to make?

We can make guesses like this for hours and still, the truth would be something else entirely. We can say one thing for sure – this colour looks good on her!

12. The Ultimate Protection

These are hard times we’re living in and one must not go out without protecting himself first. This woman didn’t want to risk her health in any way, so she came up with the ultimate protection for her shopping experience.

Well, what can we say, this does look impressive! She could have worn a mask, of course, but that wouldn’t look twice as stunning. Is it actually effective, though?

We have to give this woman credit for her creativity – it’s definitely better than to go out without any protection at all!

11. Haute Couture

We all love toilet paper and even more than that – we need it on a regular basis! Last year has seen quite a few TP crazes with people running around the shops and buying loads of it, so it’s not that weird to see some toilet paper-inspired creativity as well.

Not like TP needs any more marketing than it already has, but this toilet paper does look pretty remarkable! Not sure anyone would wear this dress, of course, but that’s one good way to advertise toilet paper and grab some shoppers’ attention.

Would you wear a dress like that? Some avant-garde designers like to use unconventional materials, so this dress is right up their alley!

10. So Sleepy…

Okay, we’ve seen lots of people with pets, but how about animals just randomly walking around, living, and sleeping at supermarkets?

Cats, for example, tend to go wherever they want simply because they can. They don’t ask anyone’s permission to sleep on the food shelves or simply chill in the middle of the shopping aisle.

This little fella decided it was time to take a nap right there on the floor. Well, the cat looks quite cosy and it’s a good thing no one disturbed it!

9. Dress to Impress

Is there such a thing as overdressing for shopping? And we aren’t talking about going to a shopping mall to buy some stylish clothes and chilling at a café with your friends. Nope, it’s just your regular groceries shopping at a local store!

This woman is definitely taking her shopping seriously and wants to look her best at any time of the day. What if she meets the man of her dreams and she’s dressed in jeans and a T-shirt (not that there’s something wrong with dressing like that, but you get the gist).

She’s wearing super high heels, a gorgeous tube dress, and makeup worthy of a date with a loved one. Maybe she decided to do some shopping on her way to a posh restaurant?

8. A Goose on the Loose

We’ve seen dogs, cats, hedgehogs, and even lamas, but what we haven’t seen in the supermarket is a goose! Seriously, though, do people keep geese as pets?

Not that we mind it in any way, it’s just weird to have this big bird running around your house, unless you have a big backyard with lots of greenery so the goose can feel comfy.

Seeing a goose on a leash is definitely not something we can easily forget. It seems the woman finds the whole situation just as funny!

7. What Kind of School is That?

We all know that feeling when a new school year is starting and all the shops and malls are filled with school-related things that remind us of our teenage years.

Well, for some people school was about having fun with friends, while for others it was a more traumatic experience filled with tough teachers and even bullying.

But this here is definitely a school we've never heard of. Well, maybe teachers want to look their best during class, who knows? This looks both hilarious and suspicious.

6. Just Taking a Ride

Did you ever feel so tired walking around the mall that you wished you could just a ride from one department to the other? Well, it seems this woman just made her wish come true and simply jumped into the shopping cart.

Of course, you will need some other person to push you around in a shopping cart for a full on supermarket ride, but it seems like fun nonetheless.

The lady seems quite comfortable in the cart - she can also help the other woman with shopping. It's much more fun than riding around in a wheelchair!

5. When You're Feeling  Lonely

Some people go shopping with friends, while others like to visit malls with family members. Either way, it's less stressful when you have someone familiar around (also, when you need to grab lots of stuff).

But what if you don't have any family members around to help you out? Shopping can become a very lonely experience if you don't have a companion.

Well, this guy found a way to entertain himself while shopping - he brought a human-sized doll with him! She doesn't seem to be of much help, but if you want some company even a doll is better than no one at all.

4. Dress to Impress

Who said that you can't dress up a bit when going to the mall? After all, some people love shopping so much that every visit to the supermarket is like a party for them.

We've seen enough mad outfits on this list, but some people choose a classier approach and don more sophisticated  clothing.

We can all agree this woman looks quite stunning in her outfit. She definitely enjoys shopping very much!

3. Flying Up High

We've all been there while growing up - when you're so small that you can't see anything that's going on around you because of tall adults. Usually, that's just how things are, unless someone picks you up and you get a better view.

Well, this kid is a little different - not only can he go up and see everything from above, but his own Mom helps him with it! It does look slightly weird, but the kid must be on cloud nine.

But now we're wondering, what was going on there that he had to go up and see for himself? The people around them don't seem to mind, though. It's just another ordinary day at the supermarket.

2. Supermarket Fashion

Because we all know that fashion matters no matter where you go and when it comes to women, there simply isn't a place on this planet where you couldn't wear a nice dress and a little bit of makeup.

If you look at supermarket fashion you will notice that it's the most versatile thing in the world. One moment you see some torn jeans from the 90s and the next one there's a cowboy in a hat and boots passing by like it's the most mundane thing in the world.

Luckily, there are always women who like to look classy even if they just go shopping for some groceries. A tight dress might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think about dressing up for a trip to a supermarket, but it definitely looks refreshing when we see it with our own eyes.

1. What Would You Do on a Hot Day?

If you aren't sure what this woman is doing then here's a hint - it was a hot summer day and she saw a particularly large fridge in one of the shops. Now you've probably started getting the general idea.

We seriously don't know how people come up with things like this, but this woman decided to spend some time in the huge freezer to cool down. And she did!

We can only imagine the reaction of shop assistants and everyone who were at the supermarket that day. This is just too weird!

What's Up?

Being a kid is such a cool experience. While some grow-ups restrict children from playing around and running all over the place, others allow them to go wherever they please.

That's why we sometimes see kids lying on the floor in the middle of the supermarket or an airport - that's just their parents giving them all the freedom to learn everything they can about the environment.

This kiddo definitely has all the freedom in the world to sit wherever he pleases. And out of all places inside the supermarket, he chose that one! Well, we aren't here to judge…

1. Unexpected Visitor

When it comes to supermarkets we're pretty used to seeing all kinds of shoppers there - from weirdly dressed people to women on super high heels and even knights in full armor.

What we aren't used to is seeing animals in big (or small) shopping malls. Especially wild ones! That's why when a small deer rushed into a store in Zionsville no one could believe their eyes.

Were they daydreaming or was it some kind of a movie prop? None of the above - it turned out a small deer entered the store and was just as disoriented as all the people inside! After running frantically around the store for some time the deer finally found its way back outside and everyone sighed with relief.