Mother Gives Birth to a Healthy Baby, 6 Weeks Later She's In for the Biggest Surprise of Her Life

There’s a little bit of everything – romance, comedy, drama, and one surprise that turned everyone’s lives upside down. The two met on the beach in the most romantic setting and almost immediately fell in love with each other.

Meet Eliza and Ben Curby, a sweet couple, whose life resembles a plot of a carefully planned movie. There’s a little bit of everything – romance, comedy, drama, and one surprise that turned everyone’s lives upside down. The two met on the beach in the most romantic setting and almost immediately fell in love with each other.

Soon enough, Eliza got pregnant and future parents were on cloud nine to hear the news. They both dreamt of having a baby, so they couldn’t believe their luck when it actually happened.

Eliza gave birth to a beautiful healthy girl named Charlie, making Ben the happiest man on Earth. In a few weeks, Eliza felt something weird was going on and went to see a doctor. That’s when their lives took an unexpected turn!

Eliza’s Biggest Dream

Growing up in Sydney, Australia, Eliza has always had a soft spot for kids. There was just something so special about raising a bunch of children and creating your very own family that the whole idea made her smile dreamily.

And it wasn’t just a few kids for Eliza – she wanted a whole gang of them! Little did she know that in her mid-twenties her dream would become a beautiful reality.

Soon after she finished her studies, Eliza went working at a local café in Sydney. She didn’t think about her future much, but she felt that something great was coming her way. Until one day a man came in to grab a cup of coffee. That man changed her whole life!

A Mysterious Man

It all started when a handsome man came into the café where Eliza worked and ordered an espresso. It was an ordinary day like many others, but somehow as he entered the café, time slowed down. Eliza held her breath, watching his every move.

It was a tall man with broad shoulders and a broad sincere smile. That day Eliza thought to herself that he had the happiest and most sincere smile she has ever seen! She just wanted to smile back and that’s exactly what she did.

The man left in a couple of minutes after getting his black coffee with a dash of sugar, and somehow the world around her started moving again. She could hear noises, people speaking, and her co-workers chatting about something. But all Eliza could think about was that mysterious man. Who was he? And will she ever see him again?

Love at First Sight

You may not believe in love at first sight, but that’s exactly what happened to Eliza and Ben, a handsome man that started going to the café she worked at almost every day.

They spend no more than 5 minutes together while he was making the order, but somewhere deep down inside Eliza felt that this man was special. She just wasn’t sure whether he was feeling the same way!

Later Eliza confessed that she completely fell for him the first second she glanced into his bright blue eyes. It’s like the whole world around them stopped for a moment and her mind went totally blank. She’ll never forget this moment!

The Most Obvious Crush

Eliza was doing her best to hide that she’s fallen for Ben, after all, she was working and couldn’t do anything non-work-related in public. Their relationship was strictly friendly and she could only glance at Ben from time to time, wondering what to do next.

Her co-workers noticed her dreamy behaviour and started making jokes, when Ben appeared in the doorway. Most of the times they called him Eliza’s ‘future husband’ - if only they knew how close they were to the truth!

Their relationship wasn’t developing too fast as they were seeing each other in the café only, but then an opportunity presented itself. Ben proposed something unique and Eliza decided to take the chance. She really wanted to get to know him better!

An Amazing Offer

Finally, Ben made the first step that broke the ice and allowed them to have some tete-a-tete time with each other. It was nothing fancy, actually, he just casually asked if Eliza could look after his home while he was away for work.

Eliza was over the moon! This simple proposal meant he trusted Eliza enough to let her into his personal space and actually wanted to see her there.

Of course, Eliza agreed, and after two peaceful weeks spent at his house, she greeted Ben with a happy smile. He came back with a gift for her and somehow they both felt that things have changed.

A Gift and a Date

Not only did Ben present Eliza with a gift, a beautiful bracelet, but he also invited her on an actual date! They didn’t go out and decided to have a cosy dinner at his house, enjoying the more intimate atmosphere.

At that point, Eliza still didn’t know what to think of Ben, but he clearly cared for her and she herself was falling for him more and more. Their date was amazing!

They spoke for hours, enjoying each other’s company and shared their first-ever kiss. Eliza felt like this was it and Ben wasn’t just another crush – he was the man she wanted to build a family with. It turned out Ben felt the same way about her!

The Honeymoon Phase

After that memorable dinner, Eliza and Ben started seeing each other more often, entering the delightful honeymoon phase of their relationship. The two couldn’t stay away from each other for too long and now everyone could see just how much they loved each other.

Eliza felt that Ben was a perfect match for her, so she didn’t hesitate to ask the big questions that scare off most men. Ben definitely was different from all other guys – he even shared the same love for kids!

Ben was dreaming about having a family with two kids and laughed out loud when Eliza confessed that she wanted a whole bunch of them. Now that they have finally found each other, it seemed nothing was impossible.

The Big Challenge

They were talking about their future together more and more, spending time together, talking about the things they would do next. Both Eliza and Ben felt they weren’t just a temporary thing – they deeply cared for each other and wanted to build a family together.

Ben was 12 years older than Eliza and was ready to take responsibility no matter what happened. Three months into the relationship, the couple was about to face their biggest challenge ever!

Eliza started feeling ill and she had no idea what it was. She was usually very energetic in the mornings, but all that perkiness and cheerful attitude were disappearing. Instead, she was feeling tired and run down. Finally, it hit her – Eliza went out to get a pregnancy test.

The Revelation

Eliza didn’t know what to expect, but all the clues were there – she felt unusual weakness and more often than not she got sick in the morning. She couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that she could become a mom so early into the relationship, but it was a possibility she had to consider.

What would happen if she was actually pregnant? Are they ready to become parents so soon after meeting each other? All these questions were running through Eliza’s head non-stop.

It was time to find out the truth! Eliza spent a few excruciatingly long minutes staring at the test until she received her answer – she was pregnant.

Eliza Dropped a Bomb

Almost immediately after she took the pregnancy test, Eliza decided to tell Ben. Telling news like this is always exciting and Eliza couldn’t believe she was actually doing it. She was having a baby and she was about to tell her partner all about it!

When Ben came home after the gym, she went straight to him. Suddenly, she couldn’t find the right words and was mumbling something incomprehensible. Ben noticed there was something wrong with her and was trying to make her talk.

“I’m… I am…” – she fumbled and mumbled, not having the courage to go on. “You’re what?” – he still didn’t get it. “I’m pregnant!” – Eliza blurted out finally and Ben’s face lit up.

Everything Changed

After a few moments of stunned silence Ben finally smiled and exclaimed that it was wonderful - it was the best moment of his life! He was still quite taken aback and took his time in the shower processing the news.

But when he came back to her it was like a different man. His eyes were sparkling and it felt like they were starting a new life together.

They’ve started their relationship only three months ago and although it felt like a lifetime, were they really prepared to start a family together with kids and all? Eliza asked herself and there was only one answer in her heart – yes, they were ready for this.

The Preparations

Now that they’ve fully accepted the fact their family would become bigger in 9 months, they needed to make all the necessary plans. From doctor appointments and regular check-ups to baby clothes and other important things, their plate was full of all kinds of tasks and challenges.

Eliza kept on working so they would have enough money for labour in the private hospital her mom was working at. She’d have all the support there!

The couple’s days were filled with anticipation – it was their first baby and they couldn’t wait to see it! Of course, they had no idea life was preparing yet another surprise for them in the future.

Their First Child

The next nine months flew by in a blink of an eye and the day they all have been waiting for finally arrived.  Eliza was already at the hospital when the labour started – she had an appointment with the doctor that day and things went smoothly from that moment.

Eliza had to undergo a C-section surgery so the baby could arrive into this world, and finally, after hours of struggle, Charlie was born.

Charlie was the cutest child Eliza and Ben have ever seen and both parents were over the moon to hold her in their arms. They soon checked out of the hospital and went on with their new lives, but deep down inside Eliza felt fate has prepared a new challenge for her family.

The Happy Days

Eliza and Ben’s lives transformed completely. Welcoming a new human into the world is no easy task, but despite all the sleepless nights and a change of rhythm, the new parents were as happy as a lark looking after their baby.

Charlie was gorgeous with her father’s big blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair she got from Eliza’s family. Eliza was so excited to see her each and every move that she didn’t mind all the hardships a mother faces with a baby.

Around six weeks have passed since Eliza gave birth to Charlie, she was even thinking of going back to the university and getting a degree to create a better future for her baby. Ben was all for it, but then something unexpected happened.

Eliza’s Health Dwindled

Ben and Eliza had so many plans for their new little family, they felt like they could conquer the world together and everything was possible! Still, amidst all this bliss and happiness, Eliza started feeling unwell.

First, it was just a little bit of fatigue here and there, which was understandable as she wasn’t sleeping normal hours with the baby. But it kept getting worse, Eliza was experiencing headaches and often felt dazed during the day.

After all the challenges and the pregnancy, she and Ben were finally building a family together, going from a simple café crush to full-on partners in a matter of just a few months. What could it be? Was it something dangerous? Eliza was about to find out.

Her Body Was Reacting in a Familiar Way

One morning Eliza woke up and felt this was all too familiar – the way her body reacted and how emotional she’s gotten. Her hormones were all over the place and it hinted to one possibility she’s never thought of before – was she pregnant again?

She told Ben and he assured her this was very unlikely. She’s just had a baby and, according to her mother, she couldn’t get pregnant while breastfeeding. Still, Eliza had to check to know for sure.

She picked up a few pregnancy tests, just in case, and took one. This time she was even more nervous to get the results because it would change everything for their little family. Imagine Eliza’s confusion when the test finally said ‘negative’!

The Big Surprise

Eliza and Ben had a good laugh about the pregnancy test because, obviously, she couldn’t get pregnant so fast after labour. Still, another week went by, and Eliza decided to do another test.

The signs her body was sending her were impossible to ignore – it felt much like during the first pregnancy, only more intense. Eliza did another test and once again it came back ‘negative’.

To be absolutely sure, Eliza decided to go for a full blood test and when the results were in she could only laugh frantically. She was right! She knew her body well enough to understand what was going on and she indeed was pregnant one more time. But this was only half of the surprise!

Eliza Couldn’t Believe Her Ears

Ben was just as stunned as she was, but in the end they both were incredibly happy. After all, this is what they’ve been dreaming about for years! A big happy family with lots of kids running around the house.

It was time for an ultrasound session at the hospital, so the couple arranged a meeting and went to see the doctor. It was dark at the ultrasound room and Ben was holding their baby girl, lulling her to sleep.

The doctor was new and he took his time examining Eliza’s tummy. She thought maybe he lacked experience, but it wasn’t that. Finally, the doctor sighed and said in a calm voice that there were two heartbeats on the screen.

A Mind-Bending Surprise

Eliza burst out laughing because she couldn’t believe her ears. She even asked the doctor if he was sure and he replied that they could fully confirm it in a month with another ultrasound.

Ben was white as snow in the other corner of the room and Eliza could tell that he was just as stunned as she was. Not one more baby, but two? So soon after they’ve had their first child two more were about to come into the world.

So many things were going through Eliza’s head – their car was too small for three kids and how will they cope raising not one, but three of them? Are they ready for this? She wasn’t able to process it, not yet. Eliza decided to wait for the next ultrasound and remain calm until then.

The Gift of Life

One month seemed like a week for future parents. When they went for another ultrasound they were totally ready and Eliza didn’t feel anxious at all. They’ve had some time to come to terms with the possibility of having to raise three kids, and it wasn’t all that bad.

Ben had a practical approach and was already making a list of the things they’ll need to support three kids. It was almost like raising triplets!

Image via Unsplash

The obstetrician confirmed what they’ve known in their hearts all along – Eliza was pregnant with twins. She was happy and a little bit scared, but for her it was a dream come true. Only faster than everyone thought was possible!

Was It Safe for the Mother?

Eliza continued visiting the doctor weekly to make sure the pregnancy was going fine. After all, she’s just had a baby and was already in the process of creating two more!

Eliza was slightly worried because things were developing so fast. She didn’t feel enough energy to cope with it all – it seemed that all her strength went to Charlie and whatever nutrients she had in her body were spent on feeding her baby girl.

Her doctor, on the other hand, was completely chill. He said that it wasn’t all that unusual to get pregnant so fast and lots of women went through the same experience. Still, she was carrying twins and that, of course, would put some extra pressure on her body. Eliza was relieved, but there was something else she was eager to find out.

Boys or Girls?

Eliza was secretly praying that her twin babies would turn out to be boys, or at least a boy and a girl. That was her life-long dream! She was ecstatic to have Charlie, but now she wanted to have a son to have a full set.

She jokingly told Ben that if she’s pregnant with girls, they’ll have to try one more time soon! Both parents were eager to find out who their twin babies were going to be.

One time they were driving in a car and Eliza received a call from the clinic regarding the results of health tests performed on her babies. They were developing just fine and there was one more thing she needed to know – Eliza had two baby boys in her belly!

The Universe is Always Listening

Eliza didn’t think they could get any happier as a family, but it was actually happening! Ben almost jumped in the seat when she told him the amazing news and they both felt like it was the best time of their lives.

In the very beginning of their relationship, Ben and Eliza spoke about having kids because each of them wanted a big happy family – that’s when they understood they were perfect for each other!

And now, after being only one year together as a couple, their family grew from two to five. Eliza still couldn’t believe this was all happening to her. It’s like the Universe decided to make all their dreams come true all at once.

It Was Predicted

In her interview with Sophie Walker, a pregnancy blogger and an expert on childbirth, Eliza confessed that five years before meeting Ben she visited a psychic to get a reading about her future.

That’s when she found out she’ll be having not one, bur three kids! The psychic told her she’ll have three children sometime in the future and she’ll give birth to them one after the other in close succession.

Image via Pixabay

By the time Eliza met Ben she had forgotten all about that prediction, but it turned out to be true! Everything happened just as the psychic told it would. Eliza couldn’t imagine this even in her wildest dreams.

A Year They’ll Remember Forever

Two pregnancies in a row and three gorgeous babies in just one year – how’s that for a start of the relationship? Nine months after the found out she was pregnant Eliza gave birth to two amazing boys – Jack and Wolfe.

Eliza joked that it felt like they were raising triplets. And in a way they were! Charlie was less than a year older than her baby brothers, which turned out to be a very small age gap.

Will the couple cope with such a handful of babies? Eliza was sure they’d figure something out. After all, the first few years were the hardest and it would get only easier after that. They also had grannies and granddads to help them out.

Everything Changed… Again

Raising one child and getting the hang of what it means to be a mother was hard enough, but raising three kids was a whole different level of motherhood. Eliza was thankful for her experience with Charlie because now she mostly knew what to expect.

Ben was super supportive all the time during her two pregnancies and after she gave birth to their twin baby boys. They shared all the chores and helped each other with kids. Ben was the perfect husband and an amazing dad – Eliza couldn’t be happier!

Their new life together was full of surprises and unexpected challenges, but together they could overcome everything.

The Ultimate Bliss

As the babies grew older and started walking and running around, bringing even more joy to the family, Eliza and Ben decided it was time to take things one step further. Yes, we’re talking about marriage!

Most people have kids after they tie the knot, but for Ben and Eliza it didn’t really matter that much – their kids were the priority, everything else had to wait.

Still, the two of them loved each other so much that they wanted to celebrate their with a wedding ceremony. And they did! Eliza confessed that it felt like all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together. They both felt it was very special that their kids could witness their parents' wedding.

After the Wedding

Eliza couldn’t be happier. Her life has been unfolding so fast during the last year that she didn’t even find the time to think about tying the knot. But subconsciously she was craving to settle down with her husband and kids as a family, both in real life and on paper.

Does it really matter that much? Not at all. But having the wedding felt like such an important milestone for all of them, including other family members that have accompanied them on this wonderful journey of becoming a family of their own.

So now it was official! With Ben as her husband and three energetic kids following Eliza’s each and every step like little ducklings, Eliza felt like the happiest mother on Earth. But for Eliza and her family, this was only the beginning of their wonderful new life together!

The Sweetest Family in the World

If you’re wondering how Eliza and Ben Curby are doing these days – they are totally fine! Their kids have grown quite a bit, Charlie has become a little chatterbox, while Jack and Wolf are an inseparable pair of misfits.

Eliza started her own blog during the second pregnancy called Twingenuity and continues writing about the ups and downs of raising multiple kids. It’s no walk in the park!

She helps other mothers who are going through the same experience and spends most of the time with her amazing family. She and Ben are ecstatic that things turned out the way they did!

Babies Growing Up

In one of her interviews, Eliza confessed that it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses for the five of them. The first year after having the twins was the hardest as she had Charlie quickly growing up with all her new needs and two newly born babies who demanded lots, if not all of her, attention.

Eliza had hardly any time for herself, devoting all her life to the children and perfecting the art of motherhood. It got a whole lot easier when the twins grew up a bit and all the kids started walking and talking.

The three of them - Charlie, Jack, and Wolfe became best friends, running around and coming up with all kinds of games, leaving Eliza with more time to relax and do something to enjoy herself. Still, there wasn’t a day when Eliza didn’t think just how lucky she was to have these amazing kids and Ben in her life!

So Different and So Alike

Charlie was growing up like a little angel. She had a playful character and was getting chattier with each day. She was so happy when her little twin-brothers could become her playmates! Out of the two brothers, little Jack was more of a Momma’s boy.

He was growing up a sweet and affectionate boy, who loved his Mom above everything else. Wolfe was the total opposite of his brother and was ready to wreak havoc everywhere he went. He liked fun games and would take part in any mischief with his brother and elder sister.

Eliza could watch them play all day long! She was especially happy that Charlie and her dad were developing a very special bond that only a father and daughter could have.

Ben and His Little Angel

We all know that the relationship between a girl and her Papa is incredibly important. A girl’s father becomes the very first example of a man in her life and this influences all her future relationships!

That’s why Eliza was on cloud nine watching Ben interact with their daughter. Charlie was a chatty little angel and Ben seemed to catch her every word, always finding time to be with his daughter even if he was tired after work.

Eliza was fondly remembering her own father and the way he impacted her when she was a little girl. Thanks to healthy relationships with her dad, she was able to build this beautiful relationship with her husband. And now looking at Ben and Charlie she could already tell she’ll be growing up into one happy little lady with her dad always being there for her.

The Rest of the Family

Three toddlers growing up together can be a handful, so even the most loving and caring parents might want to go on a small children-free vacation. As much as Eliza and Ben love their kids, they also love each other and want to spend some quality time together sometimes.

That’s where Grannies and Grandpas come in! It’s almost impossible to raise kids on your own without the help of some wiser older people like kids’ grandparents. Of course, there are also nannies that can help parents have some alone time, but nothing can quite compare to the love and care children get from their grandparents.

Needless to say, the whole family was on cloud nine when they visited the kids’ grandparents one summer. It was a trip like no other! Everyone was so happy, especially Charlie, Jack, and Wolfe, who got some extra love from their Granny and Grandpa.

Big Car for a Big Family

Having one kid is one thing – you can make some modifications and use an ordinary-sized car. But a family of five is a different matter altogether! Now that they were a family of five, they needed to think about a bigger car.

Three children need their separate seats and no regular car could fit in two adults and three babies, so changes had to be made. Eliza used to drive a Swift, but it wasn’t working for them anymore, so she and Ben went car shopping to find their perfect new car.

It turned out a family of five would perfectly fit in a VW van! It was the most rational decision that would make all their trips safe and comfortable for the children. Just like that, Eliza became a happy VW van driver!

Love Yourself

While becoming a mother was one of Eliza’s biggest dreams, it came at a cost. The first few months of her being a mother of three she was struggling to take care of herself and her needs, eating mostly snacks and quick meals like pasta and toasts with various toppings.

There came a point when Eliza realized this couldn’t go on like this and she had to make changes in her life if she wanted to be truly happy in her motherhood. A woman can’t properly take care of others if she ignores her own needs.

Eliza felt that she needed to take good care of her body, accepting it for what it was. She even made an Instagram post, revealing her postpartum body followed by a very personal text.

This is Your Body

Eliza highlighted that it was very important to accept the beautiful body that has worked so hard giving birth to all the babies. It was about all the women and not only her!

Celebrities create a false image with their postpartum photos, looking like sporty superstars just a few weeks after giving birth. This is not what happens to the majority of women and they should be ready for all the changes that happen to their bodies.

That’s why Eliza made a bold post of her own, addressing all the women who have given birth and the ones that only think of becoming mothers. Loving yourself and your body is the most important thing in the world!

Helping Others

Eliza believes that if everyone helps one another the world will definitely become a better place. That’s why she decided to share her personal story with the world, speaking about various hardships and happy moments of being a mother of three toddlers.

Women all over the world read her personal blog that has various details about pregnancy, giving birth, what kind of baby products to use in this or that situation, as well as personal articles describing how to deal with all the stress and pressure of raising so many kids at the same time.

While Eliza feels like the happiest mom on Earth, she realizes that a lot of women need encouragement and help in different everyday situations. Raising three kids is no walk in the park!

A Living Example

Being a good mother to your kids is one thing, but setting an example for thousands of mothers all over the world is something entirely different! Eliza feels that helping others is her calling, so she always finds time to run her blog and share various details of her life.

Sometimes a good talk with a person who knows what you’re going through can replace hours of therapy. And it’s totally free! Eliza has connected with hundreds of women, hearing out their stories and sharing her own story with them.

Eliza and Ben’s story went absolutely viral and we can all see why – they are a picture-perfect couple doing what seems impossible for most people. They are happy in their family life, at home, and at work, doing what they love most. Their kids are lucky to have such amazing parents!