The Most Incredible Things You Will Only See In Dubai

When talking about Dubai we often imagine a place with the world’s tallest towers, an oasis of busy city life surrounded by the barren sands of the Arabian Desert and the warm waters of the Persian Gulf.

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When talking about Dubai we often imagine a place with the world’s tallest towers, an oasis of busy city life surrounded by the barren sands of the Arabian Desert and the warm waters of the Persian Gulf. If you hit the streets of Dubai, you will find lots of wonderful and bizarre things that appear on the verge of modern and ancient cultures.

With its rich history, colourful traditions, and spectacular innovations, Dubai is a place both startling and breathtaking. Here are a few things that made us stare in awe.

38. Expensive Everything

No matter where you go when visiting Dubai you will only see posh cars with posh drivers doing some very posh expensive things.

Naturally, women in Dubai look stunning as well. When wealth is in the air, one would want to look their best, and you don’t ask a woman twice to go and pamper herself a bit.

Gorgeous cars and beautiful women… Dubai is like heaven on Earth!

37. Escaping Traffic

What do most people do when they get into a traffic jam? They get bored out of their minds and start honking at each other frantically.

But that is not the case with Dubai! When a sheikh needs to get somewhere fast and a traffic jam is in the way – well, there are a few things he can do.

This rich fella decided he was literally above everyone else and took a helicopter to transport his car elsewhere!

36. Best Driving Pal

Feeling bored to ride across the city all alone without any company? Well, you can always take your pet with you!

We aren’t sure whether cheetahs make good passengers, but this one seems to be sitting still at least.

Is it enjoying the ride? Is it actually safe for the driver? We really don’t know! But it does look like a lot of fun.

35. The Coolest Amusement Park Ever

Amusement parks in the UAE are really out of this world. Just look at this huge beautiful building!

Welcome to Ferrari World, an amusement park that has it all! It is also the place where you’ll find the fastest (and probably most dangerous) roller coaster on Earth.

You can actually drive some Ferraris there, all as part of the amusement park program, of course. When the weather outside is scalding hot, such an amusement park seems like the go-to place for most families.

34. A Royal Ride

Most of the people in Dubai prefer to ride an expensive car, but others like to honour the long-gone days of sheikhs and sultans who rode something entirely different.

This guy has ditched his gorgeous Ferrari in favour of a more feral ride. Looking at him, one might think that riding a lion is a piece of cake!

It seems like keeping flashy pets is a big trend in Dubai. We just hope those big cats are taken good care of!

33. Culture Clash

So, you know that most women in Dubai wear burkas or other clothing that keeps them hidden from the eyes of strangers.

Well, that rule doesn’t apply to foreigners visiting the city and they can dress however they want.  This woman here is wearing a gorgeous short dress, while the other ladies turn around to inspect her.

What can we say, we would be quite stunned, too! It’s a clash of cultures and it seems that the woman in a short dress would be getting lots of glances walking around like this.

32. An Adrenaline-Packed Boat Ride

We’ve seen big cats riding in cars and being used instead of a car, but what we haven’t seen is a cat on a boat ride.

This lion seems like the chillest cat in the world, but is it really enjoying the ride?

Well, out of all the things one can do in Dubai, this seems to be the one where you’ll get the biggest adrenaline rush. You never know how a cat would act on water, especially such a big one!

31. Golden Dream

Can you imagine owning a toilet like this? You come to the bathroom in the morning and this is the first thing you see. Definitely not something you could forget.

It's one thing just looking at this heavy golden toilet, but using it is an entirely different matter!

Is it even comfortable? All this gold must feel cold to the touch. Well, we will probably never find out.

30. The Poshest Starbucks in the World

Nothing is ordinary in Dubai, even the good old Starbucks franchise. When you’re riding a Ferrari or a Lamborghini you simply wouldn’t want to go to an ordinary-looking café.

That’s why Starbucks came up with a spectacular solution and opened their café in something that looks like a palace or a mosque.

In reality, this Starbucks is located inside a mall, but the building’s design is quite spectacular.

29. Golden Facial

In Dubai, you can eat the gold, buy the gold, ride the gold, and even put it on your face as a beauty treatment! There are quite a few places all over the city offering this unusual procedure that is meant to make your skin smooth and shiny.

It is believed that Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to come up with such an exotic way of using gold, and some of them even took it as medicine.

Cleopatra, who is considered to be one of the most beautiful women of the Ancient World, had a habit of sleeping with a special golden mask on her face every day. It must have paid off because her beauty is considered to be legendary!

28. The Best Sunsets Ever

Dubai is a city that floats in the sky. Naturally, you would find the most spectacular sunsets here!

Well, it’s not about the natural phenomena of the sun setting down, but rather about all the majestic spots you can go to observe the evening event.

Dubai is packed with skyscrapers and special places to spend a romantic evening out. It has some of the highest skyscrapers in the world!

27. Sky Tennis

It seems that most of the things in Dubai are connected with the sky one way or another. Swimming pools are built on the tops of skyscrapers, restaurants offer the bird’s view of the city, and even courts are located so high one might get dizzy while playing tennis!

The hotel named the Burj Al Arab is home to the tallest tennis court ever built – its height is more than 300 meters!

The hotel itself boasts an unprecedented 7-star rating, which doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else in the world. Well, it seems Burj Al Arab offers service that is extraordinary enough to add a few more stars to the classical 5-star rating.

26. Robot Camel Races

You might think you’ve seen it all, but take a closer look at this picture! Yep, your eyes aren’t lying to you – these jockeys aren’t just your regular jockeys, they are robots.

The robots are controlled remotely and have pretty limited abilities, but it’s definitely a start. These are probably the most modernized camel races in the whole world!

The robots are made to look like small jockeys to honour the tradition of camel racing. And the lighter they are the better because even an ounce of extra weight can influence the outcome of the race!

25. Crazy Drivers

The citizens of Dubai are many things – some of them are fond of shopping and could do it all day long, while others like spending most of their time hopping from one amazing restaurant to another, experiencing a wide array of exotic foods.

There’s just so much you can do in Dubai! Then, there’s a bunch of people who are fond of adrenaline above all other things.

Roads are relatively safe in Dubai, but you should prepare yourself for some bizarre sightings – like this stunt-lover doing a wheelie with his car and riding on top of it like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

24. Giant Water Slide

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most spectacular amusement parks. There is a Bollywood-themed park aimed to please the lovers of Indian cinematography.

There’s even an actual rain forest with all kinds of birds and jungle animals you can explore at The Green Planet amusement park.

Of course, there are lots of water parks as well that are open during the cooler months of the year, when the sun is not too hot and people can stay outside for longer periods of time.

23. Beach Time

The city might be a fast-growing metropolis with a new skyscraper built nearly every day, but it doesn’t mean that traditions don’t matter!

Most of the local women still follow the century-old tradition of wearing hijabs and burkas that fully cover their bodies, heads, and sometimes even faces.

These ladies surely look comfy SUP surfing in their traditional clothes! It’s a wild mix of the old culture and new ways to have fun in the modern world.

22. Golden Cars

It’s hard to imagine the amount of riches owned by the citizens of Dubai. There is one clear indicator, though, that is impossible to ignore – when you walk past a car that is fully covered in gold!

Keep it in mind that it’s not just some cheap bling-bling to make a car look posh and expensive – this is actual gold we’re talking about!

You can see all kinds of gilded cars in the streets – Lamborghinis, jeeps, Rolls Royces, and whatnot.

21. An Amazing Ride

There are not many places in the world where you would see someone riding a camel in the streets, and certainly not in a big city like Dubai.

When most people choose the comfort of air-conditioned cars, someone decided to go old-school and ride a camel.

This fella either didn’t have money to buy a car or had loads of money and could afford buying a camel, similar to the sultans of the old days. We really don’t know, but this animal looks surreal among all the metal beasts!

20. He’s Not Messing Around

If it happened in any other country, seeing a humongous lion at the back seat of someone’s car would make the witness scream in fear (probably). Well, everyone would be really surprised, to say the least!

UAE is a whole different matter, especially when it comes to big bustling cities like Dubai. Normal rules don’t apply there!

This lion seems a bit restless and we only hope that it’s a good kitty that wouldn’t turn on its owners in a fit of bad mood.

19. Air-Con Bus Stops

We all know that Dubai is hot, but not many of us realise just how hot the climate is. There’s an actual desert right outside the city!

It may be surprising to see a covered bus stop like that in any other city of the world, but for Dubai, it’s the most common thing ever.

And not only that, this bus stop is equipped with an air conditioning system to make the waiting more bearable. Otherwise, it would be too hot to handle!

18. More Jeeps, More Fun

When you can afford the most expensive and posh car on the market, the next thing you’d want to do is customize it to create something very special.

This is what money does to people! They get bored and start experimenting with stuff, coming up with the most hideous ideas.

Well, this twin jeep doesn’t look all that bad, but can you actually drive it safely? It would take two lanes on the road and other drivers would not be happy about that.

17. Turtle Paradise… Or Not

The wealthy guy in the photo seems pretty happy about his time with the turtles, but are they happy, though?

Well, we aren’t here to judge anyone for the way they spend their free time, we just hope the animals are well taken care of.

Keeping turtles in the dry desert climate of Dubai must be a real challenge!

16. Sand-Covered Highways

Dubai is a spectacular example of how fast a city can emerge out of nowhere, turning into a huge busy metropolis in a matter of years. But make no mistake, as soon as the car flow dwindles, Mother Nature will immediately take what’s rightfully hers.

That’s what happens in Dubai after every sand storm!

Most of the roads that are usually so lively with cars can turn into apocalyptic visions of the future worthy of a Hollywood movie in just a few hours. As hard as it was to build these roads in the middle of nowhere, it seems that maintaining them is even harder!

15. Mind-Bending Views

We have to give it to Dubai – it might be chock-full of skyscrapers and very little greenery to hide from the scorching sun, but these buildings provide the most spectacular views we’ve ever seen.

Just imagine having dinner among the birds and the clouds! Well, one might get a bit dizzy, but it’s still one of the most memorable things one can experience in a lifetime.

If you ever happen to visit Dubai, definitely take time to explore its skyscrapers and beautiful restaurants that offer mind-boggling views.

14. Diving with Sharks

We’ve all heard about skydiving, but if you’re more into underwater adventures then diving with sharks might be just right up your alley. Dubai Mall houses a huge collection of Sand Tiger Sharks that look as scary as their name suggests.

Each of them weighs around 600 pounds and rocks an impressive number of 300 teeth.

You don’t even need to be a pro diver to enjoy this thrilling adventure – an instructor will guide you through the whole process. Even kids are allowed to do this!

13. Thrill-Seekers

Thrill-seekers love Dubai for a huge number of super-high skyscrapers that emerge there nearly every month. And who said only guys like to experience an adrenaline rush from time to time?

This gorgeous girl in the photo is definitely a stunt-lover, otherwise, it’s hard to imagine why someone would like to hang from a 75-story building with a mind-boggling view like that!

It turns out the woman in the photo is a Russian model, who did the photo just for the thrill of it, as well as a stunning selfie that soon went viral.

12. Rides

Is this what a modern Prince Charming looks like? That’s definitely a new definition of a ‘white horse’, but we like it nonetheless!

Dubai drivers are known for their love of all things funky and bizarre, so seeing something like this in the streets of Dubai is not really that surprising.

Do we love it? Heck yeah! If you like horses but still prefer the speed and agility of a real bike – this custom motorbike is the next best thing!

11. Go Higher Than the Clouds

Dubai has the biggest amount of skyscrapers in the world, and we aren’t talking about some multi-story buildings you can see in any modern city – the skyscrapers of Dubai offer a real bird’s view of the city and some of them will make you feel like you’re flying on a plane!

Dubai has around 18 tall buildings, with Burj Khalifa being the tallest of them all.

With a height of around 830 m and 160 floors offering mind-bending panoramas of Dubai and the desert sands surrounding the city, Burj Khalifa is one of the most prominent landmarks not only in the city but in the whole United Arab Emirates.

10. Luxurious Traffic Jams

It’s not a secret Dubai is a posh city, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s filled with all kinds of luxurious cars. No one really walks in Dubai – everyone either goes by their own expensive car or requests the service of an equally good-looking taxi. That’s right!

Everywhere you go in Dubai you will see all kinds of posh cars like Jaguars and Lamborghinis.

Yes, most of the people are just incredibly rich there, so they can afford riding a Ferrari to the nearest market to buy some veggies for dinner.

9. Skydiving

Dubai is definitely the go-to place for thrill-seekers from all over the world. During the last decade, it has become a mecca for skydivers and free-fallers who are drawn by a one-of-a-kind experience.

Here, in Dubai, the views from above are simply mind-blowing!

You can go up as high as 12,000 feet and jump from a plane overlooking Palm Jumeirah and the whole city with its beautiful skyscrapers. An adrenaline rush is guaranteed!

8. Crazy Pets

Being one of the largest and most luxurious cities in the world, Dubai is definitely the go-to place if you want to experience something exotic. In fact, exotic animals are so common in Dubai that people even turn them into pets.

Lions, tigers, cheetahs, and even ligers – you can witness all kinds of regal pets here and there. It’s hard to say whether these pets like being on water in fast-moving yachts and boats, but they do look stunning while doing it!

There are also people who are so fond of their lions and tigers that they go almost everywhere with them - even for a swim at the pool! This big white cat doesn’t seem too pleased with the whole situation, though.

7. Skiing

Snow isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about Dubai, but you’d be surprised to find out that snow can be found there as well!

Yes, right in the middle of the desert, in one of the hottest and driest climates on Earth, there exists snow – in a special place called Ski Dubai.

Just as the name suggests, it’s a skiing resort, where you can enjoy all kinds of winter fun and even meet the penguins!

6. Gold to Go

Dubai is one of the few cities in the world that have vending machines where you can buy real gold – just like that!

We are all pretty used to ATMs where you can withdraw about any amount of cash, but Dubai’s sheikhs and sultans are fond of a shinier currency that has been around for ages and is now making a flashy comeback.

If you find yourself in need of some gold coins or heavy bars of gold, just head to one of the ‘Gold to go’ ATMs located in Dubai. Their prices may be even better than those in the market as they are updated all the time.

5. Dubai Zipline

If you’re craving to experience an adrenaline rush along with some outstanding views of Dubai, then look no further because Dubai’s zipline will provide you with that and more.

Dubbed as the longest urban zipline on Earth, XLine Dubai stretches for 1 km, offering one of the most breathtaking panoramas of Dubai’s skyline.

Not only will you get a chance to take in the beauty of Dubai and its cloudy cityscape, but you will also get some pretty stunning action photos of the whole process.

4. Posh Stables

Everyone lives like kings and queens in Dubai – even horses! Can you imagine the houses of sheikhs, sultans, and local businessmen if horse stables look like this?

Horse riding is a successful business in Dubai as both locals and tourists like to try it from time to time.

Still, many of the prominent citizens like to have their own stables and rest assured horses there live in conditions that are better than most people’s houses out there in the big world.

3. The Miracle Garden

Dubai is a city filled with wonders. You can find snow, ice, lots of water in the middle of the dry desert, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise there are also beautiful gardens with flowers like you’ve never seen before.

The Miracle Garden stands up to its name – it does look like a real miracle in the hustle and bustle of Dubai’s city life.

Its huge area is occupied by over 50 million blooming flowers and various plants that together create a fairytale-like experience for the visitors.

2. A Thousand-Dollar Cupcake

Now you know that Dubai is a place where you can buy actual gold right from an ATM and even ride a gold-plated car. There is one more thing you can do in the city of Dubai with gold – you can actually eat it!

We’re talking about the most expensive cupcake ever made worth over $1,000. Does it taste good?

Well, it’s hard to tell because of all that gold involved in the making, but it’s not the taste of this cupcake that matters most to its buyers. Is there a more blatant way to show off your wealth than actually eating gold, the biggest sign of power and riches? Probably not.

1. The Perfect Security System

What do you think about this car security system? The owner seems to be taking things a bit too far, don’t you think?

Well, having a huge lion guard your car is probably a full-proof way of protecting the vehicle, but it does seem kind of far-fetched.

It’s the Dubai we’re talking about, though, and nothing seems to be too over-the-top in this city. Even a guardian-lion!