These Breathtaking Cosplay Queens Transformed Into Their Favourite Characters, And We Couldn't Spot A Single Difference

Cosplay has been around for more than a few decades, changing from simple character makeovers to epic sci-fi and fantasy transformations that look like stills from actual movies and TV shows.

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Cosplay has been around for more than a few decades, changing from simple character makeovers to epic sci-fi and fantasy transformations that look like stills from actual movies and TV shows. The cosplay bar has been rising higher and higher ever since, inspiring fans from all over the world to come up with the most exquisite character designs. Here's a list of the most powerful and beautiful cosplay queens we've ever seen.

Queen Margaery: Can You Spot the Difference?

Played by Natalie Dormer, Queen Margaery is one of the most cunning, beautiful, and beloved characters in the Game of Thrones TV series. Still, cosplaying her is no easy task - you can't simply put on a similar dress and call yourself Queen Margaery, you need to actually resemble her!

Xenia Shelkovskaya, a model and a CG artist, looks so much like Margaery Tyrell that we simply can't believe our eyes. Her resemblance to the actual character is uncanny, even the show's producers noticed this.

The model was even invited to the place where the actual scenes involving Queen Margaery were shot. That must have been a real dream come true for her!

Hellboy... or Hellgirl?

Meet Brenna Mazzoni, a special effects makeup artist with a great eye for detail. Luckily for us, Mazzoni is a huge movie fan (which is kind of obvious when you get to know her profession), that's why she spends most of her free time creating mind-boggling cosplays of her favourite characters.

Cosplaying Hellboy is tricky, and it doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman. Still, seeing Brenna Mazzoni create this staggering feminine version of Hellboy gives us the chills. Why haven't anyone thought about this character before?

She looks like the leading actress of an incredibly cool action-packed alternative version of Hellboy and we would actually like to watch this movie!

Adorable Pikachu

Whether you're an anime fan or not, you must have seen Pikachu from Pokemon at least once. It's one of the most beloved anime characters in the world and, naturally, cosplayers find him especially adorable and to recreate the Pikachu look whenever they can.

We believe Jessica Nigri created one of the cutest Pikachu looks we've ever seen. We aren't the only ones who think so because this was the very look that brought Jessica Nigri world fame. This Pikachu cosplay instantly became viral and the woman behind it gained thousands upon thousands of followers.

She has a 1.2 million following on YouTube, where she shares various cosplay tips and tricks, as well as tutorials on how to create awesome cosplay looks. But it all started with Pikachu!

Mystique in Mid-Transformation

Evy Thomas is a huge fan of X-Men and Mystique in particular, but she didn't want to do some random Mystique cosplay. Instead, she went for a very particular scene that demanded using all her skills to create a specific look.

In X-Мen: Dаys of Future Past, we see Mystique pretending to be a soldier and later on transforming back into her glorious blue self. Evy Thomas wanted to  capture that very moment and did a brilliant job!

We can't even begin to imagine how much time and effort the cosplayer put into creating this look - it must have taken her ages to put it together!

The Almighty Wonder Woman

Who doesn't love a good Wonder Woman cosplay? She's one of the most striking female superheroes ever created, that's why it doesn't come as a surprise that many women love cosplaying her.

Brigitte Goudz looks incredible in the role of Wonder Woman and her muscular physique only adds up to the beauty of this character. Goudz is a bodybuilder in real life, so she knows very well what it's like to be a powerful woman.

In fact, Goudz looks so much like Wonder Woman that we believe she herself could play the character! Not that we have anything against Gal Gadot, but this bodybuilder's version of Wonder Woman is definitely one of the most striking cosplays on this list.

You Just Got Bleached!

Bleach didn't quite become the next Naruto, but it is on the same list alongside One Piece, Gintama, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokemon as one of the longest running anime shows ever created. The anime series aired from 2004 to 2012 and then ended, leaving millions of fans heartbroken.

Imagine everyone's surprise, when it was announced that a new anime series would come out in autumn 2022! Muriel, a cosplayer from Netherlands, decided to celebrate this news be recreating one of Bleach's signature characters - Nelliel, a Hollow that lives in the world of Hueco Mundo.

Despite not being human, she allies with the  good guys, and turns out to be one of the more good-natured characters in the Bleach series. Nel's cosplay done by Muriel looks just spot-on! From the bright blue wig, to the scar on her face and a skull with horns.

The Real Velma Dinkley

If you've grown up watching Scooby-Doo then you're very well familiar with Velma and the role she plays in the group of teen investigating all kinds of supernatural activities.

Being the 'brains' of the group was sometimes tough, but she always noticed something others didn't! Smart girls are definitely trending now, so it's no wonder Velma is one of the most popular cosplay characters right now.

Scooby-Doo's creators probably had no idea just how good she'd look in real life! Velma definitely has both - the smarts and the looks. There's no rule saying you can't be witty AND pretty at the same time!

Black Widow's Lost Twin

Cosplaying a gorgeous assassin with a deadly gaze is not for everyone. Not only do you need to at least resemble Black Widow (or Scarlett Johansson) to be recognizable as this character, but you need to have some acting skills as well.

Helen Stifler, a makeup artist and cosplayer, seems to have it all. Posing for her Black Widow-inspired photograph, she channeled her inner Scarlett Johansson in the most impressive way.

Her look is beyond gorgeous and we didn't expect less from a professional makeup artist. Kudos to her for creating the chilly assassin vibe via her cold and calculating gaze!

The Best Starfire Impersonation

The DC Universe is filled with all kinds of cool characters and superheroes, most of which still haven't seen the light of Hollywood's big screens. Starfire is one of those amazing characters that are loved by the fans, who can't wait to see her in real life.

You might have seen Starfire in DC's Super-Sons back in 2017, but she's actually much 'older' than that - her first appearance dates back to the comic books of 1980s.

The cosplayer definitely did her justice by creating a spitting image of Starfire's costume - in fact, we believe that it looks much better in real life! It also doesn't hurt that the cosplayer looks stunning herself and even more beautiful as this DC character.

Wasp in Real Life

Meet Babs Butcher, a cosplay whose resemblance to Wasp played by Evangeline Lily is simply stunning. But having similar features is definitely not enough to create a spectacular cosplay.

You can notice just how much time Babs Butcher spent on this staggering look - the wings, the helmet, and the whole armor, everything is there! She looks like she stepped down from the movie poster or is about to star in a Wasp movie.

You must have seen Wasp fighting alongside Ant-Man numerous times. Her character may not have appeared on screen as many times as some of other Marvel superheroes, but we love her nonetheless! And admit it, she looks very cool.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Jessica Rabbit is one of the most famous female characters in the world. Needless to say, she's incredibly popular among cosplayers as well. But not many women can pull off this look as impeccably as Yaya Han.

Yaya Han is definitely one of the world's biggest cosplay figures and many beginners look up to her due to her incredible talent and technique. Being a costume designer, she knows the ins and outs of making a perfect cosplay look.

Jessica Rabbit is portrayed as a sultry wife of Roger Rabbit in the movie-slash-animation Who Framed Roger Rabbit? We believe Yaya Han is one of the few people in the world who actually managed to pull of this incredible look!

Beerus is Up to Something

We rarely see cosplays of Beerus, one of the Gods of Destruction (or cosplays of other Gods for that matter) from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. Why? Well, non-human characters are harder to cosplay, but that never stopped Missy Mayhem.

If you're a cosplay geek like her, then you realize the thrill of such a challenge - creating a believable Beerus cosplay would mean a world to her! Naturally, she did an amazing job and despite Beerus being a male character, we can instantly recognize him in the image she created.

Her take on this character is very fresh and, let's admit it, Beerus looks quite stunning in a female form. And look at those huge ears! They bring this whole look together.

She-Ra is Way Cooler in Real Life

Olivia Mears, the cosplayer behind this stunning look, confessed that this is one of the most beautiful costumes she's ever done. She seems very pleased in the photo, and she has a right to be!

This is definitely one of the most incredible She-Ra cosplays we've ever seen - it's more complicated than the original, but plays homage to it in a very beautiful way.

While we love the animated version of She-Ra: Princess of Power, we really hope they'll make an action live adaptation of it someday. And who knows, maybe Olivia Mears could even create costumes for the show? That would be a match made in heaven.

All Hail the Queen!

Cosplaying the Mother of the Dragons is no easy task - she's known to have a very distinct style and most of her dresses are unique and quite complex. You also need to look a very certain way to be able to pull off Daenerys Targaryen!

Ida, a cosplayer from Norway, likes to transform into a wide range of characters, but cosplaying Daenerys Targaryen is her famous pastime. Why? Well, because she loves Khaleesi and the Mother of Dragons just looks so awesome.

Despite her fate in the last seasons of Game of Thrones, Daenerys is still one of the most empowering female characters of the decade. No wonder so many female cosplayers adore her!

All Hail Queen Mera

If you want to become a cosplayer, you need to prepare yourself for hours upon hours of costume-making. Some characters look absolutely stunning, but to achieve the same effect in real life one would need to really step up their costume-making game.

Kristin, a cosplayer from LA, knows a thing or two about creating stunning looks. She spend a crazy amount of time hand-crafting this amazing Queen Mera suit - she even made each separate scale of this suit by hand!

To create this stunning look she used foam and a staggering amoung of acryllic pain to mimc the shine of metal. Needless to say, all her efforts paid off! Queen Mera is the wife of Aquaman, whom you might have already seen on screen, played by Jason Momoa. Queen Mera was previously played by Amber Heard, but Kristin could definitely steal that role from her!

A Truly Magical Tinkerbell

We've seen our fair share of Tinkerbell cosplays and we must admit this is one of the most stunning ones. Although Peter Pan aired more than 70 years ago, she is still one of the most recognized and beloved Disney characters of all time.

Looking at this cute fairy you'd think she's a gentle and caring being, but her character is far from perfect. Tinkerbell is sassy, feisty, and can become quite jealous of other girls who spend time with Peter Pen.

Some Disney fans presumed she had a crush on Peter Pen, but the film's creators stated that she was more scared that they wouldn't be able to go on adventures together if there was another girl nearby. Well, we believe this Tinkerbell has nothing to worry about!

Lara Croft is Up for Some Action

When it comes to gaming, Tomb Raider is one of the most beloved action heroines that is loved by both gamers and cosplayers alike. And what's not to love? She's witty, strong, fast, knows how to solve various puzzles and yields a whole bunch of weapons.

Naturally, she also looks cool and lots of female cosplayers try to recreate her iconic style. Enji Night definitely did the character justice with her true-to-life depiction of Lara Croft.

Even the cosplayer herself bears an uncanny resemblance to the game character! We just can't get enough of this look. She could definitely play the part of Lara Croft in a movie (but, of course, Angelina Jolie is unmatched in that department).

Reika's Impeccable Cosplay

Gantz is one of those anime shows you watch once and you remember it for the rest of your life - the plot is just so epic and twisted! Well, the idea of humans fighting alien invasion is far from new, but the execution in the manga and the anime series is very dark and enigmatic.

Reika Shimohira is one of the main characters in Gantz - a charismatic singer, a model, and a Japanese idol, she also participates in the 'game' of Gantz and fights aliens alongside her daily life.

This cosplay is simply outstanding! The hair, the sword, the fighting suit - everything is on top level.

Xena is Back!

The hit 90's TV Show, Xena: Princess Warrior, was definitely one of the most beloved shows of the decade. It had everything - gods, mythic creatures, a compelling storyline, and even Hercules!

Xena inspired generations of girls to wear armor and yield a sword (or at least try to do so) and some were more successful in that regard than others. Irine Meier is definitely one of those girls who grew up and decided to pay an homage to her favourite show by wearing a full-on Xena look.

She looks so empowering! The show was originally created as a spin-off series for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, but soon proved to be a success of its own, gaining thousands of followers all over the world.

Lady Loki is Spot-on

Wouldn't we all like to see the female version of Loki, which, if you didn't know, is a thing, according to the MCU comics. While the movies haven't caught up with this version of Loki yet, cosplayers have been having fun with the character for years.

While many have tried to portray Lady Loki, we can all agree that this rendition of the famous character is one of the best we've seen so far. She just looks so natural and mischievous, that we could easily imagine her to be in the Lady Loki movie.

It would have been even better if we could see the male Loki alongside his feminine counterpart in one scene. They could become such a power duo!

Ban That We Never Dreamt to See

Let's admit it, cross-gender cosplay is pretty cool, especially when done by a real pro like Sammy, a Dutch cosplay with a knack for making the most believable costumes we've ever seen.

She's more into cosplaying manga characters as they usually have more distinctive styles and looks, and for this one she chose to cosplay Ban from Sеven Dеаdly Sіns. Need we say more?

Well, if you don't know who this is - don't worry because that's not the point. Just check out how she reimagined his look for a female version of the character, using the tiniest corset imaginable and red latex, which is not the easiest material to wear. But she pulls it off gracefully and we applaud her for this look!

The Evergreen Classic

Cosplayer Linda Le, who also goes by the name VampyBiteMe, is a real pro when it comes to transforming into anime and video game characters. It's even better when those two worlds meet and she can do a little bit of both!

Her cosplay skills are unmatched and her designs are always top notch. Tifa Lockhart from The Final Fantasy VII is one of Linda Le's most favourite characters, and we can all relate to that. She's just so cool!

The cosplayer looks like the spitting image of the game character - her whole attire is spot-on! Even her facial features match to those of Tifa Lockhart's, and that's not something you can fake.

The Red Woman

Game of Thrones has a huge variety of cool characters to cosplay, but Melisandre is one of the baddest of them all. Not only does she look amazing and mysterious, but she also plays one of the key roles in the plot of the TV show.

Naturally, many female cosplayers love to recreate her look and Rebecca Seals is no exception. She has natural red locks, which are only fitting for cosplaying the famous Red Woman!

The character herself is controversial in many ways. First she supported Stanis Baratheon, one of the contenders for the Iron Throne, but then switched to Jon Snow, feeling he'll be the one to win it over. She might have made some bad decisions in the course of the show, but she always looked breathtaking, we have to give her that.

Fran Has Never Looked More Fierce

Looking at some game and anime characters we sometimes think that the creators deliberately make their outfits impossible in real life. Most of them are impractical to say the least because when it comes to battle, this type of armor doesn't seem to do much apart from looking kind of cool.

Well, it is just a game after all and looks really do matter, probably that's why Fran from Final Fantasy is wearing this impractical outfit.

But we have to give it to Honey Bunny, the cosplay behind Fran's real life look - this costume does look quite outstanding, even better than in the game! Those bunny ears look totally spot-on.

April O'Neil Has Never Looked Better

This is always the case with animated characters - they just look so much better in real life! April O'Neil is a feisty Channel 6 news reporter with a strong will and knack for everything unusual.

When she got into trouble chasing a story, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were there to help her in the sewer, when she was escaping a bunch of punks. That's how their friendship and partnership started!

April is one of the most recognized cartoon characters ever created and we couldn't imagine a better cosplay for her. The girl just looks so authentic!

Wonder Woman's Archenemy

Did you know Wonder Woman has an adversary of her own? Well, naturally, every superhero needs an archenemy, otherwise, their journey simply wouldn't be complete.

The Cheetah hasn't been featured in any movies yet, but devoted fans have followed her villainous path over the last few decades as she appeared in the comic books in various renditions. She's one of the most iconic enemies of Wonder Woman!

She looks incredible and we can easily see why this female cosplayer was inspired by the character. Dressing up as a huge feline is always so much fun!

I'm a Genie in a Bottle

I Dream of Jeannie is an incredibly fun and lovely show, telling the story of an who ended up finding a genie in a bottle upon the return from one of his missions. Although he freed the spirit, Jeanie, played by Barbara Eden was so in love with her 'master' that she decided to stay with him.

This hilarious sitcom kept thousands of people all over the country glued to their screen and it is still remembered nowaday. Needless to say, a cosplayer named Jeanie was destined to dress up as this character!

The likeness of the two is quite remarkable - that beautiful smile, big bright eyes, and the classic genie stand, this cosplayer did her best to recreate the iconic look and she definitely succeeded.

The Pokémon Craze is Back

We like to think that the Pokémon craze never actually went away, but as the 90s kids grew up and new anime franchises blossomed, the popularity of the show somewhat dwindled down, but not much.

Looking at this stunning cosplay we can all agree that Pokémons are on the rise once again and there are as many devoted fans of the show now as there were a few decades ago. This cosplay of Jessie from Team Rocket is simply outstanding!

If you somehow missed watching Pokémon, Jessie is part of the Team Rocket duo along with James. The two play villains in the show, trying to steal the loveable yellow Pikachu from Ash Ketchum, one of the main characters of the show and a profound Pokémon trainer.

Betty Boop's Cutest Look

Betty Boop is one of the most iconic cartoon figures of the 30's and she's still quite popular today. You may not see her much on TV as it is one of the older cartoons, but her image is still loved by cosplayers all over the world.

Her look was authentic and very specific - with an oversized head, cute curls, pouty lips, and a body-hugging dress, she immediately became an all-time favourite, that is until they've changed her look to a more demure and lackluster version of herself.

Cosplayer Vanessa Adularia paid homage to the famous cartoon character by recreating her iconic look back from the days when she wasn't afraid to show a bit more skin. Her hair and makeup are spot-on!

Can You Trace Her?

Meet Angela Bermúdez, an LA resident with Costa Rican roots. She's a self-taught painter who enjoys transforming herself into various fantasy and sci-fi charachters in her spare time.

We can all agree that having painting skills is a must for any cosplayer - whether it's makeup they're creating or some real-life armor pieces, painting seems to be a crucial skill required to create a cool cosplay look.

Angela Bermúdez' eye for detail definitely helped her put together this amazing cosplay of Tracer from the Overwatch game and comic series. That hair alone is worthy of some kind of cosplayer award! This cool-looking glasses make this look even more believable.

Meet Sailor Mars

Sailor Moon is one of the biggest anime franchises of the 90's and it's still pretty much alive and kicking. There's just something very alluring about a team of girls with superpowers guarding the Earth from demons and the like!

Well, the story isn't new now, but it was relatively fresh a few decades ago. This cosplayer from Brazilia paid tribute to one of the Sailor Soldiers named Sailor Mars, recreating her beautiful look. The attention to detail is quite impressive!

From the hair styling and that big beautiful bow to details like gloves and the little red neck piece, this cosplayer looks like she stepped out of the anime series right into the real world.

90's Catwoman in Modern Times

Many actresses tried to do Catwoman justice by donning the black latex suit, but we really love Michelle Pfeiffer's take on the character. This cosplayer does, too!

Tim Burton doing a Batman movie was truly a match made in heaven - his dark and eerie style matched Batman Returns perfectly and the costume that the Catwoman was wearing in the movie is one of our favourites.

Looking at this image it's hard to tell who is who - the two women look so alike! The cosplayer did a great job and fully transformed into the character, even  the setting matches the atmosphere of the movie.

This Gwenpool Looks Rad

You might not have heard of Gwenpool if you aren't into comic book characters, but she's definitely worth checking out. She and Deadpool aren't related in any way, but when Gwendolyn Poole got sucked into the Marvel Universe and, similar to Deadpool, had the awareness of being inside comic books.

She went on becoming a mercenary and with all the knowledge she had about the Marvel Universe, she was quite good at defeated her opponents. Naturally, the character got much love and recognitions, grabbing attention of numerous cosplayers all over the world.

We believe this Gwenpool cosplay by Shirogane-sama is one of the best we've seen so far! The costume details, the hair, and the swords all look beyond authentic.

Female Goku is Awesome

With so many cool male characters to cosplay, why should a girl deny herself this pleasure? At least, this cosplayer isn't restricted by her gender in any way.

And why should she? The whole idea of cosplay is totally transforming into another character, so it shouldn't really matter whether it's male or female as long as it looks cool.

Seriously, who wouldn't want to cosplay Goku from Dragon Ball Z? This 90's TV show has one of the biggest anime followings in the world and the main character is loved by thousands of people. Just look at that hair! This cosplayer did an outstanding job.

May the Force be with You

Can you tell who is who just by looking at the picture? We swear these are two different people - one is the actress who played Rey in the latest renditions of Star Wars, and the other is a cosplayer (who did an outstanding job).

Joanie Brosas is a real pro when it comes to creating life-like cosplays of her favourite characters. But this one is truly unmatched! Maybe because she looks so much like the actress playing Rey, Daisy Ridley?

The two of them are like two peas in a pod - and the costumes match almost perfectly! Joanie Brosas could easily be Rey's stunt double because no one would be able to tell the difference.

The Most Accurate Cosplay Ever?

Seriously, can you believe this cosplayer? Giu Hellsing is one of those artists who doesn't stop tuning their look until they reach perfection. And we believe this is exactly that - a case of perfectly made cosplay that seems as good as the original!

Well, since it's a real life look we're talking about, we can all agree that it's even better than the original. Widowmaker is a character from Overwatch, a 2016 first-person shooter game.

Needless to say, she looks cool and possesses awesome powers like infra-sight which comes real handy when she needs to look through some walls. The cosplayer did her justice with every piece of her look - starting from blue skin and ending with those piercing bright yellow eyes!

It's Bigger on the Inside!

If you've watched at least a few episodes of Dr. Who you know very well what that phrase is all about. But even if you don't, take our word for it, Tardis, Dr. Who's time-travelling spaceship, is one of the coolest spacecrafts in the Universe.

Not only can it time-travel, but it can also disguise itself to look like a police box from the outside, but inside there's a whole different dimension filled with hi-tech gizmos and more space than you can imagine.

Cosplayer Twerkin Gherkin is a real pro when it comes to creating beautiful looks of various characters, but this Tardis dress is truly unmatched. Even the idea to cosplay a spaceship is totally bonkers (but in a very good way). We love it!

Hawk Girl's Fly Fashion

We just can't get enough of this Hawk Girl cosplay, it's so good! And who thought Victoria's Secret wings would look so good with a superhero costume?

The cosplayer had to tweak those wings quite a bit, painting them from bright pink to brown to create a more realistic look for Hawk Girl. We believe she did a perfect job!

Mostly you will see Hawk Girl fight alongside Hawkman and you'll be surprised to find out that this character has been around since 1940. Yep, she's a survivor, and we glad she came all the way to modern comic books and TV shows so we can all enjoy this incredible character.

Asuka's Real-Life Twin

Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion animated series is definitely one the most recognized and loved characters in the anime world. She's is complex, stubborn, opinionated and can't stand failure.

She started off as one of the best Eva pilots, but her personal issues led her to a mental breakdown and inability to be a Eva pilot. But despite all her failures, fans love cosplaying Asuka and still do it 20 years after the show first aired in Japan.

This stunning cosplay by Shirogane-sama portrays Asuka wearing her signature suit and special nerve clips in her hair that help her connect to her Eva unit. She could definitely play Asuka in a movie adaptation of the TV show!

Don't Get All Fired Up

The X-Men franchise is filled with all kinds of mutants and Dark Phoenix is among the most fascinating ones. This amazing cosplayer used all her skills to create a realistic portrayal of Dark Phoenix, along with the fire power in her hand.

Seriously, how cool is that? Using digital effects along with the cosplay could easily go south, but not in this case. It looks organic - almost like a shot from the movie!

Lately Dark Phoenix has been played by Sophie Turner, one of the lead actresses from Game of Thrones. That's quite a dramatic switch of roles! Dark Phoenix got even more popular after a movie dedicated to her origin story was released in 2019.