These Extraordinary Camping Images Can Only Be Seen Once In a Lifetime

Once in a while, all you need is a camping trip away from the hectic city life. And setting up a tent in a beautiful remote location is probably one of the best ways to get away from the stress and jam-packed schedules.

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Once in a while, all you need is a camping trip away from the hectic city life. And setting up a tent in a beautiful remote location is probably one of the best ways to get away from the stress and jam-packed schedules.

But no matter how good of a camper you are, your experience won’t help you when things go a little out of hands on a camping trip out in nature. Here are a few hilarious camping mishaps that you’d never want to experience yourself.

58 Wait, You're Doing It All Wrong

We get it, when a man wants to go fishing there's nothing that can stop him. Even the lack of a proper car or equipment!

Well, this guy seems to be having everything he might need to catch a fish, but the entire setting is just wrong on so many levels. What do you think, is it okay to go fishing using such a posh car? And actually sit on it like that?

Maybe he just doesn't care about car or it belongs to someone else. Usually, when you have a precious vehicle like that you don't take it to places where it might get wet or dirty. Is this guy reckless or just chill? We'll probably never know.

57 The Cactus Party

Looking at this guy we can only wonder what on Earth happened that he got all covered in cacti. Just looking at him hurts, imagine how he must have felt! Becoming one with nature is definitely a good thing, but this guy has taken those words too literally.

Is this some kind of a weird hunting camouflage? Did he fall asleep in the wrong place at the wrong time and woke up all covered in cacti? We have so many questions to ask this guy.

The police seem to be just as stunned by the sight of this Cactus Man as we are. We just hope they got him to a hospital to carefully remove all those cactus needles. This guy will definitely be more careful when spending time out in the wild from now on.

56 Is It a Fridge or a Grill?

You might think that your eyes are deceiving you, but they aren’t! It is, indeed, a toilet that was repurposed into a grill and a type of a useless refrigerator.

Why useless? Well, if you make an open fire on one end of the toilet and try cooling down your drinks on the other – they probably won’t stay cool for too long.

On the other hand, we have to give it to the inventor – it is such innovative use of a toilet! It’s hard to imagine why would anyone want to do this at all, but the idea is kind of brilliant. In a way.

55 The Lonely Guy

This poor lonely bear looks like the most miserable guy ever. You know there’s always some person that gets left out of the camping party fun because they are too shy or trying too hard to make a conversation.

It’s always good to show some compassion and try talking to such a person – they may turn out to be quite a nice company! Some people just don’t mingle well with the crowd and prefer tête-à-tête conversations.

This bear definitely looks like that type of guy, but don’t be deceived by his lonely appearance! He’s a dangerous dude and you really don’t want to be anywhere near him.

54 The Most Dangerous Bed in the World

Did you ever dream of flying in your sleep? Well, if you spend the night in this bed on the side of a cliff that dream might just become a very life-threatening reality.

We can't even imagine how this woman can be so cool, just casually reading a book like it's the most mundane morning in the world. Maybe the title of the book is 'How Not to Die While Sleeping Over the Abbyss'?

Her boyfriend must have the nerves of steel staring down like that. Doesn't he feel dizzy at all? If you're one of those people who like to roll in their sleep a lot, this is definitely not the bed for you.

53 Are Those Burgers for Me?

It's not unusual to meet some wild friends when camping out in nature. Still, no one is prepared to meet vicious animals like bears and alligators right at their dinner table. One wrong move and you could become the animal's snack!

So what do you do exactly in a situation like this? Of course, you get your camera out and try to stay as far as possible from the 'picnic table' that's been overtaken by a curious gator.

This one here seems almost friendly - he just came to say hi and munch on some burgers that campers left in a hurry, while running away from the beast. Make no mistake, he might look like he's interested in human food only, but he wouldn't mind getting closer to some people as well!

52 A Good Night's Sleep

Can you believe this guy? This may very well be the most uncomfortable sleeping spot we’ve ever seen. It would have been better to sleep right on the ground!

But we get it – the ground was too cold, he didn’t care to put up his tent before all the partying started, so he ended up sleeping on this handmade bed. We really hope he didn’t have backache once he woke up.

Well, this experience will definitely teach this guy to plan his camping trips beforehand. Next time he’ll definitely set up his camp and sleeping spot before partying with his friends!

51 Genius Engineering

Not all people like boats and, well, not all people have them. But what to do when you're in desperate need of fun with a whole bunch of family members waiting for a ride on the lake?

These people didn't despair and decided to be inventive in stead. They took what seems to be a yard pool and transformed it into a kind of a boat. Well, if it floats, then it's a boat, right?

It has a motor, a few  comfy chair, a table, and even a huge umbrella to protect the people from the sun! This boat might look weird, but it works like a charm.

50 Did You Order Breakfast, Sir?

Some people love being in the wild more than anything in the world, but at the same time, they can't stand waking up in the morning without a proper cup of coffee served by a maid. Life can be so hard, right?

Well, it seems that the couple in the tent decided not to sacrifice the comforts of the modern world and somehow managed to order morning coffee right there in the middle of the field.

We don't know how they did it, but it seems impressive! It must be amazing to wake up with the morning sun and enjoy a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee while watching the sunrise.

49 Sleeping Like a Baby

We all know that travelling is no walk in the park - sometimes you have to stay up all night to drive to the place of your destination, and sometimes you don't get a good night's sleep on solid ground at all.

This travelling duo came up with a brilliant solution for staying on the move without even stopping for a snooze. While one person is driving the other can sleep as much as they want!

We aren't exactly sure if you can get some rest sleeping like this on the road, but the idea seems to be kind of genius. Seems a bit dangerous, so think twice before you try travelling like this yourself.

48 Travelling Like a Boss

We get it, posh camping is a thing and you can't blame rich people for wanting some extra comfort out in the wild, but this just seems a little over the top, don't you think?

A trailer, a boat, and an expensive car all in one set, ready for travelling and exploring nature. Well, we don't think this car is suitable for driving out in the wild, but the boat seems like a perfect vehicle for having some fun on the river.

Still, when put together, this set is quite impressive. Makes you wonder about the people who are travelling like this and the place of their destination that would require a posh car and boat.

47 The Air-Conditioned Tent

When we talk about taking things too far when it comes to camping, adding air-conditioning to your camp is probably one of them.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to leave all the luxuries behind but the entire point of going camping is to disconnect from the existing world and find peace in nature.

If you are taking your air-conditioning with you, you are probably not ready to go camping. Or maybe choose different weather so you don't have to tolerate heat at all.

46 A Super Expensive Dryer

Who would take a $400,000-car to a camping trip? That is the average price for a Lamborghini and, boy, you must be really careless to drag it into the wilderness, where there’s mud, rain, and muddy rainy roads. It’s so easy to get stuck there!

This is definitely a very unusual use of such a posh car. Did the owner go camping on a whim, so he didn’t have time to change into another car?

Or maybe he simply didn’t care that much. It’s just a Lamborghini, right? We have to admit that it makes for an amazing clothes dryer.

45 A Dangerous Cup of Tea

Can you believe these people? Hanging casually over an abyss and chatting with each other over a cup of tea. This is not something you see every day!

It's not clear whether they set this up by themselves or it's some kind of a viewpoint you can pay to enjoy, but we can all agree that this family is quite brave to sit like this with their feet dangling in the air.

This is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, and we mean it literally. On a side note, they do look like they're just having fun together as a family, despite the fact they're hanging in the air, which seems beyond dangerous.

44 The Uninvited Furry Guests

Camping is all fun and games until our giant brown friends we call bears to turn up. Look at these two who are obviously not impressed by the fact that they were not invited to the party so they invited themselves into the tent.

It's just that the tent is hilariously small to fit them in. What can you do in these circumstances?

Well, for the one you can bring a bigger tent so they can fit in. Right? Or you can camp in a region that’s bear-free. But what fun would that be?

43 See You Later, Alligator

Some people believe animals aren't smart, well, they just haven't seen this chill alligator relaxing on a mattress like it's the most common thing to do. The owners of the mattress were probably quite surprised to see it floating on water with a gator on top.

We certainly would have been stunned to see something like this! This photo raises so many questions. Where did this gator get his mattress? Were there any people around at that time? Did the animal simply stumbled on it and decided to have some fun with it?

Well, the gator looks comfy and it's probably safe to say that this mattress belongs to him now. No one would dare to snatch it from him!

42 Soaring Through the Wind

Not sure if that was their real intent but when your tent is too light, it is bound to happen. Look at these two campers struggling to keep their tent down as the wind lifts them up.

Unfortunately, there is no one to help and the only spectator there is their own car. What could have they done differently? Well, for starters, every camper needs to take wind into account and ensure the material it's made of is not too light.

Otherwise, they are simply going to end up like these two or worse, they might sleep only to wake up and find themselves with no tent!

41 Grocery Сart Grill

Campers surely like to grill stuff, don’t they? But instead of using a simple grilling grid, they come up with various crazy things to use instead of it. We must admit this is one of the most bizarre grill grids we’ve ever seen!

There are lots of ways to have fun with a shopping cart, but grilling meat on it must be the weirdest of them all. Is this metal even safe for grilling? Because it’s not meant to be heated like this.

Well, it does seem like a potent way to grill something on the open fire, but we urge you not to try it yourself. Even if you have a spare shopping cart lying around at your house!

40 New Home

It's not every day you're lucky to see deer while camping. These animals are scaredy-cats and would run away from the slightest sign of danger or a sound too loud. But not this one!

This gorgeous creature decided a human tent was a nice and comfy hideout from the dangers of the outside world. The animal looks like it totally owns the place!

How do you get a cheeky deer out of your tent, anyway? And would you really want to make it go away? It's such a splendid opportunity to make friends with a beautiful wild animal.

39 Posh Camping

We're not entirely sure what's going on at this camping site, but using a car like that is definitely something we haven't seen before.

Can you believe these campers? Instead of putting their tent on the groud like everyone else they used the top of their car!

Well, it's probably less cold if you put your tent up high like that and most animals won't risk going up the stairs to get to the tent, but is it really worth it? It doesn't seem comfortable and the whole construction is very questionable as well.

38 The Camping House

This lady is definitely camping like a boss! Did you ever think someone could have a whole camping house all to themselves while staying in nature? This seems like something you'd see in a movie, not in real life.

Still, here it is - a stunning two storey camping house with a staircase and beautiful views. We admit it's a pretty impressive way to camp, although it's not exactly camping at this point.

There's even some solar power installed behind the car, making it a place you can live for weeks. Being able to charge your devices is important in the long run.

37 The Whole Point of Camping

If you're still not sure why people go to such great lengths to gather equipment and put up camps hundreds of miles away from home somewhere in the wilderness - here's why!

Nothing can quite compare to the feeling of waking up early in the morning and witnessing a view like this. Not only is it breathtaking, but it also makes you feel happy to be alive in general.

So next time if you feel like life has become dull and meaningless, just pack a backpack and go to some wild sanctuary or a forest park, camp on a bank of a river, and you'll feel much better about yourself.

36 Flying Like a Bird

Aren’t camping activities supposed to be fun? Well, at least a little bit. Otherwise, why would you go all the way out into nature if you don’t enjoy it at all? Judging by this photo, camping fun is different for everyone.

The girl in the boat seems to be doing just fine, but the smaller one is getting a one-of-a-kind experience of both swimming and flying. Why did anyone think it would be safe for a kid this small to go on a fast ride, anyway?

We hope the girl landed safely and got away with just a little scare. Hopefully, she would remember this moment as something funny.

35 Underwater Camping

Do you enjoy both swimming and camping? Then how about mixing the two? These guys clearly have a different idea about what camping is all about. Usually, no one wants to get wet and tries to keep their tents as dry as possible.

Well, these two decided to put their tent right underwater! Probably for just a few minutes to take the crazy selfie, but that still counts, right?

One thing we really want to know is whether that lappy survived or not. They would need a whole bag of rice to make it dry!

34 Neither a Table, nor a Boat

Did you ever think about building a picnic table that could float on water? And not just float but go with speed as a real boat would. Nope? Well, neither did we, but these guys went all the way from imagining this hybrid to actually building one!

Does it look good? We aren’t quite sure about the design. But is it functional? Oh, totally! It has a huge umbrella for the shade, a small motor to move around, and a cooler to keep the drinks fresh.

All in all, it seems like a perfect vehicle for hot summer days. You could even go fishing on it!

33 My Precious

There comes a moment in each man’s life when he has to choose – either he saves the girl or the bike. Clearly, this guy had no problem picking what’s most important to him!

The girl sleeping outside might not be his girlfriend, but we still think the bike wouldn’t mind spending the night out in the cold – after all, it’s made of rubber and steel.

Obviously, this guy values his relationship with the bike more than the one with the girl. Things aren’t going to end well for you, buddy!

32 Work, Work, Work

Some people are so crazy about their work that they can’t leave it even for a minute. Some of them even take it camping with them! What’s the point, though?

It’s doubtful that he would get anything work-related done properly and he most certainly wouldn’t enjoy the camping experience. Why would you drag all this stuff with you if you’re going on a trip out of the city?

Well, we don’t know his situation - maybe he simply had no choice? Anyway, this photo looks crazy and we advise you to never ever try this yourself. Enjoy the nature!

31 Living Your Life to the Fullest

Just look at this guy, he seems like the happiest and most chill man on Earth! It probably rained for the whole night, everything is wet, most of the clothes are ruined, and maybe some gadgets, too, but he’s just chilling there, enjoying the moment.

We guess life is just easier when you have an air mattress and can lie down and relax literally anywhere. It’s like he has his very own personal pond!

We can all learn something from this guy! No matter what happens in life, find some time to enjoy the moment.

30 Computer Grill

What is it with camping and weird grilling devices? Grilling meat and veggies is definitely one of the most fun ways to spend time while camping, but why not use a more appropriate tool?

We don’t think we’ll ever get the answers to these questions, but we have to admit that it is an ingenious way to prepare food. Is it safe, though? Not likely as the metal used to make computers isn’t meant for such high temperatures.

This might very well be the weirdest grill invention out of all we’ve seen so far. We hope the food tasted good!

29 Someone Left in a Hurry

Not sure what happened there exactly but it seems that someone left in a hurry spraying mud and slime all over the tents. Hope these camp owners didn't make them too angry. Skid marks show that the car was quite far away but still all the mess flew up to that point. Quite a skill we must say. Hope the tent owners are able to clean up their tents without going through a lot of effort or otherwise they will have to invest in new ones.

And this is why it is never a good idea to go camping with hotheads. You want to be with someone who can take a joke and knows how to manage themselves in a heated situation.

28 Do Camps Reproduce?

Well, it appears that daddy and mommy camps decided to have a baby camp which this guy found someplace. It is barely big enough to fit his head, let alone his entire body.

Maybe it is spacious enough to fit his beverage bottle, right? Camping can be fun and trouble. Depends on how prepared you are for it!

We are not going to lie. That's a cute little camp which might be a good fit for a newborn and you can put it inside another regular-sized tent. Not a bad idea. Not at all.

27 It's Flooding Camps. Literally.

This one takes the cake for us because we don't know how so many people can fail to know what is to come. This is not just a failure but a collective failure that is quite astonishing, to say the least.

Hopefully, everyone stayed safe and got to a safe zone quickly along with the loved ones, families, and friends. But when you are out there camping, you need to be prepared for challenging situations. Flooding is usually not one of them but who knows.

Once again, we might just be too presumptuous and that's exactly what they wanted. Floating camps. It's just that things went awfully wrong in the end.

26 Portable Toilet Nobody Asked For

Look, we get it. You love to be civilized when you are in the woods but when you are attaching a bucket, a toilet seat, and a tissue roll to the back of your vehicle, it is just not ridiculous but taking it too far.

Woods provide you the perfect cover to get your business done and all you probably need is a tissue roll.

If someone finds you relieving yourself in the wood, they wouldn't think you are a descendant of Neanderthals. They know you are a civilized person who is there to have fun or hunt.

25 Having Camping Fun in Your 50s

Have you ever heard about Farm Girl Jen? Well, if you haven’t then you should definitely check her out – this 50-year-old lady is an inspiration to all campers and non-campers out there.

She may not look like it in the photo, but she’s actually an experienced camper and an active lady who does everything from hiking to driving fast cars, pulling tractors, and even throwing axes.

She’s a living and breathing proof that if you love life age doesn’t matter. Farm Girl Jen is an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and believes that it’s never too late to start living a fun and exciting life.

24 Hang in There

When talking about camping we usually imagine something simple – a forest, a lake, some mosquitoes, and a tent standing firmly on the ground. Well, that is definitely not the case with this guy!

Not only did he go climbing a rocky mountain that looks absolutely unapproachable, but he also decided to camp out in the open air, while hanging from a cliff.

He must be very confident in his equipment – if one of those fasteners loosens, this adventurer would be in real trouble! He seems to know what he’s doing, though, just casually drinking a cup of tea while hanging in the sky.

23 Honey, What’s Cooking?

This photo might seem like just another camping pic if you don’t look close enough. But then you notice that the sky is a bit weird and the woman near the fire is wearing something unusual…

Yes, you’re right, this shot was taken underwater! Staged like many other camping photos from inside the tent, this one offers a different take.

Frankly speaking, we have no idea how this was done! It looks brilliant with the little campfire outside and the woman who is sitting there warming her hands. But then you spot the goggles and that her hair is flowing, and it all comes together. Great pic!

22 Knock, Knock. It's Wind Again.

How many times have we seen this? Wind completely destroying your tent or worse turning it into a kite that you find yourself running after like a kid. Folks, if you are out there in the wild, do your homework before you buy a tent.

There are so many cheap ones on Amazon that may appear to get the job done but when the time comes, they simply fail to hold up.

Look at this poor guy sleeping in the open. Yes, the tent is there but it's hardly achieving its purpose. Or maybe we are being too hard on the tent and this guy wanted this to happen. Who knows?

21 It All Happened 30 Years Ago

Back in the day when there were no digital cameras, but people loved camping just as much, one woman had a very weird experience. She was out camping alone in the forest. It was already dark when she heard some weird noises outside her tent.

Naturally, she got scared and didn’t want to go out. It could have been some huge animal she wasn’t prepared to meet! Instead, she grabbed her small film camera, put her hand out of the tent, and made a click.

She couldn’t sleep after that, but she also couldn’t make herself look out of the tent. Weeks later she got the photo printed – and this is what she saw!

20 Camping Done Right

This photo is both hilarious and lovely in so many ways! Do you notice how many dogs are sleeping in the tent? This must be the most wholesome family trip ever.

Taking pets camping is one of the best things in the world – they enjoy the outdoors even more than you do and they can also be of great help when sleeping out in the wild.

You never know what might be lurking out there in the darkness! Well, it’s already dawn at the photo and the whole band is sleeping peacefully. Best camping trip ever!

19 The Hedgehog Camper

If you’re having a rough day, then a portion of camping cuteness will definitely make everything better. Just look at this little fella enjoying his camping trip!

Now, we don’t really know if hedgehogs like camping or not, but this one seems pretty happy to be out in the wild with his little tent and a place for a campfire.

We are really surprised to see tents this small – do they make them especially for hedgehogs? He looks like a perfect camping buddy that can brighten up anyone’s trip.

18 A Visit From The Majesty Himself

In this picture, you can see this man is clearly not prepared to greet the king of the jungle on the grand visit of his highness to the camping site. The gentleman in the photo is not even dressed appropriately to meet royalty.

At this point, we know that this man is wishing that he should have set up his camp in a safe conventional park like everyone else.

Although this a dangerous situation but we are sure that this was only a friendly visit and no humans were harmed in the making of this awesome image.

17 Is That Really Camping Though?

The whole point of camping is to get away from the world we live in. Basically, it is about disconnecting so you can reconnect. Here are a few teenagers who thought it would be a great idea to camp while still using their digital devices.

All of them could have done the same while staying at home. If you are going to camp, be a real camper.

Let your screens go for a while and enjoy the nature around you. You have to get back to your screens anyway when you return. Don't you?

16 Tent or Kite?

And here you meet another victim of wind during his camping trip. So many people fail to realize that in open areas wind is often too strong and they need to keep their tents in control so they don't find themselves chasing one like this guy.

Not sure if he would be able to catch up with the wind speed. We can hope that it got stuck somewhere.

Another reason to take someone with you while you are camping so they can actually hold the camp while you put it up. Especially when you are just an amateur camper.

15 Camping Like a King

What happens when you want to go camping, but still want to enjoy the luxury of a palace? Well, this is what! We can’t even imagine how many hours it would take to build such a huge fort, but it does look impressive.

One thing we can say for sure – it’s impossible to build such a palace without the proper instructions. They would probably need to read the guide one more time to take this thing down!

Who would need a tent like that, anyway? A king in exile? And look at the number of straps that hold the tent - It would have probably been easier to just build it from scratch!

14 Doing a Backflip is Easy They Said

When we go out camping and all sorts of things start happening. It's just so nice to relax and let go of all the stuff bothering you back at home!

Out in the nature there's no work and no city noise - just the wilderness, a bunch of friends or family members, and all the free time in the world.

Naturally, we want to have some fun while we're roaming free out in the wild. But the definition of fun is different for everyone! This guy, for example, decided to make a backflip right near the burning fire - and it didn't end well for him!

13 How Long Until It's Cooked?

Okay. We haven't seen a more sorry cooking stove being used on a camping trip and believe us we have seen some very weird stuff! That's not a stove. It is a steel structure with some hot coal in it which, if our camping knowledge is anything to go by, will completely fail to even warm up your coffee properly, let alone making it from the scratch.

Forget about cooking any food on it. Not going to happen.

Guys, guys, guys. Do your homework before you go out there or make a good old bonfire and use that to cook. These look so fancy on a website in pictures but when it comes to actually get the job done, they look like a sad little solution that shouldn't even exist.

12 Travelling Light (No, Not Really)

We believe this is what people call 'glamping' - when you go out camping, but you do it in style, bringing so much stuff along with you that it can't really be considered camping anymore.

Do you think this image fits that description? We believe this is the epitome of glamping! This is like a whole house on wheels - they could've just rented a hotel room instead and save some money on gas.

Well, waking up to a beautiful scenery somewhere in the wild must still feel wonderful, even when it's not a full on camping experience. But they should definitely call it something else!

11 How To Hang A Hammock in the Middle of Nowhere

While camping is all about connecting with nature, campers not necessarily go all Neolithic wild when it comes to the comfort of staying outside their homes and comfortable beds.

We love to use handy tools for making fires and bring a whole lot of stuff with us when we go camping. Lightweight tents and easy-to-carry sleeping bags are just so good!

Here's yet another invention for those of you who like to stay out in the wild but without the fuss of setting a camp and sleeping on the ground. This hammock hitch stand gets attached to your car and you can use it anywhere your car goes!

10 Happy Campers

Is this what people mean when they say they are bored to death? Not that we think camping is boring, especially when done right out in the wild with some beautiful scenery as a backdrop.

These guys, despite not having actual bodies to have fun with, seem to be having quite a good time with each other!

We don’t know if it’s a spooky Halloween setting or someone just has a weird sense of humour, but this camping site does look great! And spooky in a fun way.

9 How's It Hanging?

If you've grown weary of the good ol' tents that simply stand on the ground, offering no additional fun, then here's a new invention for you - a tree tent!

The concept is not that new, of course, as people have been staying or living on trees for as long as humanity can remember itself, but the execution of this cool tent surpasses everything we've seen before.

Inside, you will find a comfy living space that allows to fully unwind from the city life and just enjoy your peaceful time out in nature. There's also no cold ground and far less wild animals that can get into your tent at night and steal all your snacks!

8 Tent Designers These Days...

This girl looks like she came straight out of some weird computer game! Either that, or she's just been on a catwalk for some bizarre futuristic fashion show that has mixed fashion, camping, and glamping all in one.

Do you think wearable tent is a great idea? We mean, looking at her it doesn't seem all that bad. At least you'll be protected from all the elements and that counts for something, right?

Although, it hurts us to even think about going to the toilet. Unless there's some built-in solution for that kind of thing, which, in itself, is a very disturbing idea as well.

7 The Dumbest Idea in the World?

Campers come up with all sorts of ideas to make their lives easier while staying out in the wild. Well, we can understand them - leaving the comfort of the home behind is never easy!

But isn't that the whole point of camping? Go out, breathe in fresh air, feed a whole swarm of mosquitos... Talking about fresh air - this double tent is a recipe for disaster!

Just imagine if someone left the engines running - the air inside that genius engineering invention would become toxic in a matter of minutes! Just looking at this tent gives us the chills.

6 A Dress to Impress

We've seen all kinds of tents for various purposes - light fishing tents, durable hiking tents, high altitude low-temperature tents meant to withstand severe frost and wind... But we've never seen a tent dress before!

It's not like the woman could go anywhere wearing this fashion masterpiece, so it's more of a statement piece you put on for a photo session or to impress your friends.

Well, it does look quite stunning, we have to admit! We just hope this woman didn't have to go around the mountains wearing this fashionable garment. Although, it seems impossible to even make a step wearing this dress.

5 Now That’s An Impressive Kite

Looks like someone removed the spikes at the wrong moment or forget to put them altogether. The question is how are they going get this thing down?

Or maybe to fly a tent-shaped kite was their plan all along. Who knows?

This picture shows how nature can play tricks on you when you decide to step out within the wild no camping experience. So, make sure you choose the right kind of tent if you are camping at a location where high winds are expected.

4 Houston, We Have a Problem

We've seen quite a lot of strange tents in our lifetime and some pretty weird ones on this list as well, but a flying rocket tent? This is definitely something we never thought we'd see!

Well, it's not like someone had a few canisters of rocket fuel and just decided to experiment a bit in their spare time - this flying tent was actually created on purpose as an art piece.

Yep, some of the most stunning and unusual things in this world were created as a type of performance! The artist behind this masterpiece likes to mix nature with technology to create truly outstanding actions.

3 A Murky Situation

Most of the tent fails can easily be blamed on water. Whether it rains or not, mother nature can ruin your perfect camping trip in many ways, using only water as its weapon.

This person clearly chose the worst possible spot to set up his tent or maybe he didn't know that a rainstorm was expected.

To avoid this kind of situation you should opt for a waterproof tent or check the weather in advance to make sure that you don't have to sleep in a downpour and wake up in a swamp-like this guy had to.

2 The Introvert's Dream

Just imagine travelling all the way to Greenland to a secluded piece of iceberg somewhere in the midst of cold ocean water just to set up a camp and enjoy all the peace and quiet... all by yourself.

Sounds like a dream come true? Well, it is for some people, while for others it's the worth thing in the world. All that silence and no crowds around!

The more we look at this photo, the more dangerous it seems. What if the iceberg topples? Being all alone out in the cold like that is a recipe for disaster.

1 Camping in Scotland Be Like...

If you ever decide to go camping in Scotland, you should know the main and most important thing about this  country - the weather there is bonkers! Of course, when camping one should always be prepared for a weather change, but Scotland takes it to a whole new level.

One minute it's warm and sunny and the next one powerful wind is blowing, throwing your things all over the place. And just like in any other country, if you don't fix your tent properly - it's going to fly far far away.

In this case, as you can see, things have gotten a bit wet for the unknown camper. They decided to stay close to the water to enjoy the view, but the sudden change of weather ruined all their plans. They'll have to fish out their tent first and there's no guarantee the same thing won't happen again.

The Last Word

Camping is fun, thrilling, and exciting but what these pictures show is that you should be prepared and must know what you are getting into before you go out there and put yourself into trouble. The worse bit is that you can be alone out there and it can take some time for someone to get there to bail you out of that situation. That's exactly why you need to be prepared and ensure that you can handle the most challenging situations by yourself. Happy camping folks! Hope you loved every bit of it!