These Hip Dogs Are Living Their Lives to the Fullest and We Can Only Envy Them

Nowadays most people can’t imagine their lives without dogs. They are funny, devoted, caring, smelly, and absolutely adorable 24/7. Whether it’s a huge white fluffer, a tiny puppy, or a chic-looking hunting breed, we enjoy observing them wherever we go. And we can see them literally everywhere!

Nowadays most people can’t imagine their lives without dogs. They are funny, devoted, caring, smelly, and absolutely adorable 24/7. Whether it’s a huge white fluffer, a tiny puppy, or a chic-looking hunting breed, we enjoy observing them wherever we go. And we can see them literally everywhere!

People take their puppers shopping, travelling, skiing, and even pubbing. All these dogs look like they are having the best time of their lives and, frankly speaking, one can get a bit envious looking at these cuties. Here are the dogs that are living the life we can only dream about.

Best Travelling Buddy

Have you ever seen a dog carry its very own backpack with treats, toys, and various snacks? We certainly haven’t, but Rita here seems to be enjoying every second of it!

Spotted near a shop in Mexico, Rita was kind enough to pose for a cute photo and smiled broadly as the picture was taken.

Rita would make for a perfect travelling buddy! Can you imagine going on a trip with your beloved pet like this? She could be carrying her very own bottle of water, a cute warm sweater, and a few treats to snack while trekking somewhere in the mountains. It’s like a dream come true!

Gorgeous Hair

We never thought that the dog world had their own supermodels, but apparently that’s a thing! Just look at this Saluki girl posing like a professional photo model for a magazine cover.

If someone makes a magazine showcasing beauties like her, it would become viral in an instant! This gorgeous blonde Saluki has the most amazing fur we’ve ever seen.

Just imagine this hound on the move, running in the wild at full speed – it must be a truly stunning sight. We can all agree she looks like a real Barbie of the dog world with that ravishing blonde hair and sporty figure.

The Surfing Doggo

Meet Ms. Finnegan, the sportiest Mini Goldendoodle in the world. It’s not the first time we see a dog surfing (or rather sup surfing), but this is definitely the first time we see such a minute cutie on the water.

When the woman who took the photo saw this pup on the water, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Ms. Finnegan looked picture perfect in the nature setting!

She’s having her very first water adventure at such a young age and we hope there are many more to come. If we’re lucky, there will be someone to document her amazing experiences.

The Ultimate Coffee Break

One woman was having a regular day working at Starbucks, when this bunch showed up in the Drive Thru. They were all just calmly sitting there like it was the most ordinary thing in the world. But it wasn’t!

Of course, the woman asked permission to take a photo because she wanted to share this awesomeness with the world. And who wouldn’t, right?

The human in the driver’s seat looks almost invisible surrounded by these sweet doggies. All we can see is a bunch of gorgeous pups looking slightly unamused by the whole delay. Where’s the coffee, lady?

What’cha Doing?

Trying to squeeze through the smallest hole even when you’re a huge fluffer is something dogs do on a regular basis. If you have a pet or your friends are proud dog owners, then you’ve probably seen it multiple times.

Still, watching them do this never gets boring! These curious doggos saw an opening in the wall and couldn’t resist exploring it. Of course, they had to do it simultaneously, otherwise what’s the point?

They probably didn’t see much like this, but we all know that dogs have amazing smell, so it must have been just as exciting for them. Needless to say, all the passersby were ecstatic to see these boops peeking out from the wall!

Pure Love

We can all agree that pups look adorable no matter what breed or age they are. Still, there are some cuties that just put this huge smile on your face the second you see them. This is definitely one of them!

We don’t know this baby’s name, but we can tell one thing for sure – this is one happy puppy surrounded by love and care of its human family.

Let’s take a moment and appreciate the plushiest and softest paws we’ve ever seen. They are to die for!

Little Yoda

As soon as this sleepy kind-hearted dog appeared on the Internet, he immediately became viral. And how can you not love this amazing creature that looks both like Dobby from Harry Potter and Yoda from the Star Wars Universe?

Caught snoozing in a warm corner of a street in Rome, this dog is a true embodiment of calm and relaxation. Just looking at his peaceful expression makes us smile.

It’s very rare to see such an unusual ear shape. In fact, we don’t think we’ve ever seen dog ears like that ever before! He could probably become a movie star with these peculiar ears and loveable snout.

Is This Heaven?

We aren’t sure what heaven looks like, so we can all fantasize a bit. A dog-owner’s heaven is probably packed with good bois and girls, ready to walk and play for hours non-stop.

Well, it seems there’s an actual place on Earth where you can go and have this amazing experience! We don’t know where it’s located, but it warms our hearts to know that it exists somewhere.

Imagine spending an hour or two surrounded by these cheerful golden doggos. It’s the best thing in the world!

Hello There

Meet Max, one of the friendliest and most curious dogs in the world. He was always eager to find a hole to look outside, so his owners decided to help him out and made this cute lookout place.

One woman’s friend moved to a new house and that is when they first saw this cool little spot! There was no one peeking out at the time, but the name board suggested they could expect a visitor soon.

The two of them called for Max and the doggie appeared in the hole, glancing curiously at the newcomers. It’s one of the sweetest moments ever!

Sweet Little Pawtato

Can you imagine working peacefully, doing your own thing on the lappy, and then someone brings in this super delicious pawtato to the table? This lady was on cloud nine when one of her co-workers brought a cute new friend to meet everybody!

Well, sometimes people just can’t leave their new buddies at home because they are too small and still need company, so sweet pups get to travel a bit, making everyone around them incredibly happy.

It’s truly impossible to work when this sweetness is lying around, snoring peacefully, and looking like the cutest pup in the whole wide world.

I’d Like to Withdraw Some Treats, Please

A dog walks into a bank and heads to one of the employees… Sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn’t it?

But this is exactly what happened to one lady who was having an ordinary day at the bank, when suddenly this hairy gentleman showed up.

It was like a scene from a movie! Judging by his broad smile, this is the most cheerful good boi in the world.

Skiing Buddies

Watching ski races is a fun and invigorating experience that brings together people from all backgrounds. Well, it seems not only people!

One lady got totally distracted from the races when she met these two puppies napping inside their backpacks. Isn’t it the cutest way to carry baby pups around?

At just 13 weeks old, cute little Everett was all bitey and active inside his carry bag, while Blizzard preferred to nap his way through whatever was happening in the outside world. We can all agree that it’s hard to watch the races when this ball of fluff is snoozing right in front of you!

Precious Treasure

We’ve all heard the story about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it seems that this is exactly what’s happening here! Well, this cute boi isn’t a pot, of course, but he’s 100% pure gold.

Isn’t he the most precious treasure in the world? His family certainly thinks so, we are sure of it. So, the legend must be true after all.

The woman who took this photo was truly awe-stricken when she saw this gorgeous dog with a huge rainbow in the sky pointing right at it. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience and she was lucky enough to take a photo of it so we could all enjoy this magic moment.

The Centerpiece

It seems that these days people take their dogs everywhere – beaching, clubbing, walking, climbing, you name it. So why not take your little best friend for a night out with your buddies as well?

Your beloved pet gets to be out in the fresh air and you get to hang out with your gang as well. It might be a good idea to arrange a meeting with some dog-loving fellas, so that this cutie has some friends to hang out with as well.

But we must admit this beauty looks amazing in the very center of the table! This loveable and stylish centerpiece probably made everyone stare in awe.

Magic Moment

Some of the most unbelievable moments happen when we least expect it. One woman was coming out of a grocery shop and suddenly saw this cuteness right there near the entrance.

She forgot about everything when she saw this adorable Australian Shepherd in his owner’s hands. How can you not fall in love with him immediately?

The woman was so infatuated by him that she even forgot to ask his name. Still, we are happy because she snapped a few pictures of this fluff ball for us to enjoy as well.

Hey There

Going from one place to another can be either an amazing experience or a very boring one. Some people prefer to travel alone, while others just feel lonely on the train without any company whatsoever.

Here’s where Mylo comes in! This amazing dog is the epitome of cheerful friendliness and will instantly make anyone feel better.

Even if you wouldn’t want to interact with him, just looking at this cute fella will brighten up your day. What can we say, travelling dogs are very cool!

Family Goals

If you ever thought your pet family was big, wait till you see this one. One man, his wife, and four of their dogs went on a trip to the river once… But that is not the big family we are talking about!

As they were camping near the water, a truck stopped not far from that place and a friendly woman showed up to say hi. She was also about to set camp there and she had a big family to keep her company.

This lady had 19 dogs with her, we kid you not! All cared for, loved, and happy to live in such a huge doggo family. We’ve never seen anything like it and we probably never will!

Where Ya Heading?

Well, first of all, kudos to the owner for the leash – we wouldn’t want this cute driver running away right in the middle of the ride. Wouldn’t you want to hop into the passenger’s seat and see where this cute fella would take you?

Probably you’d go to a place with some yummy treats and lots of toys for good bois and girls and spend a few hours running around and playing with a stick. Which is not so bad if you want our opinion!

Some Facebook user couldn’t resist the temptation to take a picture of this cutie and we are very grateful for this act of kindness. Because now everyone can enjoy looking at this little driver fella at work!

The Leaf Girl

Do you like leaves as much as this sweet little girl? Meet Phoebe – she’s a good girl and she likes to play with her favourite human, especially when he brings her toys and yummy treats.

She’s also quite a fashionable little lady, so you will often see her sporting a gorgeous outfit made especially for her. Seriously, have you ever seen a dog that looks so good in clothes?

But what we love most about Phoebe is her cheerful and loving nature. You can feel it just by looking at the photo!

Little Pupling

Is it a pup or a duckling? This might be the cutest little thing on the list! It’s not uncommon for dog-owners to use muzzles and there are lots of reasons to do so. Usually, dogs aren’t too happy to wear them, but this might be the only one that is actually okay.

The pupper wearing this duck muzzle looks like he doesn’t mind it that much. It’s also easier on the eyes for all the people around him because he looks beyond cute.

If you see a dog wearing a muzzle, even a cute one, don’t worry – maybe the pup just likes to eat everything around him! It is also a cool fashion choice. It’s not every day you see a pupling roaming the streets.