Top Trendiest Bikini Styles to Rock This Summer (+10 That Will Make Your Eyes Go Wide)

Finally, it's summer, the blessed time to head out to the beach, get a beautiful suntan, and show off that gorgeous bikini bod of yours. All those months spent at the gym didn't go to waste!

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Finally, it's summer, the blessed time to head out to the beach, get a beautiful suntan, and show off that gorgeous bikini bod of yours. All those months spent at the gym didn't go to waste! And what better way to do it than putting on the stunning swimsuit? We present you with the trendiest and coolest swimsuits of 2021 (and a few no one should ever wear in public).

Tie Them as You Wish

This summer you can wear all kinds of bikinis from plain elegant designs to experimental ruches and unusual tie fastenings. In fact, the more you experiment, the more you'll be in trend in 2021!

Turn your bikini upside down, make sure it sits tight, and tie it in an unusual way around your waist. The main rule is that there are no rules at all!

Well, of course it should look aesthetically pleasing and you should feel comfortable wearing your bikini, but other than that you can go full power with your imagination and wear your bikini the way you want it.

Fancy Cutouts

Cutouts have always been around, but not in the direct spotlight. It all changed in 2021!

Suddenly, the fashion world realized that cutouts are amazing and you can do very creative things with the silhouette using this technique. Now there are as many cutout styles as there are swimsuits!

And the best thing about this swimsuit style is that it's flattering for all bodies. You just need to take some extra care about those bits of skin that are peeking out - don't forget to put on sunscreen when you go to the beach.

Revealing Too Much?

If you are worried about wearing a swimsuit that reveals too much skin, then how about this one? Everyone will be so stunned by the print of your 'inner world' that they simply wouldn't care about everything else.

There's one drawback, though - people would look at you wherever you go! Whether you're sunbathing on a porch or rocking this swimsuit at the beach, some unwanted attention is guaranteed.

But if you want to become the centre of everyone's attention - then go for it! It's weird, gutsy, not very pleasant to look at, but it's definitely an eye-catching piece.

Frills & Roses

This year is all about experimental bikini designs with ruches, frills, and all kinds of embellishments. Even if you aren't the one to go for fancy swimsuit designs, you can let yourself go in 2021 and try something new.

Subtle peachy colours are definitely on the rise this year, so don't be surprised to see different variations of peach and rosy hues paired with cute ruches, frills, and flower embellishments.

The gorgeous flirty designs will not only improve your mood, but will also turn quite a few heads on the beach!

The Ocean Breeze

Is there a more fitting swimsuit theme for your beach outing than ocean water palette? This might not be the most original choice, but it’s definitely one that would suit any occasion, skin tone, and body colour.

Ocean palette creates a fresh feeling no matter where you go, making you look chic and classy on the beach, at the restaurant, or even in your backyard, if you choose to take a sunbath there.

Pair it with a flowy kaftan of the same colour for an even more stunning effect. We guarantee you’ll look like a real showstopper!

The Mankini

Do you dream about wearing a mankini, but there's one major thing stopping you from doing it? Yeah, you're not a guy, so wearing a mankini doesn't really make sense...

Still, there's a way out for all those mankini-lovers out there! Now you don't need to be a man to wear a mankini - you can just wear this fabulous swimsuit instead!

We aren't really sure just how many mankini fans are out there, but this swimsuit must exist for a reason, right?

Rings Everywhere!

You will see lots of swimsuits this summer having lots of rings, big and small, in all places you can imagine. The rings are back!

They might seem a little dated at first, but only until you try one of these bikinis yourself. The little circular details make such swimsuits look fresh and unusual, depending on how many rings a certain design has.

Well, it seems that designers in 2021 believe that there's no such thing as too many rings, so prepare yourself for some pretty unusual styles!

A Medieval Touch

Have you ever heard about chastity belts? Well, it seems this Middle Ages-inspired swimsuit combines both – a bikini and a chastity belt that would probably make going to the toilet impossible, as well as a number of other things.

Who would wear such a thing to the beach? Is it a cosplay event? We really aren’t sure, but this woman doesn’t look too happy wearing this type of ‘armor’.

This all seems a little outdated to say the least. Can she even walk wearing this device?

Wild Florals and Micro Bikinis

It’s natural to put on as little clothes as possible when you go to the beach, but there’s a line you probably shouldn’t cross. Micro bikinis offer very little coverage and come in a variety of styles to cater to the most exquisite fashionistas.

Still, they are called micro bikinis for a reason – so prepare for very small bikinis that offer not much coverage. They are skimpy and reveal a considerable amount of skin.

If you aren’t afraid to show off your summer bod to the maximum, then go ahead and jump into one of the colourful floral micro bikinis that are especially popular in 2021.

What Happened, Donald?

Whether you’re a fan of the US President or not, you must admit that he is a real professional when it comes to making facial expressions. Just look at this hilarious swimsuit!

We don’t know whose genius idea it was to make a swimsuit with a close-up of Donald Trump’s face, but it looks astounding and disturbing on so many levels. Like, who would wear this thing in their right mind?

Any list of hideous swimsuits is not complete without this Donald Trump-inspired creation. It's both hilarious and frightening at the same time! Wearing this at the beach would definitely be a big deal…

The Little Black Bikini

If there's one classic colour that never goes out of fashion - it's black. Whether it's a little black dress that is the ultimate fashion staple or a cute black bikini, black is the colour that is absolutely timeless.

When in doubt what swimsuit to choose or what colour to wear - just go for the black bikini and you're all set. What's best about this bikini style is that it suits all body types and shapes.

Just make sure you go for the design you feel most comfortable in - this year high-waisted panties and microkinis are all the rage!

Metallic Shimmer and Chains

As surprising as it may be, this year's swimsuits can have the most unusual details - from golden chains to shimmery metallic textures. The fancier, the better!

If you're planning to turn some heads on the beach or simply to sunbathe at your very own yard, go for a bright shimmery metallic swimsuit with a chain design.

It looks subtle, but still packs enough oomph to grab the attention of the people around you. Pair it with a light kimono-style dress for a perfect beach combo.

The Shark Attack

Did you ever dream of having a shark-shaped tan? Well, if you have, now is the time to make that dream come true. There exists a swimsuit that will grant you exactly that and something more.

Fans of Jaws will also be ecstatic to wear this swimsuit. Just be careful in the water so that someone doesn't take you for an actual shark - that may end up badly!

But, honestly, this is not the best swimsuit for getting a tan - just imagine how your body will look after a few hours in the sun. That'll be one unusual suntan!

The Yellow Microkini

What is it about yellow that instantly makes our mood better? It’s probably one of the most cheerful colours that inspires everyone to have fun and enjoy life as much as possible.

Well, this year is no different, so you’ll see lots of bright yellow swimsuits on the beach. Of course, with this year’s love for minimalism, there’ll be an abundance of barely-there microkinis that offer as little coverage as possible.

Well, it’s a look nonetheless! If you feel like adding some extra energy to your beach experience, then go ahead and get yourself one of those bright-yellow bikinis with transparent straps.

Add Some Bling

Do you like rhinestones and sequins, and feel like you could wear them literally anywhere? Well, you're lucky, because this year's swimsuits offer quite a variety of embellishments.

From golden chains and sparkly bling to sequin ocean waves and shining metallic textures, you can wear bikini styles that wouldn't be possible a few years ago.

Now there are no restraints whatsoever! You can go as classy as you want or wear a whole disco party on your swimsuit - it's all up to you and your mood. But no one would think you're weird just because you're shining like a supernova at the beach, that's for sure.

A Little Too Spiky?

You must really not like people, water, fish, and probably everything else if you put on this swimsuit for your day at the beach. Still, we admit it looks like a real show-stopper, in a weird and slightly gothic way.

But this dark spiky outfit does have one cool installment – your very own black and equally spiky inflatable ring! It just takes this unusual look to a whole new level of weird.

Wearing this swimsuit, you can be sure that no ocean predator will come anywhere near you and even if it will – you have enough spikes on your to protect yourself from any kind of attack! But ocean dwellers will probably just think you’re one of their own and would respectfully leave you be.

Go Neon

Neon colours have entered the fashion scene in 2020 and it seems they aren't going anywhere any time soon. Which means you can wear as many neons as you want!

Pink neon is one of the all-time favourites when it comes to swimsuits, but there are plenty of other colour combinations you can try to find your perfect look.

Swimsuits with neon inserts look especially fresh and eye-catching. You don't have to glow like a road sign - a little bit of neon will also do the trick!

The Facekini

And yes, apparently facekinis are a thing! Not only do they exist for some unfathomable reason (which means someone invented them in the first place) but they are also quite popular among Chinese girls and ladies.

The reason? Well, to keep your face as white as snow, of course, if that’s not obvious to you. While in some parts of the world a healthy tan is regarded as something beautiful, in China it’s the other way round.

When you’re going to the beach you should do everything in your power to keep yourself from getting a tan. Even if it means covering your whole body and going for a swim with a hideous mask on your face! We aren’t really sure if it’s all worth it.

Ribbed Swimsuits

This year it's not only about cool-looking swimsuits, but also about the ones that are super comfy. And we're talking about swimsuits that will stretch and take your body shape whenever you put them on.

Ribbed swimsuits are great for those women who are afraid to reveal the changes their bodies are going through - these swimsuits can serve them for years!

If your tummy comes and goes as it pleases or you have a tendency to gain and lose a few kg here and there, ribbed swimsuit will become your new best friend that will stretch accordingly and then take the original shape. It's a real blessing for all women!

Does Her Boyfriend Approve?

So you know some girlfriends really find it cute to have things with their boyfriend's face on it? You must have seen all those pillows and phone cases with printed faces of some dudes.

You must have also noticed that more often than not those faces look quite terrifying to say the least. And what's worse, most boyfriends encourage this and even make present like this themselves!

Well, this swimsuit is nothing short of ridiculous. If this is, indeed, this woman's boyfriend on her swimwear, it just takes this swimsuit to a whole new level of strange and disturbing.

Animal Motifs

Whether you like them or hate them, but animal prints never really go out of fashion. It's an everlasting trend that keeps on coming and going, but never actually leaving the fashion scene.

It's time to turn your wild side on and get one of those leopard-printed swimsuits, or the spotted cheetah ones. They are just so much fun!

Channel your inner wild cat as you go out catching a few sunrays to the beach or simply enjoy the beautiful animal print that looks good on almost everyone!

A Bold Monokini

What happens if you combine daring cutouts, classic black colour, and some gorgeous chain details? This is what! A swimsuit that will turn any woman into a supermodel without any effort whatsoever.

You might think you don’t want to look like a bombshell, but that’s only because you haven’t tried wearing this monokini. Its unique shape and cutouts make it a beautiful mix of open and hidden areas, creating an illusion of thinner waist and overall beautiful shape.

Of course, if you aren’t a fan of baring too much, you might want to stay away from this bold monokini. But if you’re feeling adventurous this summer, then do try it on at least once! Chances are, you’ll fall in love with this gorgeous design and would want to wear it non-stop.

The Barely-There Trend

Not many women would dare to rock this trend - you'd have to be pretty confident about your own body and have a few months of gym behind you to go bare like this.

But for those of you who aren't afraid to show a little more skin than usual - this high waisted bikini style will make your figure look even more beautiful, creating an hourglass shape and making your waist visually smaller.

If you're bold enough, it's worth a try!

Going 100% Veg

So you know how some people choose to eat only vegetables and exclude meat along with some other products? Some turn into vegetarians, while others turn into vegans or even raw food eaters. But what about clothes?

We are what we eat and following that logic we are what we wear as well. So, if you want to go totally and completely veg – here’s a perfect leafy bikini style for you!

There’s only one drawback (okay, maybe a few) – it’ll probably spoil the same day you wear it and you’ll have to make it all over again. You should also be careful with hungry animals roaming around! Someone could just steal that veg bikini for food.

The Butterfly Effect

We aren't really sure how to label this peculiar swimsuit... Is it a win or a fail? Is it a trend worth following? Well, it's definitely one of those bikinis you don't forget once you've seen them at least once.

If you’ve ever heard about the butterfly effect, then you know that one single flutter of the butterfly’s wing in one part of the world is capable of causing a huge storm in the other… it’s all about cause and effect!

Looking at these butterflies we believe that anything is possible in this world…

Quack, Quack!

Ah, co many things could be said about ducks, but never have they looked more attention-grabbing. It’s hard to take your eyes off them!

Ducks are water-loving birds that spend most of their time in lakes and rivers, but did you know that they can be found in both fresh and salt water? Yep, it’s true, that’s why seeing two perfectly normal ducks at the beach is not something to be surprised about.

Sea ducks are a thing! And they also know how to dive and go deep underwater to look for food, so this bikini swimsuit kind of makes sense on a larger scale. But why would someone ever want to wear a duck bikini? We’ll probably never find out.

Pleated Bandeau Bikini

You can go as bright or as subtle with your bikini this year, revealing lots of skin or hiding your full body in a gorgeous one-piece swimsuit. You’ll be surprised with the variety of swimwear on the market this year – from subtle high-cut waist styles to barely-there bikinis and all kinds of textures and palettes you can imagine.

Still, there are simple designs that always draw a lot of attention – like the effortless pleated bandeau bikini that comes in a variety of colours.

It’s cute, flirty, and goes well with all kinds of beachwear, be it shorts, kimonos, or light beach dresses. Some of them might look skimpy, but it is still a universal design that looks good on most body types.

A Designer’s Nightmare

Going to the beach isn’t a glamorous party, but most of the times ladies want to look their best… They create lovely beach wave hair, wear light sarongs and kimonos on top of their bikinis, and spend some time getting under the sun to get that lovely sun-kissed look.

Well, that’s definitely not the case for this Chinese lady! For some Chinese women getting a suntan is a real nightmare so they are ready to wear anything to escape that fate. Yes, they can even wear a face-kini like this!

The overall look is the least glamorous thing we’ve seen in years. We aren’t here to judge, of course, but would a woman really feel comfortable and confident dressed like this? We can only hope so.

The Classy Nudes

When it comes to bikini colours, all hues of nude top the list of classy swimsuit looks. They are just too elegant! Black might be the most traditional choice, but when we’re speaking about modern fashion, nude is definitely the new black.

Sporting a nude swimsuit is definitely not a new idea and it has been around for quite a few years. But if you want to stun everyone with a demure fashionable look, that is the colour you should go for.

Nude bikinis aren’t flashy, but they convey the message that you’re comfortable being in your own skin. More and more nude swimsuit hues appear each year, so there’s a chance you can match your skin tone exactly to create the perfect nude bikini effect.

A Swimsuit We'd Like to Un-See

Sometimes you simply don't have swimsuit on you - what to do then? There's a number of swimsuit hacks on the Internet that will help you with that, you can even turn your bikini panties into a swimsuit top, but this woman was having none of that.

Instead, she came up with an idea of her own and made a fish tank bikini! Now, we aren't sure how it works or how she created the whole thing, but it does look horrifyingly impressive.

Seeing this swimsuit at the beach can become the most memorable event of the whole summer, that's for sure. Just imagine how you'd feel going around in a bikini like that! This is pure embarrassment.

Playful Pom Pom Bikini

If you’re in a dreamy mood and want to explore the boho style this year, then think no further and go for the chic and playful pom pom bikini with lovely tassels. Boho bikinis always go with subtle colours and glamorous textures, offering a look that is both interesting and somewhat romantic.

Boho bikini can become your statement piece without any additional accessories, but if you throw in a flowy beach dress or a glamorous sarong, then you’ll undoubtedly turn heads wherever you go.

A swimsuit with pom poms is just so much fun! It’s lively, playful, and reveals your cheerful side that is less serious and more ready to have fun. High-waisted panties offer enough coverage to feel yourself comfortable both on the beach and at a café.