A Collection of the Most Unimaginable Prom Dresses Ever Created

It’s not every day you have a prom night, so, naturally, all young ladies want to look their best and wear dresses that are both beautiful and memorable. But for some girls it’s either one or the other!

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It’s not every day you have a prom night, so, naturally, all young ladies want to look their best and wear dresses that are both beautiful and memorable. But for some girls it’s either one or the other! No one will forget these looks, but for all the wrong reasons. We should probably also thank all the creative moms out there who decided it was a cool idea to wear a DIY dress to prom (hint: no, it’s not). Here’s a collection of the weirdest and funniest prom dresses we’ve ever seen.

The Bubble Queen

Going for unconventional materials to create your prom dress is usually not the best idea, especially when it comes to bubble wrap. When we think of it, ‘lux’ and ‘chic’ usually aren’t the first things that come to mind, which makes a bubble wrap dress kind of a lousy idea.

But this girl? She pulls it off like she was born wearing it! If there’s was a beauty pageant we’re sure she’d sell this dress like it was some designer’s masterpiece.

Still, we have to admit this looks pretty wacky and reminds us of the crazy outfits worn by Miley Cyrus (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). We’re sure this girl was in the centre of everyone’s attention when she went for prom!

Buying Dresses Online

It goes without saying that buying clothes online is a risky endeavor. So many things could go wrong! Even if you miraculously get all your measurements right there is still a chance that whatever garment you receive will not look like anything you’ve seen in the picture.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time and this girl fell prey to pretty advertisement and ordered a prom dress online. You can see the outcome in the photo.

The fit is off and we can clearly see the material is much cheaper than in the photo, and don’t get us started about what’s going on in the chest department. This is any girl’s prom dress nightmare!

A Very Dangerous Mermaid

A mermaid dress is a classic silhouette when it comes to prom dresses and other special events. But something went terribly wrong with this gown’s design.

If you look at it – it’s kind of perfect with gentle marine colours and a beautiful top, but then you notice the spikes and they’re like the craziest dress accessory ever created.

We have only one question – why? Why would you ruin a perfectly normal prom dress with this madness? Well, if this girl wanted to stand out or send a message that she’s a very different kind of mermaid – she definitely succeeded.

The Zebra Madness

Looking at this prom dress we have so many questions and so little answers. Like, what on Earth was going through the mind of a person who made it?

This zebra dress has so many things going on that it’s painful to look at – there are shorts in front, but a weird skirt when you look at the back, and the corset with a hole for the tummy looks like a designer’s nightmare that came to life.

We really don’t know what kind of look this girl was trying to achieve, but we doubt she succeeded. This dress just looks hideous on so many levels! Well, it’s definitely one of the most memorable looks on this list, so there’s that.

Worst Day Ever

That moment when you order the dress of your dreams online and you receive…this. We don’t even know how to call this awful piece of garment!

It seems that the unknown designer didn’t even try to mimic the dress in the photo – the only resemblance it has is the colour palette.

Why would anyone even sell something like this? Obviously, they would only get awful comments and low ratings from all their customers.

Looking Like a Million Bucks

When we think about an expensive dress this is usually not what we imagine. But this girl took that definition quite seriously and decided that money is the girl’s best friend.

We aren’t sure whether those bills are real or fake, but we certainly hope she didn’t use the actual money to create this hot mess of a dress. It doesn’t look beautiful at all!

But we have to give it to the girl – she’s selling it and she seems happy with all the attention it’s getting from the crowd around. If that’s what she was going for, then kudos to her, but fashion-wise this was definitely not the best choice for her.

A Dangerous Dress for a Dangerous Party

Why do we have a feeling that some over-protective parent came up with a wacky idea for this dress? It basically screams ‘don’t come anywhere near my daughter, or else…’, and we’re sure all the young gentlemen at the prom stayed away from this beauty.

On the other hand, this dress looks almost nice – it’s short, form-fitting, and has a punk feeling to it. But would we wear it to a prom night? No way. Is she looking good in it? Well, kind of.

When you put on a dress like this you can either try and sell it or just be the most miserable person on the planet. This girl is doing her best to look cool!

I Can See You…

Are we the only ones getting some weird Lord of the Rings vibes from this couple’s look? It’s as if they deliberately created matching outfits that, when put together, would turn into an image of the Eye of Sauron.

If you haven’t read the books or watched the movies – it’s the darkest and evilest evil that one could ever imagine. What a way to kick off your prom party!

The boy is also rocking an Elvis-inspired hairstyle and the girl is having a fiery up-do as well to mimic the burning evil Eye of Sauron. We don’t know why they decided to pay tribute to evil on their prom night, but it looks quite impressive!

The Trash Chic Look

When it comes to unconventional materials there is one that's always present in everyone’s homes. Even if you don’t have anything on your hands to create a beautiful prom dress, you will always have trash bags. And it’s better than nothing, right?

Well, we could argue all day long about the pros and cons of this trash chic dress, but we must admit that it does look like a proper gown and some mad modern designer could have probably come up with a similar idea.

There’s one thing, though – we believe black just just isn’t her colour! Maybe some blues or pinks would have looked more festive, considering it’s a prom night, not a funeral.

The Royal Couple

Each prom has a king and a queen and usually they are chosen beforehand, but it seems that this couple decided to do their own thing and literally dressed as some kind of royalty.

We don’t know any royal figures that would put on PVC outfits, but maybe that’s just because they haven’t tried wearing them!

These outfits do look weird, but also entertaining at the same time. And what’s most important – the couple is happy with their prom looks! But once again, going for more conventional materials might have worked better for them.

Pika Pika Pikachu

You won’t impress anyone with a Pikachu outfit these days – Pokemons have been around for so long that it seems they have existed as long as humanity itself!

Still, it’s not every day you see a girl rock a Pokemon-inspired dress for her prom night, in fact, we very rarely see people do something like this. She must be a huge Pikachu fun, otherwise we have no idea why she would choose this type of look for her prom.

If she wanted to stand out from the festive crowd – we believe she succeeded! We can’t imagine anyone else dressing into a Pokemon costume for their special night.

The Twilight Memories

It seems that it wasn’t so long ago that the Twilight craze had taken over the teenagers (and some of the adults) all over the globe. Girls wore literally anything if it had an image of Edward Cullen on it!

While it might have seemed perfectly natural at the time, looking back at it now we believe wearing a prom dress with a vampire on it was not the smartest (or most beautiful) choice.

Well, it was a time of bold fashion statements and even bolder prom dresses. Young women do tend to be fearless when it comes to fashion and as they hit their 30’s they just try to delete whatever remnants of the past self they have posted on the web. But this pic went so viral that it will be remembered forever!

Dressing Like a Celebrity

When you see a dress sold online that promises to be the exact copy of what a certain celebrity wore to the red carpet – don’t buy it. This is rarely the case.

They use beautiful celeb photos to lure women into buying their garment without actually showing it and then customers end up with this abomination on their hands.

We really feel sorry for this girl! This dress doesn’t even look like a proper dress – just a few pieces of fabric chaotically sewn together.

The Rainbow People

These two have definitely taken the definition of ‘fun’ to the next level. Well, if you are going to a prom party, you might as well stand out from the crowd a little bit!

And what better way to grab everyone’s attention than a good old rainbow look? There aren’t too many people in the world who dare to pull off a whole rainbow palette, so kudos to these youngsters for creating these fashionable looks.

These are definitely DIY outfits, but they are actually well-made. And, well, no one could blame these two for being dull at the prom party. Just looking at them makes the day seem brighter!

Dress to Impress

We aren’t sure what kind of party these ladies are going to, but it’s definitely not a prom! At least we’re hoping they didn’t come all the way to a social gathering dressed like this.

These aren’t the craziest ‘outfits’ in the world, we’ve seen people dressed in weirder things, but it just hurts us to think that someone would wear a beer box to their special prom day.

Well, the girls look like they’re having fun, so at least they were happy with the way the looked. We hope other people didn’t mind as well!

The New Age Type of Camouflage

Using prints for your prom outfits is not the most unusual idea, but one has to be very careful with what patterns to choose. One wrong step – and you end up looking like the bark of a tree!

It seems that’s exactly what happened to this cute couple, who decided to wear matching outfits for their prom party. They did succeed in the ‘matching’ part, but as for the looks… why on Earth did they choose these prints?

Well, if they were planning on merging with the nature later on and simply disappear into the woods – then these prom outfits are perfectly fine. Otherwise, they just look too quirky!

The Taco Belle Look

We realize how a young woman would want to look like a Disney princess at her prom night, but this dress seems to be just a little bit more than the original Belle gown from Beauty and the Beast.

Yes, you’ve probably noticed it by now, too – this beautiful Belle dress is all made of tacos! Well, not real ones, but just having tacos on your princess gown is weird enough for us.

What was she thinking? Because this is obviously done on purpose. This new take on a classical Disney look might very well be the best taco advertisement we’ve ever seen (but it’s not like they need any, really).

Prom or Wedding?

Well, it doesn’t really matter what kind of party these two are going to because this girl’s look is a big no-no either way. The latest trend in fashion states that less is more, but we’re sure it’s not what the designers had in mind when they envisioned it.

This would have been a perfectly normal dress if the bustier offered a little bit more coverage. The  cutouts paired with the deep cleavage just don’t look elegant at all, to say the least.

Or maybe it’s the pose and the couple’s facial expressions? We really don’t know, but this look is definitely not for the prom night or any social event for that matter.

The Duct Tape Madness

Did you ever hear people saying that you could fix anything with duct tape? Well, apparently, you can also create whatever you want using this versatile material.

We could never imagine that someone would want to go to their prom night wearing outfits made of duct tape, but hey, there are all kinds of people in this world, so it must work for someone.

The couple seems pretty happy with their looks, but it pains us to even think what will happen when they will need to take the duct tape off. Ouch!

Five Peas in a Pod

That moment when your mom was making dresses and costumes for everyone, but she only had one type of fabric. Seriously, though, couldn’t they create more versatile looks?

It’s okay to wear a similar style, but this one-for-all fabric choice just feels awkward on so many levels.

And it seems that the sewer was running out of fabric judging by the dress of the girl on the left. That dress is bringing the definition of ‘mini’ to a whole new level!

The Cathedral Dress

A dress looking like an architectural piece of some exquisite cathedral? Now that's something we have never seen before. It's one thing to see this kind of aesthetic on high fashion runways, but it looks even more fantastic on a prom dress.

And who even made this thing? It's like a work of art and we can't even imagine how many hours of work went into creating this masterpiece of a dress.

This might very well be the most outstanding prom dress (or any dress for that matter) that we've ever seen. It's simply breathtaking!

A Dress That Does Not Impress

If there's one thing we know for sure when it comes to dresses and clothes in general - size matters. It's probably one of the things that matters most when choosing a gown for the prom night.

The dress may be all kinds of awesome and it may look great on a hanger, but once you put it one - everything becomes visible at once and if it's a bad fit nothing can change that.

We have no idea why no one told this girl how this dress looked like at the back - it's just so awkward! May be a few stitches here and there could have helped her.